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1 Sagopa Kajmer

Sagopa is the king!

Adam king beyler theğılın

Sago rap in olgun zürafası

If you can't spell his name then say him Kaf-Kef (a lyric from one of his song)

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2 Ceza Ceza

The most admirable lyrics writer in Turkey... when he talks you muse into deep thoughts instead of love you think world other side

He's the best rapper I have listened in my life.

He is the Best one.. Norm is 2? It's not true. 1 and King Ceza 2- Sagopa Norm 65454

The list is ridiculous. Ceza is the best in Turkey. Not the ones who haven't made a regular album for 10 years

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3 Norm Ender Norm Ender

Norm is one number! Sago second. Ceza 41289749812.

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4 Sansar Salvo Sansar Salvo

He is an underground rapper. He grew up with some troubles he has battled with cancer and he won.

Whoever can't hold mic with that nobility.

Sansar salvo the best diss sagopa kajmer

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5 Allame

Allame is the best turkish rapper of all times.

Allame is the leader of turkish rap. Incredible beats,lyrics,creativity.

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6 Joker

Joker famous for his disses. He has got really amazing style. Norm Ender crying.

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7 Hidra Hidra

Freestyle Rap master. I'm sure he will defeat Turkish Rap Underground and his style will legend.

My opinion is this rapper best in the world but now very young

He will best on the world. He is Turkish Eminem

He is the battle king

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8 Şehinşah

Rapper with the best vocabulary.

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9 Fuat Ergin V 1 Comment
10 Saian

He is not a protest rap, he is a revolution.

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? Tanay Arslan

One of the best rhymers all around the world! He ryhmes whole entire verses(just listen that PTSD demo). Dude's crazy. He is much better in Turkish. - Neyimvarki

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11 Contra

Best Turkish rapper ever really best

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12 Hayki

He is the king of the protest rap.

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13 Saian Sakulta Salkım V 1 Comment
14 Karaçalı

He is best on the World. "King of the Spoken Word Rap! ".

15 Mode XL V 5 Comments
16 No.1 V 3 Comments
17 Tankurt Manas Tankurt Manas

He is really fast but he is new. You will get to know him.

He is doing amazing fast rap songs with a great quality. You need to listen

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18 Dr.Fuchs V 1 Comment
19 Pit10
20 Massaka V 2 Comments
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