Best Turn Based Strategy Games

TBS (turn based strategy) games are different than RTS (real time strategy) games. TBS you will wait for your turn to play, RTS you're in the middle of playing without taking turns.

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1 Chess

I love chess. Don't know where I'd be without it. - PositronWildhawk

Minutes to learn, 2 life times to master.

2 Sid Meier's Civilization V

To rise from ashes, from mud and grass to the heavens and beyond. No man can help not to be charmed by the majesty of what lies ahead.

As far as PC Games go, this is the ultimate strategy game I've come across! Easy to learn, yet very complex to master so you always have something new to learn!

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3 Risk
4 Total War: Shogun 2

No game come close to balanced user friendly interface that this game has with addition to real time battles it is a masterpiece and well polished product.

This is the ultimate war strategy game ever
Gotta love the samurai - shatti

5 Earth Light
6 Military Madness
7 Monopoly
8 Mario Party
9 Deal
10 Carnage Heart

The Contenders

11 Poker

Of course you could play it without gambling - shatti

12 R-Type Tactics
13 Pokemon
14 Battleship
15 Yu-gi-oh!
16 Rummy
17 World of Warriors
18 Panzer General
19 Magic: The Gathering
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