Trickiest Ways to End Up In Hell


The Top Ten

1 Not being a Christian

It's the only way laugh out loud

2 Listen to heavy metal
3 Listening to music artists that made a deal with satan to get their fame
4 Not Honouring The Blessed Virgin Mary

Devotion to the Holy Virgin can save numerous souls from going to Hell, because she is the Mother of Our Lord Jesus Christ.

The Devil **HATES** the Holy Virgin, because she is the Mother Of God. It is best to have her intercession with her Divine Son.

5 Not having a bible in your home
6 Not praying
7 Being a bully
8 Being a pervert

You know, many would actually consider this list maybe a little offensive. I believe you don't have to be Christian or Muslim or a Jew to go to heaven. I believe that you should believe in God and his Angels, be good to other people and learn to apply logic and education in life. There should be no need for racism because more then just Christians use this sight.

9 Saying rotton language in your head
10 Getting famous, using your fame for Mts and others

The Contenders

11 Getting rich, and spending it on too much entertainment
12 Sins against the Holy Spirit
13 Die then go to heaven then take the elevator down to hell

Assuming there IS an elevator to hell, why would anyone take it?

God would be like hey don't go there and I'm like but I wanna go to hell - Norrisofchuck

14 Not going to church

Not going to church is like not praying, and not praying is on the list! - XxSpitfire34109xX

15 Sexual promiscuity
16 Not receiving the Sacraments
17 Not helping those in time of need
18 Committing the 7 deadly sins
19 Breaking all of the 10 commandments
20 Judging yourself

We are too hard on our soul

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