Top Ten Troll League of Legends Champions


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21 Bard

Stop your own teammates and opponents and sending them on "magical journeys" to turrets or an ambush.

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22 Yasuo

This is the champ that feeders like the most

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23 Wukong

Zed ss on clone, Vi ss on clone, teemo combos the clone, hit your enemy with your stick and they hit your clone. it feels like farting in your enemies faces.

24 Ahri

She should be in top ten she has amazing damage and beautiful ganks... I'm a level 7 one trick with her lul she is broken when ever I play her. anyways I think she should be top 5 to be honest.

25 Riven
26 Rammus

Watch An Trolling Noob on YouTube. His Rammus trolling videos will make you rethink your life.

27 Twitch

How is he not even on the board? Here let me go invisible and then pop up behind you and poison you to death

28 Jhin V 1 Comment
29 Vi
30 Morgana

Morgana best troll ever. It's simple. just root and walk away like in video

31 Xin Zhao V 1 Comment
32 Draven

His the best, just need to know how to use him, his spinning axes alone can kill another champion

33 Karthus
34 Urgot

Just wait for his full AD late game... His Q can basically one hit you. Trust me, He is my main ADC.

35 Thresh

Thresh is damn good as support good thinking riot cause thresh can hook them and bring himself to champion and then ult then use his e that slows and damages them without taking damage back.

36 Gangplank
37 Quinn
38 Galio
39 Yorick

Yorick walks into a bar. There is no counter.

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40 Ashe

By far the most OP champ in the game. Her damage is insane and she is unfair to play against.

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