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1 90210

Quite lyrical, but travis has more lyrical stuff from owl pharaoh, such songs like 16 chapels.

Best Travis Scott song to date. Takes you to a journey into Travis' career upbringing.

Best lyrics and production is amazing

1st place

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2 Antidote

It should be through out late night or goosebumps not antidote

Travis Scott is awesome. This sing is a savage version of The Hills and wow this is stunning. 5/5 - AlphaQ

It should be goosebumps

I love the song

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3 Goosebumps

This awesome song gives me goosebumps at how good this is! The music video is pretty creepy but it's got a ton of good effects too. 6/5. - AlphaQ

Been bumping this song since over 1 year and I still get goosebumps

Just vibe to this song twice and it will be your favorite song

Loved this song first play

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4 Oh My Dis Side

The dark, eerie guitar loops and massive bass on "Oh My" is so powerful, but then the song transitions to the lowkey and soulful "Dis Side," in which Quavo and Travis talk about their hometowns and come-up. Beautiful song.


5 Through the Late Night

This is his best song

Aaron Judge

6 Drugs You Should Try It

Best production (especially the primary beat sequence used) and smooth, chill lyrics/singing bring it all together

The smoothness of the song is crazy it's a must listen to. You can chill out to this dope song

The moodiest travis song and most underrated too

If you don’t think this is his best song, I don't know what to say, you probably haven’t heard all of his songs. This song is a masterpiece, both production wise and lyrically.

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7 Pray 4 Love

Weeknd bangs it

8 Wonderful
9 Pick Up the Phone

Really savage to listen to and the best Young Thug had ever sounded. - AlphaQ

Best tune ever

10 Impossible

Killer hook, amazing cloudy production, and incredible flow by La Flame on this song.

Incredible song

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11 A-Team
12 The Ends

This should be the first

Best song on the album

13 Apple Pie


14 Uptown
15 Backyard

The sample used in this song is so dope

16 Wasted


17 Nightcrawler

One of the littest song ever made by humanity

Production masterpiece. this song is a symphony orchestra. the tension and release is beautiful in this song. he uses the drums bass and various synths to give each section of the song its own unique feel. the chorus doesn't even come in until like 2:45. amazing

18 3500

The last three minutes are completely unnecessary, but the first five minutes are so lit. I've listened to this song everyday for a couple months!

19 Night Riders V 2 Comments
20 Beibs in the Trap

Best. nav + la flame = best.

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