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21 Armor Tortoise

Gives you millions each day on level four

22 Pink Elephant V 1 Comment
23 Busy Rabbit

Who doesn't like a cute rabbit with a watch

24 Merlion

So cute and is like merbunny but a lion

25 Tree Mussel

It is like packman

26 Nine Tailed Fox

Best thing ever I really want one I will trade anything for one on my tree my name is Orlopp I love cats and dogs so a nine tailed fox is the perfect critter for me

27 Kirin
28 Rock Runner

It is so cute and I love it. I got it from the critter capsule!

So cute when it sleeps love it

29 Freedom Willy

I traded a freedom willy for a panda corn... I did because panda corn is A UNICORN PANDA!

So cute when it eats. I love that it has the red, white, and blue on it it is the cutest think ever. my acount os coolcolt27

30 Happy Ghost

It is so cute it is definitely the best legendary critter better than morp(even thoug the morp is really cute)get your facts straight

31 Koala V 1 Comment
32 Julius

He is my favorite because he's so darn cute vote for him because he also makes like 3000! Tree food + he's a really cute little monkey 🐒

33 Unicorn Unicorn The unicorn is a legendary creature that has been described since antiquity as a pure-white horse-like beast with a large, pointed, spiraling horn projecting from its forehead

Is cuter Than any horse <3

34 Little Whale

If you don't want it, have it or love it, GO AWAY!

But if you find it cute and you love it, GOOD JOB!

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