Top Ten True Myths

So I made a list of the false myths about the human body. It's now time to tell you some of the truthful myths in our world.

The Top Ten True Myths

1 Carrots help you see in the dark

Carrots contain Vitamin A and one of the benefits caused by vitamin A is actually being able to see better in dim light. Carrots aren't the best for this though. The best source of vitamin A though is liver. Be careful not to overdose on Vitamin A though! - Cazaam

2 Friday the 13th is truly unlucky

I get in trouble lots of times on Friday the 13ths

Did you know that all corporations put together can lose up to a BILLION dollars in revenue if Friday is on the 13th of the month? Some of the company's would be customers would be superstitious to this and wouldn't go out and buy the company's products. Just look at how the sales figures fall on Fridays on the 13th day. - Cazaam

My email account was hacked on Friday the 13'Th.

3 The Atari Landfill

In 1983 Atari found themselves in deep quicksand with over 5 MILLION unsold E.T. cartridges. The game is infamous and often heralded as the worst game ever. There was an urban myth that Atari buried the unsold cartridges in a New Mexico landfill. It turns out to be true. The buried games were discovered on the 28th of April in 2014. After 31 years we have found that this myth is true. - Cazaam

4 An elephant never forgets

Never kill an elephant if there is another around. If they find you, they will make of you what you made of the other elephant. Back in August of 2013, an elephant was killed by a train. The other members of the heard nearby swore vengeance on the human race and have destroyed many nearby villages at night. - Cazaam

5 Swearing makes good pain relief

An experiment proves this. A group of students had to submerge their hands in freezing cold water for as long as they could "On average, the students could tolerate the pain for nearly two minutes when swearing compared with only one minute and 15 seconds when they refrained from using expletives." - BBC - Cazaam

6 Eating bogeys is healthy


I'm a nose picker. And I eat it. There, I admitted it. Anyway, eating your own bogeys benefits your immune system believe it or not! - Cazaam

7 Elephants fear mice

Crazy I know. But true. Thanks for Mythbusters for proving this as true. - Cazaam

8 Coca Cola used to contain cocaine
9 Eating celery uses more calories than you get from it

So effectively, eating celery lets you lose weight? In theory, yes. In reality, well... You have to eat other food as well otherwise a diet of only celery will starve you strangely enough. - Cazaam

10 Skipping breakfast causes weight gain

Eating breakfast helps to get your metabolism going. If it isn't going, your body can be tricked to go into "starvation mode" where calories are turned into fat when you don't need it. - Cazaam

We don’t eat breakfast at our house because my parents constantly diet

The Contenders

11 Atlantis

As human technology gets more advanced, we will find a lot more evidence for the existence of Atlantis. We already found the Bimini Road right where Edgar Casey said it would be - westofohio

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