Inspecting Long Lists #8 BBC Culture's 100 Greatest Comedies of all time

htoutlaws2012 Okay I went over the lair of arguably the worst film critics in Rotten Tomatoes, now let's look at a more recent list that I actually heard from my local radio station, and I just had to see this for myself. How bad could it be let's find out hopefully brit's can can at least have better list than the other I read.

#100 Tie between The King of Comedy, and The Ladies Man (1961): Yeah King of Comedy deserve a spot on the list it had some pretty funny moments, but I have not seen the 60's Ladies man, but it probably earns it more than the mostly known Tim Meadows's Ladies man which was not very good.

#99 The Jerk: Its okay, but I would not have it on the list. I mean yeah Steve Martin's awesome, but in this he is just plain okay.

#98 The Hangover: I liked the first one, I do not care for the sequels that much since they were not nearly as good as this one. I say that is pretty accurate that its near the tail end.

#97 The Music Box: I have not seen this film, but from looking it up its only 30 minutes is it worth my 30 minutes of time is the question?

#96 Born Yesterday (1950): Its more less kinda like Crazy Stupid Love, but more intelligently written, and no not the 1993 film you must be thinking of.

#95 Ghostbusters: Yeah I'd have Ghostbusters appear somewhere on the list its got a lot of funny moments, and some of the scary moment too which makes it a double edge sword exactly where it should be placed.

#94 Rushmore: I would not say near Bill Murray's best work especially that it outranks Ghostbusters just barely, but the music pieces with the humor make pretty entertaining.

#93 South Park: Bigger, Longer & Uncut: And now the red flags start to get triggered because you'll will either agree or disagree with what I have to say about basically South Park the movie. Yes it is funny, but the best animated comedy film? Too much singing in this film for me, and while those pieces were legendary I enjoyed Beavis and Butthead Do America more than this, and that had a pretty stellar soundtrack.

#92 The Exterminating Angel: This is another one I have not seen, and I have nothing to say if I would get it a chance or not.

#91 What's Up Doc?: No not Bugs Bunny's catchphrase there was actually a title to a film back in the 1970's. Its actually pretty good with the way the slapstick comedy goes throughout the film makes it even more intriguing... and that Barbara Streisand is in the film which is more interesting.

#90 A New Leaf: The description of what the film is about is very humorous enough for me to give it a shot.

#89 Daisies: Never seen this, but its probably the greatest to represent the Czech up there in Europe.

#88 Zoolander: Should not be on the list, I never understood the humor of the first, I get the second, but that's still a bad film too I never liked Zoolander.

#87 Gentlemen Prefer Blondes: Awe yes one of the great examples of the find work of Marilyn Monroe in the 50's in this case 1953. Also Jane Russell was a well rounded underrated actress pair with Monroe usually in whatever she did in those times in cinema.

#86 Kind Hearts and Coronets: A film in which you notice its about this entire family venture ugh... not sure if I'd like it for being in the late 40's.

#85 Amarcord: Well it sure seems funny based on the creative poster for that time.

#84 Waiting for Guffman: In 1996 you probably watched a more memorable comedy oh I do not know Happy Gilmore at that point who knew about this one?

#83 Safety Last!: One of those silent film comedy's of the 20's well It must be one of the better ones of that decade.

#82 Top Secret!: Was the title inspired by the last entry? If so then that was very inspired, but was it just barely better than the other?

#81 There's Something About Mary: I say this film deserves a higher spot ton of star power in the film, and its pretty good I mean even Brett Favre appears in this film back when he was very well liked.

#80 Office Space: Again a film that is too low that deserves to be perhaps 30 spots higher, Office Space has a lot of iconic lines, and scenes in the that make it be called a great among many others to come later on the list. It is also a fine example of Mike Judge probably one of his greatest aside from Beavis and Butthead etc.

#79 The Dinner Game: A french comedy film I have never heard of even if it was in 1998.

#78 The Princess Bride: This comedy flick is one I always hear quotes from various other people I encounter with that said you could say it deserves a higher push up the list, but I would say more 60's to 50's at best.

#77 Divorce Italian Style: As the title suggests yeah exactly in the most humorous style possible pretty much next.

#76 Design for Living: Between this and Yesterday its more which one was better based on personal preference it seems since there both are a bit similar only different decades.

#75 The Palm Beach Story: Not sure about this one, but of course like some others already I have not seen this or even heard of.

#74 Trading Places: I definitely like Trading Places and another that should of made it, and that's Coming to America. I fought were the best works of Eddie Murphy that I have seen.

#73 The Nutty Professor: No not the Eddie Murphy one which was actually not that bad... the old 60's version with the late great Jerry Lewis who has appeared twice on the list respectively.

#72 The Naked Gun From the Files of Police Squad!: More from the liter squad... too soon.

#71 The Royal Tenenbaums: Never seen it... and I'm very unsure if should be here as well.

#70 In the Loop: I'd give it shot just because its one of the only few James Gandolfini films I have not seen, and that its in the 70's probably so I would stay to that.

#69 Love and Death: there is a lot of Woody Allen films, and this one I do like a great ton, and some of those other ones that are ranked high should switch with where their position since this I would put actually near the top epsilon now we see more of those films fall in.

#68 Ninotchka: The comedy from the soviet union essentially is the attempt, and wow it was okay at best I'd probably bump off the list since it feels more forgotten.

