TV Couples That Didn't Hook Up But Should Have


The Top Ten

1 Jake & Allison - Melrose Place

They were my favorite characters in the whole series but I couldn't even imagine them together. They were too much different but season 5 changed my mind. They made a very beautiful and sweet couple. Too bad they didn't get together - Irina2932

2 Angel & Cordelia - Angel

First of all, Cordy should have been alive and she should've been with Angel. They looked so great together - Irina2932

3 Tom Baldwin & Alana Mareva - The 4400

They looked so charming together. Why did producers ruin this wonderful couple? - Irina2932

4 Joey Tribbiani & Monica Geller - Friends

I know, many people will disagree with this one but I always wanted to see Joey and Monica together. And at the beginning they had some love interest but producers changed the plot. Why? - Irina2932

They could be cute together. The two craziest T.V. characters all times!

5 Lincoln Burrows & Gretchen Morgan - Prison Break

I loved him with Veronica but if not Veronica then who? Gretchen of course. - Irina2932

6 Jason Stackhouse & Tara Thornton - True Blood

I would love this couple very much - Irina2932

7 Noah & Valerie - Beverly Hills 90210

They were lovers... Then they became friends but there was something special in their relationships - much more than just friendship - Irina2932

8 Keith Watson & Bree Van De Kamp - Desperate Housewives

Many DH fans disliked Keith and I don't understand why. Yes, he was younger than Bree but he loved her and Bree became more "cool" with him. She was happy with Keith - Irina2932

9 Jane Bingum & Tony Nicastro - Drop Dead Diva

Not many people remember Tony but he was so handsome and he suited Jane so well - Irina2932

They were so cute together


10 Joey Tribbiani & Phoebe Buffay - Friends

The Contenders

11 Barry Allen and Caitlin Snow - The Flash

They have a very deep understanding of each other, and the best scenes together. Barry has way more chemistry with Caitlin than Iris.

12 Crixus & Lucretia - Spartacus: Blood and Sand
13 Jason & Aria - Pretty Little Liars
14 Quinn & Rachel - Glee
15 Audrey and Dale - Twin Peaks

Most beautiful "non couple" ever!

16 Richard & Maggie - Falcon Crest
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