Top Ten Tributes In The 74th Hunger Games

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1 Katniss Everdeen Katniss Everdeen is a fictional character and the protagonist of The Hunger Games trilogy by Suzanne Collins. She is portrayed by Jennifer Lawrence in the film adaptation franchise.

Katnis is awesome! She is so rebellious and she is witty, smart, and talented. She won the games by secretively killing most of the people she killed. She made the her Allie and risked her life for both rue and petah, and also prim in the reaping. She is selfless and when she believes in somethkng she gives it her all. She won't take no for an answer and she was ultimately the turning point for district 12. And also in mocking jay she is the face of the revolution! Katnis has the bravest soul and deserves the most recognizition regardless of her lead roll

how in the world is Katniss not number one?! This is one of the least accurate lists I've ever seen, where a horrible psychopath who basically had zero lines and literally got killed by a rock is in first.

She has a lovely mind. She volunteered for her 12 year old sister, Prim. Then, she tried all she could to save Rue, from getting killed. She killed Marvel, after he killed Rue. Then she went to find Peeta and risked her life for him, trying to get that medicine. She and Peeta showed up the Gamemakers, after almost commiting suicide with Peeta with poison berries. Then, she was the winner.

She is the worst tribute. I was sad that the guy at the start didn't stab her. I was also very dissapointed when Thresh didn't kill her. Would much rather see Rue the pretty girl win!

2 Foxface Foxface is a fictional character in the Hunger Games franchise. She was portrayed by Jacqueline Emerson.

Okay, to all those who are saying she likely killed herself intentionally with those berries because yes, she is clever and because she was good at the stations, I have to tell you that those berries probably aren't as common in other districts and as people in the poorer districts are more desperate for food, the subject of those berries was likely to have come up

Hmm, what do you think- did Peeta kill her with the berries, or did she commit suicide? I believe she commited suicide, as she was so amazing at the nuts and berries station in training. She could never make that mistake; if Katniss knew, Foxface knew. I believe she commited suicide because she was smart and realized she could never win, but come close; she was no match for Cato, and she wanted to die quickly and painless, as opposed to getting slashed in the throat or head chopped off or slashed in half... You get my drift.

I was looking for Rue but then realised, Foxface has a better chance at winning. She's very well prepared, witty and probably would have won. I honestly wish she had more screen time. She deserved it. Foxface is strategical. Katniss, is just winging it. Foxface. Maybe she had a reason to win. Maybe winning meant that she would be accepted or her family could have some food and not starve. Katniss didn't have a reason. If she died, Gake would take care of her family. Foxface should have won.

I do believe she killed her self. Because she was at the berry station durning training and she was the smartest tribute there. I think she true to worn Petta but she thought if she told him he would act like the careers and kill her on the spot. And she knew there would be a new task harder scarier and more likely to die from Cato or Katness. She was so smart to die she could have lasted till t LEAST the mutts. I mean did she even kill anyone. Three finger salute FoxFace!

3 Rue

I honestly think she would've survived if it weren't for her alliance with Katniss. People would definitely have realised how smart she was as the games went on and she probably could have outlasted Cato.

Rue was so sweet, nice, cute, and silly (In a good way). She was like a little sister I've always wanted. She and katniss had such a great relationship, and even if she didn't get stabbed by that stupid, annoying, brat, she would of risked her life for Katniss. I cry every time I read the book or watch the movie. (I cry harder than Katniss! ) She was such a great character.

We all know she couldn't survive but it doesn't mean we didn't want her to. I mean the mutts Cato,and don't get me started on the battle of the cornucopia. She was pretty smart and above all Katniss's friend. She shouldn't have died the way she did. She could have lived longer if she had the will. And to think she muttated into a mutt and killed.She was a princess forced to play solder killed by the capital never retuning home. Three Finger Salute To RUE!

