Top Ten TV Couples That Should Not Have Happened

T.V. couples that should NOT have happened, even though if it was only for a while.

The Top Ten

1 Joey and Rachel - Friends
2 Stefan and Elena - The Vampire Diaries
3 Jackson and Lexie - Greys Anatomy

This is better than the couple who is now

4 Dan and Blair - Gossip Girl
5 Peter and Lois - Family Guy
6 Stiles and Malia - Teen Wolf
7 Stan And Francine - American Dad

It is the most uneven but essential partner in the series

8 Shawn and Jasmine - Total Drama

They're the most overrated couple in the show in my opinion. Shawn's a terrible character while Jasmine actually has more than one dimension to her. They're not much better than Gwuncan or Anne Vito. - Turkeyasylum

9 Andrew and Julian - Phony Phone Phone
10 Leslie and Ben - Parks and Recreation

The Contenders

11 Ned Flanders and Edna Krabappel - The Simpsons
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