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1 Be My Valentine, Charlie Brown

Charlie Brown is a great cartoon to watch.

2 I Love Lisa - The Simpsons I Love Lisa - The Simpsons

Feeling pity for Ralph after he doesn't receive a single Valentine's day card Lisa gives him a card which Ralph thinks she likes him and does everything to try and win her over much to Lisa's dismay. - egnomac

3 Arnold's Valentine - Hey Arnold Arnold's Valentine - Hey Arnold

Arnold plans a dinner date on Valentine's Day for his crush Ruth but at the same time Helga posing as Arnold's French pen pal Cecile invites him on a date as well which just happens to be at the restaurant across from where he plans to have dinner with Ruth and coincidentally the real Cecile is flying from Paris to surprise Arnold, things actually go pretty well with Arnold and Helga despite her looking nothing like Cecile but things don't well with is date with Ruth who thinks he's just a busboy not realizing he was the one who wrote her the letter and mostly talks about herself and later ditches him and Helga sees him with Ruth and goes to confront him about it as the real Cecile shows up making things even more awkward as Gerald who's been helping Arnold all night tells her he's Arnold and the two go out as both Arnold and Helga share a moment as they bid farewell. - egnomac

4 Valentine's Day - SpongeBob Squarepants

Another good episode from SpongeBob's first season which follows as SpongeBob gives gifts to everyone in Bikini Bottom and plans on giving a special surprise for Patrick unfortunately things don't go right as the gift being delivered by Sandy is delayed by a bunch of hungry clams as Patrick is overexcited for his Valentine's Day gift out of panic SpongeBob gives him a handshake and of course Patrick is not happy about it that he snaps on everyone at the carnival. - egnomac

5 Back to the Klondike - DuckTales Back to the Klondike - DuckTales

The episode follows as Scrooge recounts of his old love with Goldie while searching for gold at the Klondike and the two reuniting years later. - egnomac

6 The Cupid Effect - Kim Possible

Kim and Ron have their first Valentine's Day together meanwhile Wade ends up crushing on Monique and realizing he doesn't have much of a chance with her uses a cupid ray gun to make Monique fall in love with him and of course Senor Senior Senior and Junior find out about it and decide to steal the invention and use it for their own evil purposes. - egnomac

7 L is For Love - The Loud House L is For Love - The Loud House

While this episode doesn't actually take place on Valentines Day it does have a Valentines day like feel to it as it centers on the Louds receiving a love letter to L Loud which could be anyone one of them since all their names start with L, the siblings begin giving hints to all their crushes with most of the episode centers on Luna who has a crush on Sam and worries about Sam not liking her back in the end its all revealed that the letter was actually for their dad from their mom though disappointing the Loud siblings become inspired by their parents to write love letters to their crushes with a big twist revealed at the end that Luna's crush Sam is a girl who smiles at the letter from her as Luna returns with smile confidant that Sam may return her affection. - egnomac

Love this episode.

8 Valentine's Day In Quahog - Family Guy
9 Madly Madagascar - Madagascar Madly Madagascar - Madagascar
10 I Remember Mono - King of the Hill

In this episode Peggy recalls the story of how she and Hank realize how they were meant to be together and how Hank asked her to make him dinner for Valentines Day despite the fact that she couldn't actually cook and ends up ruining the dinner only for Hank to call that he couldn't make it as he injured his back and couldn't make it, two weeks later they were engaged to be engaged, but while looking through some files she finds out that Hank had a two weeks absent from him having Mono starting on Valentine's Day when he supposedly had that back injury not only that but he got Mono from Amy Edlin who had kissed him which resulted in him having mono and of course Peggy is furious with Hank for their whole romantic story of how they got together is now false who takes it a little to personal especially since in a later episode Peggy had sexual intercourse with another guy before Hank, as Hank takes his friends advice about wooing Peggy until she loves him again meanwhile in the B plot ...more - egnomac

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11 Love Day - Blue's Clues

This episode sucks because it's a joe episode

12 V is for Valentine - Vampirina

The only one I have seen.

13 My Muppet Valentine - Muppet Babies
14 Cats and Girls and Spaceships - Outlaw Star
15 The Potion Notion - Mighty Morphin Power Rangers
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1. Be My Valentine, Charlie Brown
2. I Love Lisa - The Simpsons
3. Arnold's Valentine - Hey Arnold
1. Back to the Klondike - DuckTales
2. Be My Valentine, Charlie Brown
3. I Love Lisa - The Simpsons


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