Top Ten Troll League of Legends Champions

Lane: Darius vs Nasus. Here comes Wukong to save the day, attacks Darius. Result: Darius double kill and lives. Characters, when played against make you will of getting trolled as hell.

The Top Ten

1 Teemo

Teemo is probably the most troll champ in the game. Since he is a popular and a hated/loved champion, he is a target to the enemy team. His passive makes it so enemies can't see you and you can juke them if you are in a tight situation. His blind is extremely annoying to play against. Don't even get me started on the mushrooms. The feeling of stepping on a mushroom when you have 100 health is the worst. His Devil skin makes him even more of a target.

How can Teemo not not be #1? He has a global taunt, turns invisible, hides stupid mushrooms in bushes that you step in and die, can blind you, and his basic attacks poison you

I just love teemo / satan and I'm very good with him and I'm a troll and you donut want a troll like me playing satan

Good champion for newbies. Easy to learn, hard to master. He is very squishy, so be careful.

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2 Singed

Proxy singed - going into enemy base and backing up with teleport. Trolls not only enemies but also allies. DO NOT CHASE. - Raziel

So good troller best in game!

Your butt will singe after playing him

No counter play

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3 Nasus

The master trolling, give him 5 min, and he will need 5 hits of his Q to wreck you, do not deal with the doge until you know, for sure, he wont kill you

No Nasus is trash lol

If you leave him alone in lane for more then 1 second and he can 1 shot you,more annoying then teemo by far...

Not very good until you stack your Q high enough. With a Q stacked to 5-600 you can be tanky and murder in lane11

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4 Tahm Kench

Eat your teammates, throw them into turrets

Take your teammate into your mouth = then spit him on turret without getting any enemy champion 1 hit on him =? = profit?

Eat Teammates, spit into turret= Profit

How is he only nr 4. he has to be nr 1. Pick up your teammates and kill them under turret

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5 Shaco

One game I was playing elise and Shaco camped the heck out of me. He really camped in my jungle like 20 times.

We lost the game in 20 minutes.

He's basically like tempos demonic sidekick

I love he's laugh

Best troll ever, he is my main, I love playing it ap and bait to boxes, or go full ad to oneshot everyone <3, and everyone get baited by my clone

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6 Tryndamere

Voting for number 1, nobody can 1v1 him, his ult gives him 5 seconds to knock the hell out of you which is way more than needed.

Tryn yi and xin, the three most troll champs

His ult let him dives you. Is and insane split pusher, before nerfs he was build also ap and dealt retarded dmg with his spin. Even nowadays you can sometimes meet zhonya's tryndamere, trying his very best to survive enough to deastroy your tower and run away. - Raziel

7 Cho'Gath

Well if he getting feed very well and focus on his ulti, he can just eat you instantly and being giant big ass what creature ever!

He be eatin' yo team mates,
He be snatchin' yo kills if he's on your team;
There be no in between.
~Someone fabulous!

8 LeBlanc

Dash here. Teleport there. Chain. Snare. Dash away. Poof. Now you have two LeBlancs.

Just go full movment speed and cooldown reduction and watch the enemy team trying and failing to catch you, it's funny

Impossible to chase...He is really anoying


9 Zed

Did you chase a zed? You're just chasing the wrong way

Anyone who plays zed in low elos always want to show off. however, they always fail so badly

10 Anivia

Block your team's path, trap them constantly in places like jungle camps and base, even let the enemy feed off of team mates to make it look like they are feeding intentionally. A Good Anivia troll build can make you become a masterful troll for a game, netting you many negative responses resulting in = lulz. WHY IS ANIVIA NOT NUMBER 1 TROLL WITH TAHIM AS NUMBER 2? teemo is easy to deal with when against advanced players, however anivia can troll you, whatever amount your player skill is.

Trump won. Guess how?

Trolls both teams OP

Voted because of great wall of chinivia

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The Contenders

11 Warwick

How is WW a troll Champion?

Weedwick smokes weed every day. - Raziel

His passive = your B.F.
His "q" ability = ouch!
His "w" ability = blue golem dead
His "e" ability = 25 kills in one game
His "r" ability = instakill!

12 Fizz

How is he not number one. hate that little dude

Has a free dodge with a low cooldown he's SO ANNOYING

The playful trickster... how many ults have been wasted

100% ban please

13 Garen

So nice and its true and so strong

Elementary student champ

Just build all health and armor. Late game u will have 4000 plus health. No one will be able to kill you. Even without items your abilities and ult still are op.

Built him full crit, one shot potential

14 Dr. Mundo

This guys Is by far the strongest everything in the game

Focuse me please. What I have 10% hp? Ult and cya nerds. - Raziel

15 Zilean

He's throw bomb, and come back again like a troll

He's the only grandpa with explosion in lol
and his face is hillarious

Oh, you burned 3 ults for that kill? Too bad!
Now I'll constantly chronoshift until my ult is off cd.

16 Darius

Just let him reach level 6.

Noobchampion fight me with sion

His passive and true dmg ult makes hard to calculate how much damage he may be able to inflict. - Raziel

17 Shyvana
18 Trundle

Trundle is not really a troll and only has ice pillar to troll with, requires far too much effort and is not worth it unless you have lots of time to spare and no life, and even then there are still easier and far more better ways to troll.

It's self explanatory.

If you don't get the joke, (Insert troll pun here)

I’ve pillar your team mates

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19 Master Yi

This is real life experience,ashe is only two basic hits from yi because he is fed

Waht is your tricks?

How Do You PLay?

Tryn, yi, xin----the three most troll champs

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20 Bard

Stop your own teammates and opponents and sending them on "magical journeys" to turrets or an ambush.


Hard to play
Useless without ult


21 Morra


22 Jax

Not powerful at the begining of the party but after a moment he is instoppable!

Fed jax, with his E may survive 1v5 long enough to get a kill... - Raziel

He so troll he e and q he has enough 2 eascape

Really good.just need 1 combo rweq

23 Karthus

His passive is also annoying as he has 7 seconds to kill you before you escape

his ult

24 Ahri

She should be in top ten she has amazing damage and beautiful ganks... I'm a level 7 one trick with her lul she is broken when ever I play her. anyways I think she should be top 5 to be honest.

25 Yasuo

This is the champ that feeders like the most

Just throw a windwall and all attacks are useless

26 Jhin

Fastest man alive


27 Wukong

Zed ss on clone, Vi ss on clone, teemo combos the clone, hit your enemy with your stick and they hit your clone. it feels like farting in your enemies faces.

28 Ashe

By far the most OP champ in the game. Her damage is insane and she is unfair to play against.

29 Morgana

Morgana best troll ever. It's simple. just root and walk away like in video

30 Riven
31 Rammus

Watch An Trolling Noob on YouTube. His Rammus trolling videos will make you rethink your life.

32 Twitch

How is he not even on the board? Here let me go invisible and then pop up behind you and poison you to death

33 Vi
34 Xin Zhao

Tryn, Yi, Xin----the three most troll champs

35 Black Cleaver

Stack em

36 Zoe
37 Blitzcrank

It's hilarious following around the jungler and pulling away all the creatures from him!

38 Draven

His the best, just need to know how to use him, his spinning axes alone can kill another champion

39 Urgot

Just wait for his full AD late game... His Q can basically one hit you. Trust me, He is my main ADC.

40 Thresh

Thresh is damn good as support good thinking riot cause thresh can hook them and bring himself to champion and then ult then use his e that slows and damages them without taking damage back.

41 Gangplank
42 Quinn
43 Galio
44 Yorick

Yorick walks into a bar. There is no counter.

Great joke

45 Zac
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