Top Ten Best Characters in the Movie Trolls


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1 Branch

I love branch and hate poppy their should be a list of characters that should beat up poppy right!

Branch is unique. But, Poppy is always win when battle with Branch. It's make me hate Poppy.

Branch is better than POPPY she is a big jerk people hate POPPY

I agree with the person who said that sure poppy can be annoying but she is a ture heronie - CuteGirl2009

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2 Poppy

POPPY?! She is so annoying and stupid I hate poppy because she is to happy but if you like poppy I respect your opinion but I hate her

Don't say that about my favorite dreamworks heroine.

She Is Kinda Like Pinkie Pie - JPK

Listen this is my option on poppy I don’t like her but it is my opoion

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3 Biggie


4 DJ Suki

Did suki in the movie I like she is Irene’s with poppy

5 Smidge

She is tiny and tuff in a Cute way

She should be number 2 WhatsApp is poppy Number 2 smidge is awesome cute and tuff Poppy ia selfish hot and annoying

She is so cute but don't mess with her or she will become SMIDG-Y

6 Creek
7 Guy Diamond

I love him so much he is my favorite

8 Cooper
9 Fashionistas
10 Fuzzbert

The Contenders

11 King Peppy
12 Bridget
13 Satin and Chenille
14 Maddy
15 Karma
16 Moxie Dewdrop

I do not know about her but I think she is coll

17 Aspen Heitz
18 Nova Swift
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