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1 Antidote Antidote

It should be through out late night or goosebumps not antidote

He's not only a rapper, he's got amazinf singing skills along with a really good voice.. - Ark-M

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2 Impossible Impossible

Killer hook, amazing cloudy production, and incredible flow by La Flame on this song.

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3 90210 90210 V 1 Comment
4 Night Riders Night Riders V 2 Comments
5 Nightcrawler Nightcrawler
6 3500 3500
7 Pray 4 Love Pray 4 Love
8 Goosebumps Goosebumps

It'll make you vibe out and think about life to the point where you find your inner peace.

Bruh this song lit this gotta be higher but its probably low since its recent

9 Piss On Your Grave Piss On Your Grave

Best song ever...

10 Drugs You Should Try It

The smoothness of the song is crazy it's a must listen to. You can chill out to this dope song

Travis's best release, this song's chill

The Contenders

11 Don't Play Don't Play
12 Through the Late Night Through the Late Night
13 Wasted Wasted
14 Oh My Dis Side Oh My Dis Side

The dark, eerie guitar loops and massive bass on "Oh My" is so powerful, but then the song transitions to the lowkey and soulful "Dis Side," in which Quavo and Travis talk about their hometowns and come-up. Beautiful song.

15 Maria I'm Drunk Maria I'm Drunk
16 Wonderful
17 Pornography Pornography

Great song. Deserves to be in the top 10.

Perfect representation of the hedonistic lifestyle that Travis portrays in his music, with 2 suprisingly great poems from T.I.

18 No Sense No Sense V 1 Comment
19 Hell of a Night

Best song of all time!

20 Uptown
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1. Impossible
2. Antidote
3. Night Riders
1. Antidote
2. 3500
3. Impossible



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