Top Ten Truths About Life

I love my life. It's the only one I have, but sometimes life is an irritating pest and needs to be told exactly that.

The Top Ten

You only get one chance

It tough to understand but this is so true you only live once so live with out regret to the best of your ability!

Sometimes I wish Time stood still but it's quite scary just how much time fly's by.

The old saying: life isn't a dress rehersal is so true. You just have to get on with it and hope that it's all right on the night.

Well this is very true. You have to grab that with your hands open.

It ruins plans

Your best thought out plans are thwarted when life has its own plans for you. I try not to make plans, instead I just get up and do things on the spur of the moment. I like to put a spanner in life's works.

You only realize things when it's too late

Why is it that you should have done things a particular way when it's too late? If we kndw what to do from the get go, we'd enjoy life and have more of it for longer!

It's hard

It is! Don't argue with me on this - you'll only lose!

When people say this around me I respond " No Duh Captain Obvious" Nobody ever said LIFE was an Easy game

It's unpredictable

You just never know how life will turn out for you, however good you've been, however hard you try. You just don't know it will all turn out.

You can't ever tell what will happen to your life, but hope for the better things.

You got that right you never know what could happen tomorrow or who you could meet on a site liek this!

It's unfair

This is way too True! But I dunno how many times I say that life is an unfair roller-coaster ride!

We all get bumps and bruises and challenges and sometimes it feels liek your back against the wall or you hanging on by a string

It can be so cruel when the mood takes it.

It's a conveyor belt

We're born, we get old... And then we get pushed off the belt when new life comes along. It's exactly the way it happens and there is no 'off' switch. You just have to go with it.

It's relentless

Many moments in my life when I've been so happy and I've just wanted time to stand still just so I could hold onto that happy time for longer. This isn't all, life drops things on you, you get pushed around in the rush of it. There's no let up!

Well it's kind of like the entire world in on your shoulders all the time with Life, Society, Politics, Family, Friends, Likes, School, Future & etc

It's expensive

I can't afford life. And I have to ask myself "if I had the choice, would I even want to invest in it? "

Oh how cool and crazy it would be if life was cheaper

It's unforgiving

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You meet people you wish you didn't

Like Annaka Adele and Alyssa

You can never be perfect
It is strict
You will get a companion
There is only one ending
It is scary
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