Top Ten Tributes In The 74th Hunger Games

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Clove Clove Kentwell is a fictional character in the The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins. She was portrayed by 19 year old Isabelle Fhurman in the film adaptation.

Skilled with knives: check
Agile: check
Skilled in fighting: check
Skilled in literally everything!: check
Should have won or Foxface

I think that she would've easily won against Cato. In fact she would've won easily against ANY of the other tributes.

She is evil and fierce so I like her. I always like the evil characters the best!

I'm really glad she's in first. She was so awesome. Very talented and had a sad death.

Foxface Foxface is a fictional character in the Hunger Games franchise. She was portrayed by Jacqueline Emerson.

Love her she could have won if she didn't commit suicide ): She was the best and is pure she never killed anybody! Even Peeta killed somebody!

She was so smart and I think she would have won if it weren't for those berries. Doesn't look like a fox in the film, though.

I think that Foxface deserved to win because she was so smart and might of won if she hadn't committed suicide. She is the best!

Her wittiness was so admirable!

She played so strategically and should have definitely won!


Sweetheart. Love her so much. She so cute and her actress made her death sence so heartbreaking. I didn't thinotice it could get worse from the book

Rue was so sweet, nice, cute, and silly (In a good way). She was like a little sister I've always wanted. She and katniss had such a great relationship, and even if she didn't get stabbed by that stupid, annoying, brat, she would of risked her life for Katniss. I cry every time I read the book or watch the movie. (I cry harder than Katniss! ) She was such a great character.

She lasted longer than any other twelve year old, and she's quick, smart, and just plain awesome thank you katniss and thresh for supporting her

Rue's relationship with Katniss was not explained at all in the movie. In the book, she was described from the stone she used as a knife down to how her name was a yellow flower that grew in the meadow - like Prim. I loved Rue in book form. Not so much in movie form.

Katniss Everdeen Katniss Everdeen is a fictional character and the protagonist of The Hunger Games trilogy by Suzanne Collins. She is portrayed by Jennifer Lawrence in the film adaptation franchise.

I hope she lives for Ever she rocks hope if they make another one that she and her husband live yeah root for them please

Katniss is a good role model for girls. She is strong and inspiring

Go watch the bad lip reading of this. Ah, Jennifer Lawrence making goat noises

She is the best.first off she took her sisters place and was brave enough to sacrifice her life. She's pretty and really kind


He was really kind and showed Katniss mercy. He also liked Rue.

If it came down to him and Rue, he would have let her win. I wish Cato hadn't killed him. HE WAS THE BEST!

As much as I love clove. I don't hate thresh. He deserved better like all the others. Great guy.

In my book, Glimmer, Marvel, and Peeta died, but they all survived the Huger Games after all. Peeta didn't blow up, Marvel survived the spear, but Glimmer lost her arm and can barley talk. Rue almost died but Thresh saved her, Foxface lived and so did Cato and Clove. Katniss also survived, and she was in an alliance with Thresh and Rue. Thresh then started screaming at the capitol saying "You will never kill anyone again! You will not hurt Rue or anyone else! " He then did he same thing that Katniss did, where she shot the camera in Catching Fire. Now all the surviving tributes are rebelling against the Capitol and Thresh is the main character!


Cato was awesome. I love district 2 and think it's the best district because there misunderstood. He and clove would of been really good together. I think Cato and clove vs Katness and Peeta final battle would be amazing.

I ship Cato and Clove so much. Unlike what everyone seems to think of him, he has a heart, shown when he begged Clove to stay with him. He should be way higher than this because he was literally the strongest tribute in the games, and all he wanted was to go home (with Clove, in my opinion).

I bet if he was Thresh he would had have give Clove a chance to explain herself. Not only because he was in love with Clove but because he has a heart. He proved he has a heart more then Marvel,Glimmer,or any tribute. He volunteered and then when Clove was reaped and no one volunteered he was heart broken. Before he was eaten alive he said he was already dead. He meant because his beloved Clove is gone. Now at least there together and will never be separated again. He acted brave and strong and he is but he was also sweet and smart. If the hunger games were not written in Katness and Petta's favor he and Clove would have been the couple to win. Three Finger Salute To Cato!

He shouldn't only be number 6th he should be right up next to his beloved Clove because they belong together. And he is not heartless. All he wanted was to go home and be with Clove and then when she died he was heartbroken so he lost the will to live but if he hadn't he would have won

Peeta Mellark

He should be at the top. According to Katniss, this guy could actually throw around 100 pounds sacks of flour easily and came in second place in a school wrestling competition. In the first film, he easily pins Cato to the ground and even lifted the large, highly skilled Career tribute and threw him down, It was Peeta who knocked Cato off the Cornucopia in one push, AFTER just recovering from a severe wound and blood loss and poisoning, the injuries causing which he only sustained trying to protect Katniss.

According to the books, he killed Brutus, a Career and Victor extremely skilled with a spear, proving himself to be a very skillful fighter, not to mention he accomplished this feat after his heart was stopped, his ribs probably broken when Finnick gave him CPR, as Finnick is very strong.

He choked Katniss into unconsciousness after days of brutal torture and starvation.

Those who say he is weak confused his compassion for weakness.

He is probably the most merciful tribute. Cato hunts the district 8 girl down. She begs for mercy but cato just stabs her. Later she is still alive and peeta sees her dying slowly and painfully peeta decides to end her misery and agony and kills her

He is the mos kindest most soft person in the games so vote peseta because he only ended someone's suffered. Fox face was an accidental kill because he was gonna eat the same berries that killed fox face so vote peeta

Peeta Mellark is one of the sweetest characters in a book or movie I've ever read or seen obviously smart and dependable by helping Katniss escape how could you not love this guy


Glimmer had a horrible lonely death. She's great. Think she's really strong.

