Turn Ons of People of the Opposite Sex

Well. I guess since I made things about turn offs, I should make turn ons too?

The Top Ten

1 Good humor

Russell Brand is twice as hot because of his quick wit.

2 They're smart
3 Confidence

I have good confidence. At my dance recital, I 'reformed in front of more than 200 people. - funnyuser

4 They smell wonderful

My boyfriends smell is intoxicating and definitely turns me on

My obsession with people's smell may be creepy... but... - MoldySock

5 Great taste in television

Ok I guess I have an obsession with television BUT! Still. - MoldySock

6 They're physically fit
7 Modesty
8 They are sensitive and strong
9 They can speak publicly

Guys that freak out when asked to give a small speech in front of a crowd... Ugh, it's gross, really. - MoldySock

10 They are successful / may become successful

I can't disagree here - Kiteretsunu

I guess my mind subconsciencely looks out for this one, because of that I am not attracted to jocks. Thanks mind! - MoldySock

I couldn't agree more, MoldySock. If s/he's a young, slim Einstein, all go! If they sit in a football stadium all day, they're repulsive. - PositronWildhawk

The Contenders

11 They can sing
12 Laugh
13 Heartedness
14 Smile
15 They can write well
16 Soft hair
17 Eyes
18 Pleasant voice
19 Hair
20 Virginity
21 They are good looking
22 Optimism
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