Top Ten TV Blunders

This list is about the most embarrassing moments in T.V. history.

The Top Ten

1 Charlie Sheen gets fired from Two and a Half Men after verbally assaulting show creator Chuck Lorre

Everyone knows Charlie Sheen is a screw up but in 2011 after the show Two and a Half Men was put on hiatus due to Charlies constant partying and rehabilitation, a month later Charlie began Verbally assaulting show creator Chuck Lorre on T.V. and radio Lorre responded by firing Charlie from the show leading him from becoming the highest paid actor on T.V. to the unemployment office. - egnomac

Forget Anger Management Charlie Sheen needs Life Management and as for the unemployment office remark what I really meant was " from the highest paid actor on T.V. to the unemployment office or until something else comes along". - egnomac

"To the unemployment office. "?!?!?

Not long after being let go from Two & a Half Men, he got 'Anger Management, ' which so far is really doing well!

2 Fox cancels Family Guy twice

Canceling a T.V. show once isn't anything new to Fox but canceling a show more than once is enough to land you on this list. Despite a strong start low rating led to Fox cancelling the show then they won emmy and was brought back until 2002 when they officially canceled it but DVD sales and reruns being showed on Adult swim as well as support from fans led to Fox to bring Family Guy back for the third time a hard lesson learned for Fox. - egnomac

3 David Arquette becomes World Heavyweight Champion

What qualifications does David Arquette have as World Champion, WCW really screwed that one. - egnomac

What the! @$# was WCW thinking, already on its last leg this unforgivable moment saw special guest David Arquette pinning Eric Bischoff to become the WCW World Heavyweight Champion yes the very same title once held by such greats as Ric Flair and Harley Race. - egnomac

4 UPN takes a pass on American Idol

Believe it or not Simon Cowell actually pitched the idea American Idol to UPN only for them to turn it down, Simon eventually took his idea to Fox making it the #1 show in america while UPN faded into obscurity. - egnomac

If you were a struggling network why in the hell would you pass on a show that may save your network. - egnomac

5 WCW reveals Mankind wins WWE Championship

During the Monday Night War Nitro began broadcasting the results from Raw but on January 4,1999 WCW announcer Tony Schiavone revealed that Mankind was going to win the WWE championship that night and commented on how it would "Put butts in seats" thousands switched from Nitro to see foley win his first WWE championship which marked the beginning of the end for WCW. - egnomac

6 Brian Dunkleman leaves American Idol

Remember Brian Dunkleman neither do we as one of the former hosts of American Idol along with Ryan Seacrest Dunkleman left the show after the first season, Seacrest would go on to become the official host of american Idol as for Brian Dunkleman lets face it no one cares about Brian Dunkleman. - egnomac

7 Tom Bergeron, Heidi Klum, Howie Mandel, Jeff Probst, & Ryan Seacrest host the 60th annual emmys

What idiot thought it was a good idea to have all these game show hosts host the emmys, bad jokes and ad-libbed lines led to become the least watched emmys ever, thankfully Neil Patrick Harris took over host duty the following year and the T.V. show host idea was never used again. - egnomac

8 Bad Remakes

Some shows are so good there's no need to remake them that didn't stop others from trying it anyway and failing miserably such as American Gladiators and Knight Rider. - egnomac

9 Dennis Miller on Monday Night Football

Dennis Miller had no business being on Monday Night Football who wants some know it all making obscure references during a football game. - egnomac

10 Janet Jackson's wardrobe malfunction

In one of the most replayed Tivo moment in history, during the super bowl XVI halftime show an unexpected "Wardrobe malfunction" exposed Janet Jackson's right breast leading to the creation of youtube and made her the most "searched in internet history" and the "most searched for new item". - egnomac

The Contenders

11 Kanye West interrupts Taylor Swift's acceptance speech at the 2009 MTV Video Music Awards
12 Cousin Oliver joins the Brady Bunch
13 Felicity Cuts her Hair
14 HBO ends The Sepranos with a cut to black
15 Ellen DeGeneres on American Idol

Ellen DeGeneres on American Idol made about as much sense as Dennis Miller on Monday Night Football.

16 Pink Lady and Jeff
17 Vince McMahon creates the XFL
18 Joanie Loves Chachi
19 Sinead o Connor on SNL rips up picture of the Pope and yells "Fight the real enemy"!
20 Life with Lucy
21 Cop Rock
22 NBC Cancels Baywatch
23 Suzanne Somers Leaves Three's Company
24 David Caruso leaves NYPD Blue
25 NBC erases the first decade of the Tonight Show with Johnny Carson
26 2000 Election Flip Flop Coverage
27 NBC moves Jay Leno to the 10PM Slot
28 Ariana Grande becomes more popular than Victoria Justice and becomes a singer

She was a horrible T.V. character, but now she's more popular than Victoria Justice & now she sings, she's bad.

29 Ashlee Simpson lip syncing on SNL
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