Rue is not only my favorite because of her sweetness and cuteness but also because of her caring soul. She was far to young for the games and I wish someone would've volunteered for her like katnis did for prim. Her death was one of the most devestating deaths ever I was so sad:( so because of her death marvel is tied for least favorite with Cato. I wish I could hate clove because of how mean she was but she was really cool she reminded me of katnis! Anyway rue is adorable and her death was awful and I wish she didn't go to the games

4 Clove Clove Kentwell is a fictional character in the The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins. She was portrayed by 19 year old Isabelle Fhurman in the film adaptation.

If the Hunger Games had not been specifically written in Katniss' and Peeta's favor, Clove would have more than likely won. The amount of skill she has in knife throwing, knife fighting, and simply fighting overall is more than noticeable. When Katniss says that she is the fastest tribute in the arena I don't think she really knew all there was to Clove. Likewise Clove is extremely agile. Katniss has hinted her whole life, she can shoot just about anything spot on, but Clove was able to dodge her arrows twice. That says something. Clove is extremely overlooked and underrated. Realistically she would have taken Katniss with all the chances she got but like I said the book was written in the pod guys favor. She would have heard Thresh coming as well, I mean come on guys he was heavy, had baggy clothes, a sword on his belt clanking, let's be real here. Her fighting skill would have allowed her to break free from him too. In reality, Clove is just too deadly. Plus she's a rather likable ...more

At first, I thought Cato and Clove were terrible people because they were Careers.
And then when Clove is dying, and Cato is begging her to stay with him... is that so different from when Haymitch held Maysilee's hand as she died? Maybe Katniss and Peeta weren't the only star crossed lovers.
And maybe in a different world, Clove wouldn't have been ruthless or sadistic. Maybe her and Katniss would've been friends.

Clove is honestly the best tribute and the best career of all time. Although she's not one of the main characters, she still by far the best and better than Katniss (Sorry Katniss fans! ) She killed her throwing knife skill and even she is small as hell, she is scarier than Thresh, Cato, and Marvel because of her throwing knife skills and slightly unhinged. CLOVE FOREVER!

Clove is my joint favourite character with Cato because
1. Clato is bae
2. She is badass with those awesome knife skills
3. She and Cato were NOT heartless. They just wanted to survive with each other.
4. When she died and Cato begged her to stay it showed that they were really just children in the hunger games after all
5. Catpiss (sorry I really hate Katniss) missed when trying to shoot her because Clove is too awesome for her

5 Thresh

In my book, Glimmer, Marvel, and Peeta died, but they all survived the Huger Games after all. Peeta didn't blow up, Marvel survived the spear, but Glimmer lost her arm and can barley talk. Rue almost died but Thresh saved her, Foxface lived and so did Cato and Clove. Katniss also survived, and she was in an alliance with Thresh and Rue. Thresh then started screaming at the capitol saying "You will never kill anyone again! You will not hurt Rue or anyone else! " He then did he same thing that Katniss did, where she shot the camera in Catching Fire. Now all the surviving tributes are rebelling against the Capitol and Thresh is the main character!

WHY? He killed Clove! She was an amazing tribute not only because she was a career she could have lasted with OR without her allies.I know Tresh heard her talking about dead Rue but Clove would have heard him his belt against his sord his baggy clothes.Sorry Tresh I know you were mad about Rue you wanted revenge she was so young so so smart so pretty.Ahe didn't deserve this fate in the hunger games.

It breaks my heart, he was so protective of Rue he spared Katniss and even got Cato to pursue him instead of her by taking his backpack.

I think that, out of all the people on here, (that where not Peeta and Katniss), Thresh had the biggest chance of winning.

6 Cato

I bet if he was Thresh he would had have give Clove a chance to explain herself. Not only because he was in love with Clove but because he has a heart. He proved he has a heart more then Marvel,Glimmer,or any tribute. He volunteered and then when Clove was reaped and no one volunteered he was heart broken. Before he was eaten alive he said he was already dead. He meant because his beloved Clove is gone. Now at least there together and will never be separated again. He acted brave and strong and he is but he was also sweet and smart. If the hunger games were not written in Katness and Petta's favor he and Clove would have been the couple to win. Three Finger Salute To Cato!

