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21 Butterfly Effect

Amazing new track - GreenDayFan97

Eminem sweet like candy canes…

Love it

Did you know it's the only Travis Scott song with no swearing?

22 Upper Echelon

Man dis is his best! Outlandish collabo with t.i. n chainz. Wicked lyrics, sinister video n a darkly amazing gangsta song! - Ark-M

23 Piss On Your Grave

Best song ever...

24 Maria I'm Drunk

This is the best travis scott song in existence

The best flame song ever�"�

25 Don't Play

Extremely Underrated. If he cam out with this track today it would be a number 1 hit!

26 Coordinate
27 Pornography

Great song. Deserves to be in the top 10.

Perfect representation of the hedonistic lifestyle that Travis portrays in his music, with 2 suprisingly great poems from T.I.

28 Mamacita
29 Skyfall
30 Hell of a Night

Best song of all time!

31 Sloppy Toppy
32 I Can Tell

Most underrated song! Should be top 5 - sam11919

33 Way Back

This song starts out very high energy and then transitions to a more relaxed beat change. Definitely one of the better songs off of Birds in the Trap

34 4 A.M.

2 chainz says vagina like he said penis on talk dirty

35 No Sense V 1 Comment
36 Uber Everywhere
37 Flying High
38 Quintana

Old but a real banger

39 Guidance

Come on really?! Wasnt even on the list

40 Ok Alright V 1 Comment
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