Best TV Show Gay Ships and Pairings

I'm making this list because I'm bored so expect cringe.

The Top Ten

1 Buttman (South Park - Cartman x Butters)

Sounds like a funny name! - StevenUniverseIsAwesome

2 Brewie (Family Guy - Brian x Stewie)
3 Rorty (Rick and Morty - Rick x Morty)


4 Style (South Park - Stan x Kyle)
5 Creek (South Park - Tweek x Craig)
6 Bunny (South Park - Kenny x Butters)
7 Kyman (South Park - Kyle x Cartman)
8 K2 (South Park - Kyle x Kenny)
9 Big Gay Slave (South Park - Big Gay Al/Mr. Slave)
10 Tyrus (Andi Mack - Cyrus/TJ)

The Contenders

11 Cryde (South Park - Craig/Clyde)
12 Tomco (Star vs. the Forces of Evil - Marco/Tom)
13 Kiunga (The Lion Guard - Kion x Bunga)
14 Thiam (Teen Wolf - Theo/Liam)
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