Top Ten Best Travis Scott Songs

The Top Ten Best Travis Scott Songs

1 90210

A musical masterpiece. Travis speaks about his hardships in life, and success story which saved him from his past identity (abusing drugs, dangerous ties, etc.)

This is just the go to song for Travis fans. Nothing comes close to this. The anxious build-up of over 2 minutes of subtle trap then to an extravagant "IN THE 90210 90210 LOOKINg FOR THE ALLEY" with the guitar ripping in the background. Then after all that angst the beat switches up to nice, smooth rapping with incredible flows. "The alley" is an alley where Travis used to hand out and drug deal and pay prostitutes. However, it is a metaphor for his past life, before he was famous. The whole song is about how his past of drugs and prostitution is a significant chapter in his life, but he is on to bigger and better things now. A whole new chapter in his life.

Kacy Hill's beautiful voice and Travis's unmatched storytelling and vocals make this song so perfect and a true masterpiece. Angels probably play this whenever someone enters heaven. - one800rentahomie

Travis tells a story in this song...not usual for a lot of rappers in the genre. He did it beautifully and boldly. I always tell non-Travis fans that 90210 is the best hip hop song you've probably never heard.

2 Goosebumps

I'm a huge travis scott fan, and personally BITTSM was my least favorite album of his. But, Goosebumps is everything about antidote, which was godlike, but improved. You can't top that. - one800rentahomie

Such a banger, the name fits the song really well, get goosebumps every time I hear it.

This awesome song gives me goosebumps at how good this is! The music video is pretty creepy but it's got a ton of good effects too. 6/5. - AlphaQ

Been bumping this song since over 1 year and I still get goosebumps

3 Drugs You Should Try It

This song has a lonely atmospheric vibe of longing for something/someone. It kind of simulates an ecstasy roll in a way by how the calm intro mixes with the fast beating drums. Like how the waves of euphoria rushes through your body calming you and the intense jaw clenhing and eye rolling is all over the place.

This song gives me chills every time I hear it. Probably the best song of this century.

Best production (especially the primary beat sequence used) and smooth, chill lyrics/singing bring it all together

Easily the best song. I DON'T know how it isn't #1

4 Oh My Dis Side

The beat switch up is beyond fluid. The energy and mood transitions flawlessly. I love this song! - one800rentahomie

The dark, eerie guitar loops and massive bass on "Oh My" is so powerful, but then the song transitions to the lowkey and soulful "Dis Side," in which Quavo and Travis talk about their hometowns and come-up. Beautiful song.

"Let me tell you a lil story about dis side" say no more

The best Trap song of this generation.

5 Antidote

The star of Rodeo in my opinion. Rodeo is Travis's best album, tied with Astroworld. Antidote is truly a work of art - one800rentahomie

It should be through out late night or goosebumps not antidote

Travis Scott is awesome. This sing is a savage version of The Hills and wow this is stunning. 5/5 - AlphaQ

It should be goosebumps

6 Pick Up the Phone

Really savage to listen to and the best Young Thug had ever sounded. - AlphaQ

This song is definitely top 10

Best tune ever

It turns up very good dooope

7 Butterfly Effect

This is one of my best Hits, especially at Friday. I've actually been singing Butterfly Effect myself, and I love it.

Answer is; my best Travis Scott song.

Amazing new track - GreenDayFan97

Best no question

Eh, cold be a little more memorable but eh, it's aight I guess. - AlphaQ

8 Maria I'm Drunk

The best arrangement of sounds mankind has ever strung together.

My introduction to rodeo. everything about this song is done right, but it gets old. That's the only bad thing. - one800rentahomie

Best travis scott song in my opinion the fact this is 26 is a joke

This is the best travis scott song in existence

9 Stop Trying to Be God

If you want an amazing psychedelic track to smoke to, this is the perfect track. The vibe is amazing here, this dude never has bad productions. - AlphaQ

He included a harmonica-sample by Stevie Wonder on a trap-song. Anything else?
Stop Trying to Be God is an incredible psychedelic experience. It's a visionary track, a totally surreal, hypnotic vibe, that only Travis could construct like this.

The vibes and the lyrics are top notch on this one

10 Sicko Mode

Going you with the pick and roll. Young LaFlame, he in sicko mode.

Eh, it is decent, I guess...but it's nowhere near his Top 10. The beat switch is just okay-sh. Swae Lee really wasn't very useful here and Drake's 1st bars were pretty useless but the last part was amazing and the middle part is decent. Still could've used better transitions like in 90210. - AlphaQ

Only song of his that is good

Best song of the decade

The Contenders

11 Stargazing

Best song

This is some of the best productions I’ve ever seen. - AlphaQ

12 Impossible

Killer hook, amazing cloudy production, and incredible flow by La Flame on this song.