She had her charm and looks, sometimes of which are more important than skill. So she wasn't the best with a bow, shew as capable of killing with a variety of weapons! She was seen to have killed with a knife, sword and it was sheer dumb luck that she died due to the Tracker Jacker venom. If it had been Clove directly under the tree like Glimmer had been than she wold have died! Honestly her death was one of the most gruesome Hunger games deaths there is! Her character just wasn't explored enough in the books! If so she would have probably been a fan favorite as well! She's beautiful, she had her whole life ahead of her. Her death as horrible, no one tried to save her. They left her for dead.Even Cato, whom she had been snuggling with previously. She screams, pleas for one of her friends to come and help her, to come back for her, to TRY for her. no one does, they run, not caring, only for their own lives. Even Marvel, her district partner or Cato, neither of them ever cared. They ...more

She is incredibly beautiful and probably one of the tributes who had the most sponsors, she didn't deserve to die so early. Shes amazing!

Yeah, glimmers death is awesome! So is she, I agree she shouldn't. Die so early


Nobody should hate on Marvel because he killed rue. He aI med for Katness and she ducked. It hit rue by mistake.

Marvel killed rue, which proves he should be above her, totally deserved top 5 spot

Yeah when Rue and Marvel was dying Rue had Katniss singing her a lullaby and crying for her and Marvel didn't have anyone.

He's awesome, so much for like, Marvel Character. Played by Jack Quaid.

District 3 Male

Was smart enough to team with the careers instead of fight them, and he was the farthest living unnamed tribute in the games. Also, very smort with his idea to plant the disarmed mines around the career supply stash.

Deserved better. Really underrate. Name has been released as Noah

He was so smart and resourceful if he did not team with the careers he could have won by hiding land mines nearby for the others to step on.

Sad when he died all Katniss's fault the pyramid blew up and his neck got cracked for nothing... That's why I like clove better

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District 4 Male

I was so sad when he died. He was only 12. He didn't deserve to die. In fact, No One deserved to die. The Hunger Games movie is beyond awesome and the books are epic, but the government in the Hunger Games universe are even dumber than Lloyd and Harry from Dumb and Dumber.

This kid was too inocent. Cato should of let him go. Someone should of volunteered for him.

He was so young. His death is really disconcerting

It makes me very tenderly, because it is so small

District 4 Female

Underrated career, since she was practically cut from the movies

My friends fave. She now hates Katniss. I think shes cool with her evil ciderella look as my friend calls it or her death stare.

Sad how Katniss killed her with the tracker jackers.

It is sad she died the same death as glimmer

District 3 Female

She's really smart. Learned how to stop her heart and fake her death so she could go home. Wires and Beeta did well

Guys, she actually survived. She was probably smarter than Fox-face and Beetee put together! In the Cornucopia she found a way to stop her heart for a couple of hours. She got inside the hovercraft, then she lived a normal life back in District 3

She was pretty good, at least she tried... And her dead body looked pretty cool

I like her because she died in first day she do her best to in cornucopia to get weapon

District 8 Female

She looked pretty cute and adorable. She was 13 and she was too young to die that way. It must hurt very much and the careers are bad because they were not merciful even she pleaded for mercy.

She was really cute. It was sad how the careers killed her but come on it was stupid to light a fire at night (in the Hunger Games at least).

I like her she go in second day

This death was stupid if I could kill her I would sit on her face then fart for 10000 years then finish her by digging ahole and burying her by pooping on her

District 6 Male

He lasted relatively long in the cornucopia bloodbath and he kept getting attacked and badly injured (strangled, beaten up, etc.) and he was about to kill a career tribute ( glimmer) but if she wasn't so cowardly and screamed Cato wouldn't of killed him and even then he had a really gruesome death with his stomach slashed open and stabbed he would of lasted a while if not for the bloodbath

He was focused by everyone and still managed to stay alive for some time!

Stood up to Cato, and almost killed Glimmer

District 10 Male

Second farthest unnamed tribute to live through the games, only behind the District 3 male.

He's got a bad leg! That's unfair!

Always been my favorite.

It Was So sad On Day 8

Finnick Odair

He is not part of the 74th Hunger games but I’ll vote for him anyways.

He's not in the 74th though

Not in the 74th but still my favour character. He didn’t deserve to die!

Sad death

District 9 Female

She should've been given a name but reply if you like this name for her: Annie

She's the prettiest tribute in MY opinion!

District 9 is the best district!

She is probably prettier than Glimmer

District 7 Female

I like district 7

Johanna Mason

I love her so much she is so fierce

District 10 Female

She Looks Nice but She Died By An Axe WHY!

Glimmer killed her right?

I like her she beautiful

She looked like she was what 14 or 15

District 8 Male

I like him he's hot

He's a hottie


Sorry people but she was just plain awesome I think she died in Catching fire but I just loved her I was seriously thinking having my teeth done like her I just loved her ENOBARIA WE MISS YOU

District 9 Male

That was so sad he was the first one to die. He only lived for 35 seconds. I'd probably live shorter than him lol

First one to die. That's why I like him

9 is the best district

It was Katnisses fault he died

Annie Cresta

She wasn't even in the first film

Get a clue she wasn't in any games in the seriea

I feel so sorry for her. She must have seen so many things to make her go “crazy”

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