Best Tristam Songs


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1 Flight Flight
2 Follow Me Follow Me

One of the best songs of all time

3 Talent Goes By Talent Goes By

Great Song! I don't think anyone can disagree!

4 I Remember I Remember
5 Truth Truth

One of the best

6 Too Simple Too Simple
7 Till It's Over Till It's Over
8 Frame of Mind Frame of Mind
9 Undercat Undercat
10 One One

The Contenders

11 Razor Sharp Razor Sharp
12 My Friend My Friend
13 Once Again Once Again
14 Party for the Living Party for the Living
15 Who We Are Who We Are
16 Guardian Guardian
17 Ghosts In the Dark
18 Crave Crave
19 The Vortex
20 Surrender
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Top Remixes

1. Flight
2. Talent Goes By
3. Follow Me
1. I Remember
2. Till It's Over
3. Follow Me



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