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1 MTV MTV is an American basic cable and satellite television channel which is a part of the "Viacom Music and Entertainment Group" which is the flagship Property of the Viacom Media Networks division of Viacom, of which it is a subsidiary.

As soon as I read the topic, MTV was on my mind as far as taking a downward spiral from "music entertainment" to "why is this a channel? "

The first time MTV came in it was awesome cause metal and rock was on it, but now pop has taken over.

When I listen to music, I turn MTV. But what do I see? A lot of shows that dosen't have matter with music. Ridiclisdasd thing, so stupid. I want normal Music Channel

Besides Ridiculousness, everything else is not worth watching. They should rename it StupidTV

2 Cartoon Network Cartoon Network is an American basic cable and satellite television channel that is owned by the Turner Broadcasting System division of Time Warner.

Cartoon Network has now become a sad and hollow shell of its former glory, running by that lazy, worthless, useless, and stupid Christina Miller who ruining everything. But her time in Cartoon Network is coming to the end, at facts, there is lots of people petitions to bring back all the old classic cartoon T.V. series back on the air in Cartoon Network, remove Teen Titans Go off the air, and get Christina Miller fired from Cartoon Network for good from change. Org, care2.com and gopetition.com. Let give them a helping hands and let speed up the process. It time to raise hell on Christina Miller's sorry and worthless ass, it time to bring Cartoon Network back what it used to be, and it time to get this party started and bring back the good old days again. "Are you with me! Are you with me! Let get start! "

Regular Show is gone, Adventure Time is ending, and so is The Amazing World Of Gumball and Steven Universe. Now we are left with rubbish. But there's one piece that isn't rubbish, We Bare Bears. If Cartoon Network cancels this show, it would be gone FOREVER.

I recently learned from Vailskibum94 that Cartoon Network is actually airing Teen Titans Go! ALL DAY non-stop for an Easter marathon. Um, are the executives at Cartoon Network on crack right now mixed with alcohol and medication while smoking weed and tobacco?

All it took was to cancel Toonami to certify Cartoon Network as a bad channel.

3 Nickelodeon Nickelodeon is an American basic cable and satellite television network launched on December 1, 1977, and is owned by Viacom through Viacom Media Networks and based in New York City.

Nowadays, besides SpongeBob and The Loud House (which SpongeBob is a classic and while I find the Loud House overrated, there are people that like it), the channel lacks substance.

Reruns of back when Spongebob was good, Harvey Beaks, and The Loud House are the only things keeping Nick alive today.

Way to go Nick, You cancelled all of your best shows and replaced them with tackier ones.

Literally just sitcoms, bad cartoons, and Spongebob reruns.

4 Disney Channel

I never watched this channel, but from what I've heard its getting worse.

5 Vh1

Ever since season 1 of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta ended, the new shows that are airing right now are not so good.

This could be the new BET channel.

6 Animal Planet

They put Tree house and gold digging and other shows are not animal related

7 Boomerang Boomerang is an American digital and satellite television channel owned and distributed by Time Warner through Turner Broadcasting.

I HATE Boomerang now with a burning passion. They got rid of the retro and vintage stuff and replace with the worst CN shows and shows that look like dejects. Seriously, the Zhuzhus?!? They died out in like 2010 or 11. Why can't Betty Cohen or Jim Samples return as President? Or even both? (I called them "stupid hacks" earlier and when I said DreamWorks Dragons was the only good show, I forgot Mr Bean. I give this channel a grade F-! See me after class! )

Why! You stupid hacks! Why did you rebrand! No more classics. The logo was a blue boomerang b. It made sense. But this? The only good modern shows on (excluding spinoffs like Scooby Doo: Mystery inc) was DreamWorks Dragons! It is now CN 2. NO one wanted this. I hope Miss Miller gets what she deserves. Sincerely, an Aspie nerd.

It's pretty much Cartoon Network 2.0. No more Hanna-Barbera, no more shows from the early 2000s, it's pretty much another channel to air reruns of the crap that's airing now.

Why in the world would they take off Foster's Home For Imaginary Friends and replace it with Johnny Test of all things!?

8 Nick Jr.

I would say the current shows from 2013 to now because the shows have become total cash cows.

I loved Moose and Zee

9 Bravo
10 Food Network
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11 BET
12 Fuse

They barely play anything good anymore.

13 Nicktoons

Now it's just become cartoon nursing/funeral home.

14 ABC Family

I am not happy when they change it to abc family and pulled off all the cartoons.

15 ABC
16 FOX

Fox is good, but not as good as it used to be.

17 TBS
18 A&E

It's still alright, but not as good as it used to be.

19 IFC
20 AMC
21 PBS Kids PBS Kids is the brand for most of the children's programming aired by the Public Broadcasting Service in the United States. It has educational shows like Sesame Street or Mr. Rogers Neighborhood in 1969.
22 TLC
23 History Channel
24 Investigation Discovery
25 Fox Movie Channel
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