Cato is awesome, he is so confident about winning, District 2 is the strongest, he is so strong but just slow, no offense cause he is very good with meelee weapons (but he throws them too). Alexander Ludwig did a great job on acting Cato, Cato is a beast, that was the last kill Katniss made, although I was gonna vote Katniss, I'm just so obssesed with this guy cause he is so bad ass and I believe the leader of the alliance they made, and he seems to suck at climbing, but he is bad ass and the strongest of all tributes, no offense he died. He is strong, smart, dangerous, aggresive and hot, too.

I ship Cato and Clove so much. Unlike what everyone seems to think of him, he has a heart, shown when he begged Clove to stay with him. He should be way higher than this because he was literally the strongest tribute in the games, and all he wanted was to go home (with Clove, in my opinion).

He shouldn't only be number 6th he should be right up next to his beloved Clove because they belong together. And he is not heartless. All he wanted was to go home and be with Clove and then when she died he was heartbroken so he lost the will to live but if he hadn't he would have won

7 Peeta Mellark

He should be at the top. According to Katniss, this guy could actually throw around 100 pounds sacks of flour easily and came in second place in a school wrestling competition. In the first film, he easily pins Cato to the ground and even lifted the large, highly skilled Career tribute and threw him down, It was Peeta who knocked Cato off the Cornucopia in one push, AFTER just recovering from a severe wound and blood loss and poisoning, the injuries causing which he only sustained trying to protect Katniss.

According to the books, he killed Brutus, a Career and Victor extremely skilled with a spear, proving himself to be a very skillful fighter, not to mention he accomplished this feat after his heart was stopped, his ribs probably broken when Finnick gave him CPR, as Finnick is very strong.

He choked Katniss into unconsciousness after days of brutal torture and starvation.

Those who say he is weak confused his compassion for weakness.

Why in the world is he as low as 8th? You know what, I gave up on this inaccurate list a while ago, so probably no reason to even write this comment.

I agree Peeta should be at the top I mean he kinda tried to keep the Careers away from Katniss. He went through so much for Katniss and I'm just glad they got together and not Katniss and Gale.

He was amazing! I mean did he even kill anyone? Yes he held Katniss back a bit but that's what made the story so amazing! He didn't kill FoxFace. In training in the movie she was at the nuts and berry station and in that short amount of viewing time she got them all right.Look this up...she works in her fathers plant store! And Peet's was gonna eat the same berrys. He was merciful when the district 8 girl was stabbed by the carriers he put her out of her pain. Three Finger Silout To PEETA!

8 Marvel

Marvel is the bloody best! He's comical enough to get sponsors and diplomatic enough to calm Cato down. He killed more people in the Bloodbath than Cato, Clove or Glimmer And is underrated! I hold a grudge against Suzanne Collins for portraying him as a vicious douche because he killed someone who WASN'T going to win anyway because of the whole Katniss and Peeta thing. He would've made a better Mockingjay than Katniss because of his influence as he is from District 1. He killed Rue because he had to get home. He had parents and siblings huddled around the family T.V. praying for his return. I hate everyone who hates him because he killed someone who WAS NEVER EVEN GOING TO WIN ANYWAY! I hate Marvel-ists. He could have become victor. And who did Marvel have when Katniss was decorating a corpse with flowers? No one. People need to drop their silly hatred against him because he had a family, hopes, dreams and an imagination.

Marvel's so fudging UNDERRATED! Just because he killed Rue, it doesn't make him bad - he had family he had to get home to as well as Katniss, Peeta and Rue. He's comical, diplomatic and wrongly portrayed as a devil just for killing someone who WASN'T EVEN GOING TO WIN ANYWAY! I also thank him for putting an end to all that best mates forever thing between Katniss and Rue.

Marvel slaughtered the cornucopia and killed more tributes than Cato, glimmer,and clove the first day. He was extremely deadly on a distance With his javelin.
I thing he desertera the top 5 spot at least.

Yeah when Rue and Marvel was dying Rue had Katniss singing her a lullaby and crying for her and Marvel didn't have anyone.

