Top Ten Tributes in the 75th Hunger Games

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1 Finnick Odair

Odair rocks!
He can make a net out of a group of vines which he can use to trap other people, known as his fellow tributes. Then he can use his trident to spear them. He is very good with the trident. This is why Finnick Odair is the best in the 75th hunger games.

Woo Finnick! He's handsome and cunning and awesome and even more handsome! He is pretty great and he wants to destroy the capitol with Katniss. LET THE CAPITOL DIE IN FIRE! Go Finnick the amazing!

He tried all he could to save his teammate, Mags. He saved Peeta from dying. He wanted to save Johanna, Peeta, and Katniss. You could tell he didn't want to kill any of his allies. Such a merciful tribute.

Finick had a tridant and he knew how to use it

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2 Johanna Mason

Damn she is good looking and can use that axe

I wish the camera man lowered the cam when she was nakid

She made sure Katniss stayed alive. She removed her tracker from her arm, because she knew about District 13 wanting to take her out, and if that tracker wasn't removed, then she'd be in the Capitol with Johanna, Peeta and Annie. The scene when she undresses in the elevator is so...weird, but go with the flow! When she yells in the interview it's amazing! I love her sass.


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3 Katniss Everdeen Katniss Everdeen Katniss Everdeen is a fictional character and the protagonist of The Hunger Games trilogy by Suzanne Collins. She is portrayed by Jennifer Lawrence in the film adaptation franchise.

She is so weird she just call out from a tree hay come get me. So strange do not you think

How do you not love Katniss Everdeen the brave, talented, and hot protagonist

She is awesome she doesn't like killing people, she saved her sister and Peetah, she created the rebellion and put humanity back in the world, she looked out for Rue and even gave her a proper burial. She bravely took a chance on district 2 even though they'd most likely shoot her, she took a whip for Gale, abs never gave up. Not even on Peetah.

She is so brave and so strong!

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4 Peeta Mellark

Peeta is just so amazing in every way and he is so kind, adorable, cute and loveable. He hot and gorgeous he is amaze in book one book two book three and film one film two film three. He manages to survive everything in the most humble way and he and katniss are perfect for each other although katniss would do pretty well with gale. Also I really like finnick he is awesome

Peeta is amazing I don't know how anybody could not vote for him.

Peeta is amazing. - thalia_thatsme

Peeta is amazing

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5 Beetee

Beetee reminds me of myself, in the sense that I love to create things. I often find that I would be one step ahead of my friends, or devising of a plan that makes perfect sense to me yet confuses them.

Set to be potrayed by Jeffrey "Felix Leiter" Wright.

6 Mags

I was crying when I saw her I couldn’t watch the rest of the movie

Mags just wants to help. I bet she hid during her games so she didn't have to kill so she could still support her family at home. She is... (sobbing)

Mags is so sweet I literally cried when she died she died for Peeta and was friends with Katniss from the beginning one of my favorites ever

When Mags died I literally cried don't judge such a sweet character I wish she would've lasted but she died for Peeta how do you not love her

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7 Wiress

Even though no one liked her, she did find out that it was a clock. Remember, “Tic toc...” That must mean something

She's lovable, intelligent, and can be quite adorable.

Sure, she's got the body of a 30 year old and mind of a 3 year old, but she's clever and I was rooting for her since I really got to know her. Shame Gloss hurt her- she'd be a brilliant victor, and useful for District 13

8 Enobaria

She is skilled with a sword and throwing knives. She is from the same district as Clove, so she is a good tribute. - zeyulee34

Enobaria is way better than all the other tributes she can dodge the other tributes weapon way better than them plus her teeth is as strong as a axe and no other tributes have ripped another tributes throat out so that is epic

She is super cool, and she is from the same district as CLOVE!

Enobaria is the only career tribute that lived! - Thechibster

9 Cashmere

She is actually pretty skillful with knives and axe and even bows an arrows just like glimmer and come on how can you hate district 1 and blondes! - Jewboy19

She is really good at throwing Knives, and very good manipulator and HOT

She is really skilled

Cashmere was awesome, and Johanna shouldn't have killed her :( - maxcormier1

10 Gloss

Gloss is awesome with knives

Hot. That's all I have to say.

He's asoume

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11 Brutus
12 Chaff

I like Chaff because he (and Seeder) are Haymitch Abernathy's best friends and like him, they've been through a lot. Chaff is Mitch's other half--his sense of humor and pranks. He brings out his friend's caring-ness, and really, his softer side. Drinking buddies!

13 Ceceila

She was the sweetest character by far and left three kids at home she should've survived

Cecilia is one of the nicest tributes. She was friends with Katniss and had three little kids back home. If she had made it over Enobaria I would be happy because you never want someone like her dead.#Sorry

#Sorry - skimmet1

Cecelia was so sweet and even though she died early on she had three kids and I would have loved to have seen her survive along with the other 6 #sorry

14 Seeder
15 Woof

Nice name laugh out loud!

16 District 5 Male
17 District 9 Male
18 Blight

Vote for Blight! He's awesome. - KilMii

19 District 10 Male
20 District 6 Male
21 District 6 Female
22 District 10 Female

Tiifany Waxler has a great look. Wish they would do more with her in the movie.

23 District 9 Female
24 District 5 Female
25 Foxface Foxface Foxface is a fictional character in the Hunger Games franchise. She was portrayed by Jacqueline Emerson.
26 Clove Clove Clove Kentwell is a fictional character in the The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins. She was portrayed by 19 year old Isabelle Fhurman in the film adaptation.
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