Top 10 Trigger Fist Guns


The Top Ten

1 M4

The is easily the most versatile weapon on the game. High ROF, along with good accuracy and range make this gun dominant in any situation. Use this along with the extended magazines bonus and this thing owns. - joey123

2 M249

It is very similar to the M4, with a little lower ROF. You also get an enormous amount of ammunition. - joey123

3 MG36

Very good at medium to long range engagements. Big magazine as well. - joey123

4 AK-74u

Although it is the starter smg, don't be fooled. Its high damage output and nice ROF get the job done for close quarter encounters. It also has a desirable magazine capacity. - joey123

Chews people up in CQC. Best weapon for the short range maps (village, market). Not good at all for the long range maps (bridge, fountain square).

5 M60

The M60 may be the hardest hitter on the game. With an A rating in damage and accuracy, the M60 is a force to be reckoned with. - joey123

6 UMP45

Most versatile weapon in the game. Good on any map. Only drawback is small magazine and ROF means you need to focus on accuracy.

Despite it's low ROF, it has a high damage output with great accuracy. - joey123

7 MP5

The MP5 is an all-around great gun. It's high ROF is sure to leave you the last one standing in short-ranged battles. - joey123

8 M16

This is pretty much the 3-round burst version of the M4. Improved accuracy, but lower ROF. It's A rating in accuracy and range make this the best long-range gun in the game along with the Beowulf. - joey123


The UZI is arguably the most balanced gun in the game. - joey123

10 RPD

The RPD rounds out my Top 10. High damage and ROF make this highly effective at close range. - joey123

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