Top 10 TV On the Radio Songs

The best songs from Indie Rock band T.V. On The Radio.

The Top Ten

1 Wolf Like Me

What more needs to be said? A song full of powerful energy that is simply unrivaled across T.V. On The Radio's works.


The intro of this song is quite possibly the greatest ever, almost orgasmic.

3 Staring at the Sun

One of their best known, well deserving of a top four spot.

4 Will Do

The stand out song from the forgettable 'Nine Types Of Light'. While the album as a whole lacks definition, this song is simply immense.

5 Forgotten
6 Crying

Kyp Malone's falsetto for the chorus if this song makes it well deserving of seventh place.

7 Second Song
8 Province

Brilliant song from 'Return To Cookie Mountain' - love is a province of the brave.

9 Golden Age

Lead single from 'Dear Science', full of energy and positivity as the title suggests.

10 Caffeinated Consciousness

The Contenders

11 Dancing Choose

A song full of meaning as Adebimpe bellows out the lyrics at double speed.

12 Wear You Out

Dramatic finale to 'Desperate Youth, Bloodthirsty Babes', one of the highlights of the record.

13 Tonight

Atmospheric song from 'Return To Cookie Mountain' referring to death and the fear that surrounds it.

14 Trouble
15 Happy Idiot
16 Killer Crane
17 I Was A Lover
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