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1 Sagopa Kajmer

Sagopa is the king!

Adam king beyler theğılın

Sago rap in olgun zürafası

Sagopa kajmer best rapper of world

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2 Ceza Ceza

The most admirable lyrics writer in Turkey... when he talks you muse into deep thoughts instead of love you think world other side

He is king of the Turkish Rap!

He's the best rapper I have listened in my life.

Fastest and the best

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3 Norm Ender Norm Ender

Norm The Best Rapper

Norm is one number! Sago second. Ceza 41289749812.

Because dude he is norm

My life Normlife

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4 Sansar Salvo Sansar Salvo

Sansar SALVO Yerinde Duramayam Adam :D

He is an underground rapper. He grew up with some troubles he has battled with cancer and he won.

Whoever can't hold mic with that nobility.

Sansar and pit10 is the first using double ryhme in turkish rap.This can be easy for english language rappers but hard for turkish language rappers.And his words are very meaningful.This guy is a legend. Respect

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5 Allame

Best of Battle Allame

Allame is the best turkish rapper of all times.

Allame is number one

Allame is the leader of turkish rap. Incredible beats,lyrics,creativity.

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6 Joker

Diss of the King

Joker famous for his disses. He has got really amazing style. Norm Ender crying.

The Lord of Ther Disses

Joker siqer saqatlar

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7 Fuat Ergin

My point is 9 bro

Rap master. One of the oldest in the Turkish rap game

8 Şehinşah

His voice is like my FART

Best freestyler in Turkey.

He is king of rhyme

Best lyricist, old flex guru, seyn!

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9 Hidra Hidra

Freestyle Rap master. I'm sure he will defeat Turkish Rap Underground and his style will legend.

He is the battle king

He will be king!

"its not a phase mom" - DensestPotato

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10 Saian

Saian terror of underground

He is the king of the turkish protest rap.

He is not a protest rap, he is a revolution.

Amazing writting

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11 Contra

Best Turkish rapper ever really best

What? He is 11? But he is best.

He is the most popular rapper on YouTube. Watch : contra - efsane


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12 Hayki

He is the king of the protest rap.

Real fantastic king

Hayk always on mic

13 Karaçalı

He is best on the World. "King of the Spoken Word Rap! ".

14 Saian Sakulta Salkım

Saian the best writer ever.

15 Mode XL

Best of Turkey Gangsters

Best music group in Turkey

The real best!

They are best. This group have a two solist. They name are Evren Besta and VEYasin. They are best!

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16 Tankurt Manas Tankurt Manas

He is really fast but he is new. You will get to know him.

He is doing amazing fast rap songs with a great quality. You need to listen

He is flexman


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17 No.1

You write amazing lyrics!



He is best

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18 Dr.Fuchs


Bu adam tam bir üstatır

19 Massaka

Never been dissed

Real gangsta rap

Harbi gangsta rap

20 Pit10
21 Ados
22 Norm Erman

Best writer ever

He is child of ender

23 Kamufle
24 Gazapizm
25 Arsız Bela
26 Monsta Monsalve
27 Enes Alper
28 Eşek
29 Rapozof

Best Producer & Best Rapper from Istanbul / Turkei.

30 Patron

Patron is the best.

31 Yener Çevik


32 Elleran Elvis
33 Cem Kurnaz
34 Red
35 İndigo
36 Anıl Piyancı

Best rapper of all time.

37 Alper Ayyıldız

Bu adamın değeri bilinmiyor.

38 Azap HG
39 Sehabe
40 Cartel
41 Mozole Mirach
42 Killa Hakan
43 Zafer Büyükdeniz

Yeah Number One Rapper!

Turk best rappers, diss to tankurt, diss to hidra

44 Heijan

Sdasasasdsadasd mk heijanı narıyo la burda

45 Mehmet Uygar Aksu

Horse and donkey fragrant rapper

Tassak master...Why so seious master...PinkPhiscopat :D


46 Xir Gökdeniz
47 Grogi
48 A.P.O.
49 OÇ. EA

He is best aq fena rapçi

50 DelaRedo
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