Top 10 Trends On TheTopTens That Are Played Out

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1 Justin Bieber jokes

They weren't funny in the beginning, aren't funny now, and never will be funny. Time to get over your little infatuations. There is no way the kiddies on this site could so frequently be mentioning Justin Bieber unless they had some sort of affinity for him. People simply don't spend that much time thinking about things they don't like.

Just. Stop. Making. These. Jokes. You're as stupid as him if you're constantly making these jokes. Just get over it! He's not even popular anymore! (He is stupid though)

2 Lists of users on the site

It's been done to death and every list is basically the same. Can we move past the incessant backslapping?

3 SpongeBob SquarePants episodes lists

There are lists for the whole series, lists for every season, lists for combinations of seasons, lists for every year, lists for episodes released prior to a milestone, released after a milestone, lists where something happens, lists where... you get the point. The list of best episodes was enough. All these derivative lists are a waste of time.

4 Lists about items on other lists

Primarily made by people who are upset that the original list isn't ranked the way they would rank it. So, since they can't make a duplicate list, they do the next best thing - or worst thing since these lists usually blow.

These are the WORST types of lists! - funnyuser

5 People who should beat up somebody lists

Who would have thought this was a trend that would catch on? Too many little unimaginative little ankle biters running around.

6 User bashing

God forbid someone else has a different opinion from you. So now you hate them because they don't think a certain show or game is better than another one? And now you're going to create hurtful lists about that user? Write hateful posts? Add demeaning comments? Grow up. Take a little advice from Thumper's mom and if you're just going to be a little bitch, shut the hell up. Or something like that. I'm not good with movie quotes.

7 Joke items on serious lists

Someone takes the time to put together a quality list of remarkable people and all the little imbeciles swarm to add things like your mom, Justin Bieber and Super Mario. Have some respect, and if you don't understand the list (likely) or don't know anything about the subject (assuredly), leave it alone.

I hate it when people do this, like in the "worst ways to die", listening to Justin Bieber was a top ten item. - CardboardBox

I know Justin Bieber is extremely horrible, but seriously, it might give you a headache, but seriously? - funnyuser

Especially the Justin Bieber joke on the "worst ways to die" list. - Minecraftcrazy530

8 "Random" lists

Good humor involves leading someone down one path and then giving them something funny and unexpected. The classic setup and punchline. "Random" humor is for people who don't have the ability to do this and instead just say something unpredictable in hopes that the person on the other end also doesn't have the capacity to discern the difference.

9 Poop jokes

If you still think the word poo is funny, you should probably log off and go practice riding your bike without the training wheels.

10 Combination lists

I never saw the appeal or point. - Cyri

What? There's already a list of the shows on whatever kiddie channel I watch all day? Then I'll make a list of all the shows on that channel plus 3 other channels I know about.

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