Top Ten Best Tropical Pet Fish


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1 Snakeheads

I have a dwarf snakehead which is a probably my favourite fish in my tank. They are reasonably active; and very intelligent, they can be trained to take food out of you're hand such as whitebait, shrimps, crickets and worms. Mine also search's for food when the light comes on. With their appearance in mind, they are very entertaining during feeding time. - JamesNicholls

2 Freshwater Stingray

I watched people on YouTube keep freshwater stingrays as pets

But freshwater stingrays will sting you just like their ocean cousins.but sill they make great pets

3 Bichirs

A prehistoric fish with the features of a eel provides a reasonably active fish with a lot of personality. Unfortunately, some can't be housed with other bichirs or reedfish, and with mine I have to feed him by a pair of tweezers as the other fish tend to outmanoeuvre him. - JamesNicholls

That's true.The bichir is a kind of prehistoric fish.A prehistoric fish that spends most of it's life on the bottom of your fish tank

4 Knifefish

A stunning and exotic fish, especially the black ghost knifefish. They reach lengths of up to 60cm, however they are a nocturnal species. - JamesNicholls

5 Royal Pleco
6 Aulonocara Peacock Cichlids

Can be extremely beautiful comparable to most marine fish, they can also reach nearly a foot in length. - JamesNicholls

7 Red-tailed black Shark

A very cool looking fish. Always active, though they need to be kept with the right tank-mates whom they cannot bully. - JamesNicholls

8 Bala Shark

A brilliant schooling fish which lives over 10 years if cared for and can grow in excess of a foot when placed in a pond or a very large tank. Their scales sparkle as they swim, e sharks also have a distinctive twitching sensation when swimming. - JamesNicholls

Is the bala shark and the red tailed black shark are both a kind of shark minnow?

Is the red tail black shark and the bala shark a kind of shark minnow?

9 Bristlenose Catfish

The male one is a superb addition to any tropical aquarium, their bristles vary between individuals, which is perhaps their best feature. - JamesNicholls

10 Magunda Goby

The Contenders

11 Cardinal Tetra

Best fish ever, they school and are very active

12 Panda Cory Catfish
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