Best Trey Songz Songs

The Top Ten

1 Can't Help But Wait
2 Neighbors Know My Name

I love this song and you thnk you

3 Can't Be Friends
4 Say Aah
5 Bottoms Up
6 Simply Amazing

Ugh! Such a sweeet song. ♡♥

7 I Need a Girl
8 Slow Motion

This song makes me dance in slow motion

9 Na Na - Trey Songz

Nana makes me dance so much

10 Already Taken

The Contenders

11 Heart Attack
12 Unusual

This song has to be number one. It's so sexual and kinky >_< who wouldn't love that?

13 Priceless
14 We Should Be
15 Foreign
16 Store Run
17 Missin You
18 One Love
19 Alone
20 Wonder Woman
21 1x1
22 Come Over
23 Made to Be Together

Love this song!

24 Sex Ain't Better Than Love

This song is so meaningful and so true. It has a positive message too

25 Doorbell
26 I Invented Sex
27 Love Faces
28 Never Again

Such a great, underrated song with a great old school/new school vibe and great vocals.

29 Jupiter Love
30 Yo Side of the Bed
31 Almost Lose It
32 Touchin Lovin
33 Blind

I can't believe this song isn't on the list. This song has true meaning and so sad. - JaysTop10List

34 Company

One of his best songs!

35 LOL :-)
36 No Clothes On
37 Does He Do It
38 Unfortunate
39 Holla If Ya Need Me
40 Gotta Go
41 Last Time
42 Panty Droppa
43 Kinda Lovin'
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