Top 10 Tricks Manny Pacquiao Uses In Boxing


The Top Ten

1 Tap Block, Trap Jab

Pacquiao moves around, when his opponent throw a light feeler jab he’ll block it followed by an instant counter-jab - MickeyMouse

2 Right Hook Over Left Jab

He lean his head under their jab as he throws the right hook over the top of an orthodox jab - MickeyMouse

3 One-Legged Lead Left Punch

Is the equivalent of the Superman punch - MickeyMouse

4 The Double-Left Sneak Punch

Pacquiao throws 2 left crosses or 2 left hooks if his oponnent is still up fire Pacquiao typically follow up with a right hook to the body. - MickeyMouse

5 The Triangle Forearm Defense

Pacquiao brace his fists against his head and point his elbows and straight out towards his opponent - MickeyMouse

6 Left Step, Left Cross Punch

Pacquiao will hit his opponent with a light jab first with his right hand or he'll leave his right hand outstretched pushing his opponent's head to the side before throwing his big left cross - MickeyMouse

7 Vertical Jab

He uses a vertical jab and destroy his opponent guard and score too many punches - MickeyMouse

8 Original Forearm Defense

When Pacquiao does that, nobody can touch it - MickeyMouse

9 Rear Overhand Left Punch

This punch is like a catapult - MickeyMouse

10 Left-High, Left-Low Jab

This is a is a left-right-left-right jab, so easy - MickeyMouse

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