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1 90210

The ends and Drugs you should try it should be higher but this song takes the cake.
Travis mastered beat changes and this song showcases is more then any.

The first half of this song could compete for best song by itself, but the second half puts the nail in the coffin. - paulhuang

Best Travis Scott song to date. Takes you to a journey into Travis' career upbringing.

Quite lyrical, but travis has more lyrical stuff from owl pharaoh, such songs like 16 chapels.

Oh man this is just a musical masterpiece. Kacy Hill's vocals are absolutely gorgeous too

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2 Antidote

It should be through out late night or goosebumps not antidote

Travis Scott is awesome. This sing is a savage version of The Hills and wow this is stunning. 5/5 - AlphaQ

It should be goosebumps

I love the song

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3 Goosebumps

This awesome song gives me goosebumps at how good this is! The music video is pretty creepy but it's got a ton of good effects too. 6/5. - AlphaQ

Been bumping this song since over 1 year and I still get goosebumps

Just vibe to this song twice and it will be your favorite song

Loved this song first play

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4 Oh My Dis Side

The dark, eerie guitar loops and massive bass on "Oh My" is so powerful, but then the song transitions to the lowkey and soulful "Dis Side," in which Quavo and Travis talk about their hometowns and come-up. Beautiful song.


This is Travi$ Scott's GREATEST song. This song has the perfect beat to match the eerie intro and feel. Not only is the beat amazing but this song is Travi$'s and Quavo's FIRST collab. I will remember the iconic beat in the beginning of this song when I'm 90 years old dying on my death bed due to cancer. This song is AMAZING.

5 Drugs You Should Try It

Best production (especially the primary beat sequence used) and smooth, chill lyrics/singing bring it all together

Easily the best song. I DON'T know how it isn't #1

The smoothness of the song is crazy it's a must listen to. You can chill out to this dope song

Ain't nothing better than this song. Word.

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6 Through the Late Night

This is his best song

Aaron Judge

7 Impossible

Killer hook, amazing cloudy production, and incredible flow by La Flame on this song.

Incredible song

8 Stop Trying to Be God

The vibes and the lyrics are top notch on this one

9 Pick Up the Phone

Really savage to listen to and the best Young Thug had ever sounded. - AlphaQ

Best tune ever

It turns up very good dooope

10 Pray 4 Love

Weeknd bangs it

The Newcomers

? Don't Play

Extremely Underrated. If he cam out with this track today it would be a number 1 hit!

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11 The Ends

This should be the first

An absolute masterpiece

Best song on the album

12 A-Team

Underrated song, one of the best in my opinion.

13 Astrothunder
14 Apple Pie

Travis ends the album by portraying the message of growing into his own person and building a legacy for himself. His usage of explaining who he has become perfectly summarizes Rodeo. TI ends the album by praising Travis and his development into his creative, energetic, empowering self.


15 Wasted


16 Nightcrawler

One of the littest song ever made by humanity

Production masterpiece. this song is a symphony orchestra. the tension and release is beautiful in this song. he uses the drums bass and various synths to give each section of the song its own unique feel. the chorus doesn't even come in until like 2:45. amazing

17 Butterfly Effect

Amazing new track - GreenDayFan97

Eminem sweet like candy canes…

Love it

Did you know it's the only Travis Scott song with no swearing?

18 Wonderful
19 Can't Say
20 Night Riders

Not to bad. - 906389

I'm shocked as to y their r so many haters of dis track!? :/ its amazing! - Ark-M

21 3500

The last three minutes are completely unnecessary, but the first five minutes are so lit. I've listened to this song everyday for a couple months!

22 Beibs in the Trap

Best. nav + la flame = best.

23 Stargazing

This is some of the best productions I’ve ever seen. - AlphaQ

24 Maria I'm Drunk

This is the best travis scott song in existence

The fact that this isn't top 20 is terrible

Should be top 3 at least

This should be top 5

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25 Piss On Your Grave

Best song ever...

26 Coordinate

I find it sad more people haven't heard of this track. It's the most atmospheric of Travis's career. Never has the autotune worked so well. And before you say it's not lyrical, that is not the point of Travis. He's there to put a ghastly but hypnotizing vibe. And none of his songs have done that as well as this in my opinion.

27 Skyfall
28 Mamacita

This is an absolute banger. - GameRiderTom

29 Backyard

The sample used in this song is so dope

30 Pornography

This song is a fantastic intro to Rodeo. How is this not in the top 5?

Great song. Deserves to be in the top 10.

Perfect representation of the hedonistic lifestyle that Travis portrays in his music, with 2 suprisingly great poems from T.I.

31 Sicko Mode


Really 36? This is such a good party song it’s so good among his best

32 Uptown
33 Houstonfornication

Amazing song. Standout song on Astroworld


34 Hell of a Night

Best song of all time!

35 I Can Tell

Most underrated song! Should be top 5 - sam11919

36 Sloppy Toppy

Easily top 15.

37 Upper Echelon

Man dis is his best! Outlandish collabo with t.i. n chainz. Wicked lyrics, sinister video n a darkly amazing gangsta song! - Ark-M

38 Uber Everywhere
39 Quintana

Old but a real banger

40 Way Back

This song starts out very high energy and then transitions to a more relaxed beat change. Definitely one of the better songs off of Birds in the Trap

41 4 A.M.

2 chainz says vagina like he said penis on talk dirty

42 Days Before Rodeo: The Prayer

This is one of his best songs easily, great introduction where he displays his surprising ability to actually rap.

43 Ok Alright

How is this not on the list?!

44 Serenade
45 No Bystanders
46 Wake Up
47 R.I.P. Screw
48 No Sense

:'( :'( it's the saddest JB song I've heard. - Ark-M

49 Flying High
50 First Take
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