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41 Jessie Jessie Jessie is an American sitcom that originally aired on Disney Channel from September 30, 2011 to October 16, 2015. The series was created and executive produced by Pamela Eells O'Connell and stars Debby Ryan as Jessie Prescott, a small town Texas girl who moves to New York City to try to become an actress, more.
42 Bob the Builder Bob the Builder Bob the Builder is a British children's animated television show created by Keith Chapman. In the original series, Bob appears in a stop motion animated programme as a building contractor, specialising in masonry, along with his colleague Wendy, various neighbours and friends, and their gang of anthropomorphised more.

Oh Jesus I can't stand that makes me wanna shoot myself

43 Coconut Fred's Fruit Salad Island Coconut Fred's Fruit Salad Island
44 Scaredy Squirrel

I will say Johnny brovo

45 Doug Doug Doug is an American animated sitcom created by Jim Jinkins. The show focuses on the early adolescent life of its title character, Douglas "Doug" Funnie, who experiences common predicaments while attending school in his new hometown of Bluffington. Doug narrates each story in his journal, and the show more.

Nananana nananana is the theme song is catchy but the T.V. show is great

46 Heathcliff
47 Rocko's Modern Life Rocko's Modern Life Rocko's Modern Life is an American animated television series created by Joe Murray for Nickelodeon. The series centers on the surreal life of an anthropomorphic Australian-immigrant wallaby named Rocko as well as his friends: the gluttonous steer Heffer, the neurotic turtle Filburt, and Rocko's faithful more.
48 Happy Tree Friends Happy Tree Friends Happy Tree Friends is an adult animated flash series created and developed by Aubrey Ankrum, Rhode Montijo, Kenn Navarro and Warren Graff for Mondo Media.
49 Oggy and the Cockroaches Oggy and the Cockroaches
50 Wander Over Yonder Wander Over Yonder more.

I actually kinda like the theme song.-Vestalis


51 Peppa Pig Peppa Pig

Uh oh cancer alert

That's cancer

This will make me laugh

Peppa: *sees Zoe Zebra on the blue cloud* YOU'RE NOT PEPPA PIG *pushes Zoe of the blue cloud and Zoe dies* *Jumps off the cloud onto the ground, which causes a explosion* I'm Peppa Pig *snorts* and this is my little brother, G-
George: *cries*
Peppa: -eorge. Anyway, this is Mummy Pig.
Mummy Pig: Peppa! (10x)
Peppa: And this is Daddy Pig.
Daddy Pig: *snorts out a device*
Peppa: What does this do? *presses device button*
*Peppaverse explodes*

RIP Pig Family. You will not be missed. (of course)

This is the worst theme song ever literally It goes like this
I'm Peppa Pig oink!
This is my little brother George oink! oink!
This is mummy pig Oink!
And this is Daddy Pig OINK! And they all laugh afterwards (sarcastically)
Oh wow it's hilarious a bunch of pigs sung a song laughed oh my god I am wet my bloody pants IT AIN'T FUNNY THIS THEME SONG IS SO BAD IT MAKES BAD SONGS SOUND GOOD ENOUGH TO BE IN THE CHARTS!

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52 Pickle and Peanut Pickle and Peanut Pickle and Peanut is an American animated television series that premiered on Disney XD on September 7, 2015. The series was created by Noah Z. Jones, creator of Fish Hooks and Almost Naked Animals.

The theme song is strange and how does how's your mom have to do with pickle and peanut or anything. Mr z Jones when are gonna be smart and stop putting blood in kids shows you insane freak. Mickey mouse is not happy. Sorry it had nothing to do with the song. Noah z Jones (new adultswim member 2017)

53 Captain Planet
54 Mr. Pickles Mr. Pickles Mr. Pickles is an American animated television series created by Will Carsola and Dave Stewart for Adult Swim. The series revolves around the Goodman family, especially their 6-year-old son named Tommy and the family's border collie, the demonic Mr. Pickles. The series was picked up for 10 quarter-hour more.
55 The PJ's
56 South Park South Park South Park is an American adult animated sitcom created by Trey Parker and Matt Stone for the Comedy Central television network. The show is about four boys, who are Stan Marsh, Kyle Broflovski, Eric Cartman, and Kenny McCormick, and their adventures in South Park, Colorado.

The theme song is pretty annoying

57 Cops Cops Cops is an American documentary/reality legal series that follows police officers, constables, sheriff's deputies, federal agents and state troopers during patrols and other police activities including vice and narcotics stings.

This has like the most irritating theme song ever. They have nothing better to do than record bad guys on tape.

58 What's New, Scooby-Doo? What's New, Scooby-Doo? What's New, Scooby-Doo? is the ninth incarnation of the Hanna-Barbera Saturday morning cartoon franchise Scooby-Doo.

Lol when I was 10 I like Simple Plan, now I hear them and it sounds so weird. I'm 23 and I still like some of their songs but it's like who is their target audience with the singers voice? Pre-teens before puberty?

59 Seinfeld Seinfeld Four single friends -- comic Jerry Seinfeld, bungling George Costanza, frustrated working gal Elaine Benes and eccentric neighbor Cosmo Kramer -- deal with the absurdities of everyday life in New York City.

After listening to this devil bass I had to re-learn to like the bass as an instrument. Come on even death metal don't sound that scary.

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60 Big Bang Theory

I'm fine with the Barenaked Ladies as a band but their song for this show bugs me.

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