Top Ten Tula Canvas Print Designs


The Top Ten

1 Splash Splash

The sea creatures, the blue canvas, the bright coloured print. What's not to love?! - Mrsohmy

2 Sur La Mer

Another ocean themed print, this one is more sophisticated and understated. - Mrsohmy

3 Folk Art

This canvas is embroidered... with roosters. - Mrsohmy

4 Daydreamer Spring Equinox

A lot of people prefer Winter but the colours in Spring are so bright and cheerful. - Mrsohmy

5 Daydreamer Winter Solstice

Love the gradient and the silhouettes. - Mrsohmy

6 Bliss Bouquet

The floral pinks and greens are so pretty. - Mrsohmy

7 Plum Posy

Bliss Bouquet's purple cousin. - Mrsohmy

8 Parker

This print is so bright and vintagey. - Mrsohmy

9 Piper

A more girly version of Parker - Mrsohmy

10 Anchors

The red really pops against the navy blue of this nautical Tula. - Mrsohmy

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