Probably one of his most depressing songs, still a banger

One of the greatest rap beats of all time

Incredible song

13 Through the Late Night

This is his best song

Aaron Judge

14 Pray 4 Love

Weeknd bangs it

My kids are gonna hear me scream this song when I'm old

15 Can't Say

Smokin Hella weed I'm on alcohol

Shawty lick me cleaner

The best

so catchy

16 3500

The last three minutes are completely unnecessary, but the first five minutes are so lit. I've listened to this song everyday for a couple months!


17 Nightcrawler

The energy on this track is just off the roof. It brings the feeling of a drunken rage you get at a party

I mean we had travis scott,swae lee and chief keef on one track...

The essence of party souls and dark night life!

Mad production

18 Apple Pie

Travis ends the album by portraying the message of growing into his own person and building a legacy for himself. His usage of explaining who he has become perfectly summarizes Rodeo. TI ends the album by praising Travis and his development into his creative, energetic, empowering self.

Love everything about this song!


Top 10 for sure

19 The Ends

This should be the first

this song should be way higher

An absolute masterpiece

Best song on the album

20 Beibs in the Trap

This is probably the only verse by NAV that is actually decent. - AlphaQ

Probably the best TS song

Best. nav + la flame = best.

21 Houstonfornication

MOST UNDERRATED, this track slaps so hard. Probably the best song on astroworld

The airy beat takes me to another place

One of his best songs

Best track on Astro

22 Astrothunder

1 of the weakest on Astroworld but the production is solid, his verse could've been better though. 3/5 - AlphaQ

I was in a bad spot a little while ago. Ate some shrooms and listened to this on repeat. I cried for hours.

This song brings you to another planet. I keep it on repeat.

What a journey this song is... best song to listen to high

23 Dark Knight Dummo
24 A-Team

Underrated song, one of the best in my opinion.

25 Skyfall


26 Mamacita

Travis easily makes 1 of his top verses on this song, too bad the features are horrid here. - AlphaQ

This is an absolute banger. - GameRiderTom


Travis Scott: 6/5
Rich Homie Quan: 2/5
Young Thug: 1.5/5 - AlphaQ

Travis Scott: 5/5
Young Thug: 2/5
Rich Homie Quan: 1/5 - AlphaQ

27 Wonderful

Underrated song

I have gossebumps by this song every time

28 No Bystanders
29 Yosemite

It's a great song, but it's pretty short (song lasts for 2 minutes). I would like it better if it were longer - venomouskillingmachine

Why isn’t this higher

30 5% Tint
31 Coffee Bean

So underrated

Best song of Astroworld

32 Night Riders

Not to bad. - 906389

I'm shocked as to y their r so many haters of dis track!? :/ its amazing! - Ark-M

33 Backyard

The sample used in this song is so dope

34 I Can Tell

Travis brings an amazing flow with raw emotion on this. You rarely see him rap with THIS intensity.

Most underrated song! Should be top 5 - sam11919

Emotional, hard-hitting, and perfect.


35 Way Back

This song starts out very high energy and then transitions to a more relaxed beat change. Definitely one of the better songs off of Birds in the Trap

This song is at least top 5. One of the best songs of Birds.

All time favorite

36 Coordinate

When I first heard this song while listening to Birds, I thought this song was just alright. After a few listens, it quickly became my favorite song on Birds and one of my favorite songs from Travis. Such an amazing song I love coordinate

I find it sad more people haven't heard of this track. It's the most atmospheric of Travis's career. Never has the autotune worked so well. And before you say it's not lyrical, that is not the point of Travis. He's there to put a ghastly but hypnotizing vibe. And none of his songs have done that as well as this in my opinion.

One of the best vibey Travis songs

Loved It

37 SDP Interlude
38 Highest in the Room

Awesome song dope beat

Gives me the chills

love it


39 Pornography

This song is a fantastic intro to Rodeo. How is this not in the top 5?

Great song. Deserves to be in the top 10.

move it up

Perfect representation of the hedonistic lifestyle that Travis portrays in his music, with 2 suprisingly great poems from T.I.

40 Don't Play

Extremely Underrated. If he cam out with this track today it would be a number 1 hit!

41 Upper Echelon

Man dis is his best! Outlandish collabo with t.i. n chainz. Wicked lyrics, sinister video n a darkly amazing gangsta song! - Ark-M

42 Wake Up
43 Hell of a Night

Production is amazing and best song off owl pharaoh

Best song of all time!

44 Outside

Best Travis song in my opinion

45 Wasted


46 Uptown
47 Sloppy Toppy

HEAT! - LilPumpTheGod


Easily top 15.

48 First Take

Such a chill song and prolly better than all the songs on huncho jack and most of birds

This song is an absolute masterpiece with bryson's vocals paired with travis' flow

Best song on birds

49 Days Before Rodeo: The Prayer

This song has one of the strongest and darkest beats and Travis rapskills are on point. One of the best intros. Should be in the top 3.

This is one of his best songs easily, great introduction where he displays his surprising ability to actually rap.

50 R.I.P. Screw

My favourite one

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