9 Glimmer

She had her charm and looks, sometimes of which are more important than skill. So she wasn't the best with a bow, shew as capable of killing with a variety of weapons! She was seen to have killed with a knife, sword and it was sheer dumb luck that she died due to the Tracker Jacker venom. If it had been Clove directly under the tree like Glimmer had been than she wold have died! Honestly her death was one of the most gruesome Hunger games deaths there is! Her character just wasn't explored enough in the books! If so she would have probably been a fan favorite as well! She's beautiful, she had her whole life ahead of her. Her death as horrible, no one tried to save her. They left her for dead.Even Cato, whom she had been snuggling with previously. She screams, pleas for one of her friends to come and help her, to come back for her, to TRY for her. no one does, they run, not caring, only for their own lives. Even Marvel, her district partner or Cato, neither of them ever cared. They ...more

Her death was gruesome, so I feel bad for her. She had the most kills in the bloodbath and without Katniss she might have won!

She is incredibly beautiful and probably one of the tributes who had the most sponsors, she didn't deserve to die so early. Shes amazing!

She is awful. Glato doesn't exist, Mr Ross, you of all people should have had the decency to appreciate this in your movie.

10 District 3 Male

Was smart enough to team with the careers instead of fight them, and he was the farthest living unnamed tribute in the games. Also, very smort with his idea to plant the disarmed mines around the career supply stash.

He was so smart and resourceful if he did not team with the careers he could have won by hiding land mines nearby for the others to step on.

Sad when he died all Katniss's fault the pyramid blew up and his neck got cracked for nothing... That's why I like clove better

He was just doing what he was supposed to do then what did he get as a reward for his hard work? Cato killed him by snapping his neck(Bad way to die)

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11 District 10 Male

Second farthest unnamed tribute to live through the games, only behind the District 3 male.

He's got a bad leg! That's unfair!

Always been my favorite.

I will call him Jacob

12 District 3 Female

Guys, she actually survived. She was probably smarter than Fox-face and Beetee put together! In the Cornucopia she found a way to stop her heart for a couple of hours. She got inside the hovercraft, then she lived a normal life back in District 3

She's really smart. Learned how to stop her heart and fake her death so she could go home. Wires and Beeta did well

She was pretty good, at least she tried... And her dead body looked pretty cool

She had a heartbreaking good bye to her family.

13 District 9 Female

She's the prettiest tribute in MY opinion!

District 9 is the best district!

She's very pretty, always been my favourite. She deserves be in the top 10 huehehe

She should've been given a name but reply if you like this name for her: Annie

14 District 10 Female

Glimmer killed her right?

I like her she beautiful

15 District 4 Female

My friends fave. She now hates Katniss. I think shes cool with her evil ciderella look as my friend calls it or her death stare.

Sad how Katniss killed her with the tracker jackers.

She was good in the book

Underrated career, since she was practically cut from the movies

16 Johanna Mason

This is for the 74th right? I still love Johanna though!

17 District 6 Male

He was focused by everyone and still managed to stay alive for some time!

18 District 7 Female

District seven has always been my favorite district!

I like district 7

19 District 4 Male

This dude really should of survived, but the movie being based on Katniss and Peeta they had to eliminate him, would of tan out if it weren't based around Katniss.

I was so sad when he died. He was only 12. He didn't deserve to die. In fact, No One deserved to die. The Hunger Games movie is beyond awesome and the books are epic, but the government in the Hunger Games universe are even dumber than Lloyd and Harry from Dumb and Dumber.

This kid was too inocent. Cato should of let him go. Someone should of volunteered for him.

He just looked way too young. If anybody has read the Hot Water, Burning Snow, and Scalding Ice series of (by Cragmiteblaster) it focuses on him and it's a really good series.

20 District 5 Male

I saw him kill, he was not the best, but the best one without a name.

21 District 8 Male

I like him he's hot

22 District 9 Male

First one to die. That's why I like him

23 Finnick Odair

Not in the 74th but still my favour character. He didn't deserve to die!

He is not part of the 74th Hunger games but I'll vote for him anyways.

24 District 6 Female
25 District 7 Male
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