Top Ten Greatest Trip Hop Albums of All Time

The absolute best albums ever recorded in the electronic music subgenre known as trip hop.

The Top Ten

1 Portishead - Dummy

Haunting throughout. - oscarlye

2 Massive Attack - Mezzanine

Angel my favorite song of Mezzanine - BloDayBey

3 Massive Attack - Blue Lines

This is the best Massive Attack album ever! Get it to the top!

4 Portishead - Portishead
5 Gorillaz - Demon Days
6 Portishead - Roseland Nyc Live
7 Gorillaz - Plastic Beach
8 Tricky - Maxinquaye
9 Emiliana Torrini - Love In the Time of Science
10 Archive - You All Look the Same to Me

Nice list! Voted for Archive, because I love their work, (and love ALL the others on this list for now). Saw them live 2 times, first time with Craig Walker (the singer from this album) and second time for Controlling Crowds tour, great on both occasions. - Lotuscandy

The Contenders

11 Massive Attack - Protection
12 Archive - Controlling Crowds
13 Unkle - Psyence Fiction
14 Goldfrapp - Felt Mountain
15 Massive Attack - Heligoland
16 Archive - Londinium
17 Saltillo - Ganglion
18 Bowery Electric - Beat
19 Everything but the Girl - Walking Wounded
20 Lamb - Lamb
21 Morcheeba - Big Calm
22 Peace Orchestra - Peace Orchestra
23 Hooverphonic - A New Stereophonic Sound Spectacular
24 Aim - Cold Water Music
25 Emancipator - Soon It Will Be Cold Enough
26 The Orb - The Dream
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1. Gorillaz - Plastic Beach
2. Gorillaz - Demon Days
3. Emiliana Torrini - Love In the Time of Science
1. Portishead - Dummy
2. Massive Attack - Mezzanine
3. Portishead - Portishead


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