Top 10 TV Show Battles We Want to See

T.V. show vs T.V. show. Would it be great if these fights are real? Well here is my top 10.

The Top Ten

1 SpongeBob vs Family Guy

This would be an awesome battle

2 Adventure Time vs Fairly OddParents

Swords vs magic. WHO WILL WIN?

3 American Dad vs Cleveland Show
4 Sesame Street vs Dora the Explorer

I would vote for sesame street.

5 Barney the Dinosaur vs Sesame Street


6 Family Guy vs My Little Pony

Family guy characters need special Weapons and anti Magic barriers to take those Dumb Ponies down! Sorry I am an anti brony.

7 The Haunted Halfaways vs The Thundermans

Reality T.V. shows can fight to!

8 Pokemon vs Attack On Titan

Two anime shows, One winner!

9 Adventure Time vs Regular Show

The best fight EVER!

10 Sesame Street and The Muppet Show vs Teen Titans Go

The Contenders

11 Family Guy vs Dora the Explorer

This fight would be funny. Welp that's it! I hope you like this list and forgive my spelling and grammer errors! And please go on YouTube and make those fights happen and add more fights! See ya!

12 Family Guy vs The Simpsons
13 Supernatural vs Doctor Who vs Sherlock

A the three way battle between some of T.V. 's greatest shows

14 Barney the Dinosaur/Dora the Explorer vs. The Robot Chicken/Mad Scientist - Tag Team Match
15 Slim Shady Show vs Ugly Americans

No I liked so I put this

16 South Park vs Family Guy
17 Game of Thrones vs Doctor Who
18 Teen Titans vs Teen Titans Go
19 Avengers Earth's Mightiest Heroes vs Teen Titans Go
20 Sesame Street and Fraggle Rock vs Teen Titans Go


21 Speed Buggy vs Wonderbug
22 Lion King and Babar the Elephant vs Kimba The White Lion

Babar and Simba win. Kimba loses. And the Kimba fanbrats whine and baw forever! The end. Also Babar was written in 1931 and has a lot of parallels to Kimba that are very suspicious.

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