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Cartoon Network is an American basic cable and satellite television channel that is owned by the Turner Broadcasting System division of Time Warner.


Whatever you like it or not, Cartoon Network has the best shows you can watch during afternoons, Saturday mornings, anytime depends on your favorite cartoon shows to watch!

I understand this channel might not be for everyone since it only has cartoons, but this channel has the biggest variety of good cartoons that can be enjoyed by kids, teens, and adults. I'm turning 16 next month and am more into adult shows now, but I still watch a lot of Cartoon Network simply because its good for all ages as long as you like cartoons. I feel Disney is most popular only because EVERY single little girl I've ever seen only watches that channel and Disney is just a well known company because of Walt Disneys long list of movies, history, and Disney World. Disney is just weird trying to appeal to elementary boys in that "i wear skate shoes but don't skate" phase, and Nick is only more popular because many 90s and early 00s kids grew up on shows on that channel, and when new kids are born, they see their older sibling watch it, and get hooked on the channel, and because SpongeBob is probably still the most known cartoon.

It's pretty much straight cartoons. Not the crappy soap opera for kids, that end up being super girly whether intentional or not(Disney). Nickelodeon did succeed with live action shows but when it comes to cartoons their only mainstay is SpongeBob, all their others can't hold a light to a Cartoon Network cartoon. Cartoon Network has the best cartoons currently, they have a few bad ones but so do the other channels.

Nickelodeon sucks. The only stuff they have right now is ' Sanjay and Craig, Rabbids, and past-prime lame SpongeBob. Not to mention all these crappy sitcoms. Cartoon Network had, has, and will always have the best cartoons in the world. CN for life!

Cartoon Network gets this because it has great shows like adventure time, regular show, gumball, etc. Also because it shows kids to bring out the imagination and there a baby shows like Pokemon for the little viewers


Disney Channel is not mostly geared to girls. Most of their shows like dog with a blog, bunked, Jessie, girl meets world, I didn't do it, Austin and ally, kc undercover,and mickey mouse are geared to kids of both genders. The only show geared to girls on Disney Channel are liv and maddie and best friends whenever and I know a couple of boy kids who watch liv and maddie even though its geared to girls. Cartoon Network and Disney are mostly geared towards boys I don't see anyone complaining.

Cartoon network shaped my childhood. It has its own sealed cartoon programs. Educational and inspiring for children n funny too.

I think CN is the best kids T.V. channel because it brings up more memorable moments and in my personnel opinion has the best cartoons like steven universe adventure time regular show and the amazing world of gumball. Also one reason I think CN beats nickeleodeon and Disney Channel look at Disney they make one amazing show (Gravity falls) Then make something as weird as pickle and peanut I mean how can they make such a bad turn? Nickelodeon make SpongeBob which is one of my favorite shows of all time. And Harvey beaks but you know they also came up with breadwinners and sanjay and craig, and yes I know Cartoon Network has made mistakes like uncle grandpa and the incredible crew but at least uncle grandpa crossed over with SU and they cancelled incredible crew. So in the end I think Cartoon Network beats nick and Disney, because Cartoon Network made up from their mistakes with we bear bears and Steven Universe. And in almost every video and website that puts down opinions of best kids ...more

The number one cartoon channel from 1993 to 2006. - roznar97

Cartoon Network is really entertaining for all kids. Sometimes it can be inappropriate but only sometimes. Did I mention there is a lot of action?

I just love cartoon network it has a lot of my favorite T.V. shows I use to like Nickelodeon and Disney channel but then they just ruined it by taking away the best shows on that channel so then I decided that cartoon network is good cause its for the kid in you and adult swim is the adult in you

Screw Nick. It hasn't been good for the past five years. Cartoon Network has had better shows as far as I can remember.

This is one of the best networks EVER to be honest Disney Channel mostly has baby's stuff. Cartoon Network has kid's stuff. #1 Cartoon Network!

Cartoon Network has action shows like Teen Titans Go and comedy like Uncle Grandpa. All the Disney Channel show channels are the same

Gosh.. Who on Earth DARE PUT CARTOON NETWORK on number 2!

The level of entertainment on Cartoon Network is very high.

This is the best channel, personally, I think that Disney's jokes aren't very funny. And nick, well it's not as bad, but could be better

Good until 2007. That's when it went downhill and exploded.

Cartoon is the best channel because they show old shows and new shows

So good love it love the classics like looney tunes and 2000's like Ben 10 and now Steven Universe

I love it, teen titans go, the amazing world of gum ball, and this is my favorite channel

The shows are good. Cartoon Network is better than nick.

Nickelodeon sucks. Cartoon Network is the best ever.

Cartoon Network has more creativity in their shows than Nickelodeon.

Regular show adventure time gumball and steven universe says it all