Top Ten Best Characters in the Movie Trolls


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1 Branch

Branch is unique. But, Poppy is always win when battle with Branch. It's make me hate Poppy.

I love branch and hate poppy their should be a list of characters that should beat up poppy right!

I agree with the person who said that sure poppy can be annoying but she is a ture heronie - CuteGirl2009

Branch is better than POPPY she is a big jerk people hate POPPY

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2 Poppy

Poppy and Branch are my favorite trolls. I love how Poppy is always happy!

POPPY?! She is so annoying and stupid I hate poppy because she is to happy but if you like poppy I respect your opinion but I hate her

Don't say that about my favorite dreamworks heroine.

She Is Kinda Like Pinkie Pie - JPK

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3 Biggie


4 DJ Suki

Did suki in the movie I like she is Irene’s with poppy

5 Smidge

She's my favorite

She is tiny and tuff in a Cute way

She is so cute but don't mess with her or she will become SMIDG-Y

She should be number 2 WhatsApp is poppy Number 2 smidge is awesome cute and tuff Poppy ia selfish hot and annoying

6 Creek
7 Guy Diamond

I love him so much he is my favorite

8 Cooper
9 Fashionistas
10 Fuzzbert

The Newcomers

? Delta Dawn
? Queen Essence

The Contenders

11 King Peppy
12 Bridget
13 Satin and Chenille
14 Maddy
15 Karma
16 Moxie Dewdrop

I do not know about her but I think she is coll

17 Aspen Heitz
18 Nova Swift
19 Queen Barb
20 King Trollex
21 Trollzart
22 King Quincy
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