#67 Son of the Desert: Hard to believe this came in the 90's when the film feels more like a poking fun of the early 1940's.

#66 Hot Fuzz: I've heard of this one, but I have nothing to say really.

#65 Caddyshack: No way is Caddyshack beneath at the very least the other 65 others comedy flicks beats this is beyond almost as bad as when IGN put Tom and Jerry at like number 66.

#64 Step Brothers: To me this is one of the best comedy films I have ever witnessed, and right at the right time to watch at the time as well. I still quote this film to death, and to me this is arguably the best work by Will Ferrell in my eyes aside from one that mostly well be higher on the list that is good too, but not nearly like Step Brothers was non-stop laugh fest.

#63 Arsenic and Old Lace: maybe a later inspiration of films like Pulp Fiction to come perhaps, but maybe not. A thriller comedy, perhaps not well known obviously.

#62 What We Do in the Shadows: A more recent film of this decade, and it doesn't look entertaining to me so I boot it immediately.

#61 Team America World Police: Another Matt and Trey entry, and this one actually deserves its spot incredibly hysterical, surprisingly intelligent messages within the jokes.

#60 Shaun of the Dead: This film has a mix of horror/comedy done in the most righteous way, and also it features one of my favorites games in Timesplitters 2 cool.

#59 Toni Erdmann: The most recent entry of the list, and one I probably will still end up avoiding even if critics tell me its great. I mean its hard to have foreign films be considered humorous in an intelligent way when not many people have seen this then compared to the rest of the list its like where is so and so, and why is this here well this is one that is that since it came out last year i'm skeptical its in the 50's almost halfway up the list.

#58 Zelig: Never seen this... and I never plan to despite being a Woody Allen film.

#57 Mean Girls: Why do people hate this film for its brilliant, its actually about right where it should be at least not lower to the end at least. Literally a film where if you seen at the right time at that appropriate you'd probably find it funny, but also exactly how those that at like that just to get to that top pretty much.

#56 Broadcast News: Usually when doing something about news media it has to be done the right way, and this one is one i'm thinking should be either at the tail end like very end, or should be taken off right out just based on title alone.

#55 Best In Show: Another work from Christopher Guest this time probably deserves it more than the other that just barely made it.

#54 Harold and Maude: Why do I seem kinda surprised not to see Harold and Kumar make this list. This one I have no opinion of to say.

#53 Blues Brothers: This movie is quite the classic probably one of best produced from an SNL skit turned into a film ever aside from Wayne's World which I thought had a shot on the list, but somehow missed.

#52 My Man Godfrey: By Godfrey I was expecting Gilbert Godfrey huh... huh?

#51 Seven Chances: Hello indie humor, for an example of what I'm really referring to go see Home Movies.

#50 Women on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown: In other words this happens quite commonly.

#49 The Discreet Charm of the Bourgeoisie: Should be on the list it felt way more drama serious as opposed to comedic.

#48 Trouble in Paradise: The finishing move no to obvious to say.

#47 Animal House: Yeah I would have Animal House above Blues Brothers, but there both pretty close from one another honestly.

#46 Pulp Fiction: Th cast, and probably some of the most memorable in a thriller/comedy you'l ever see, and this was Samuel L Jackson's breakout performance was this cult classic Tarantino film.

#45 Big Deal on Madonna Street: Italian thieves in a buddy buddy comedy? Seems funny enough if so the concept usually works example of one that does see Emperor's New Groove.

#44 Bridesmaids: All the actresses from SNL combined as Bridesmaids is nothing but comedy gold, and I knew it would be great with the cast alone.

#43 M*A*S*H: This one is hard to call since yes the film is good overall, but as a comedy ugh...i'm gonna say a lot lower maybe around low 70's to low 90's perhaps.

#42 The Awful Truth: This list should be called how much we love to great Cary Grant... most of these entries are just that.

#41 Borat: Sure I can be on the list, but perhaps lower since I get it, I just do not think highly of it personally.

#40 The Producers: For something that's suppose to be in the 60's it sure does look good even back.

#39 A Night at the Opera: Now when thinking of a title similar to this of something with a classical melody, or yes the Iron Maiden song.

#38 The Philadelphia Story: Cue a classic Disney that inserts the superb talents of Cary Grant and Katherine Hepburn.

#37 Sullivan’s Travels: I heard of it, and its essentially behind the wheel with the blonde woman stereotype. I get it, but the jokes are very outdated so at the 30's Id put that one literally the tail end.

#36 A Fish Called Wanda: Oh now were talking... I'd go on and this a underrated comedy from the late 80's.

#35 Singin' In The Rain: Rain, rain go away, what's with me, what's up with that?

#34 Clueless: A lot like Mean Girls, but I would have that higher than Clueless honestly nothing taken away from Brittany Murphy, but this is also solid in fact I do not mind watching it if it ever appears i'll definitely watch it.

#33 Anchorman: I mean don't get me wrong the first anchorman is funny, but not as funny compared to Step Brothers... if anything I'd switch the two positions, and I would be alright with that.

#32 Raising Arizona: This film is pretty good at its humor value, and that it has a stellar cast to boot.

#31 Tootsie: It pretty felt like Dustin Hoffman's dream of a late night show thrown in with well Bill Murray and Jessica Lange in which the trio worked out real well a dynamite group they were in this.

#30 Monsieur Hulot's Holiday: This is pre Mr. Bean, and that's why its here since I have not seen this one.

#29 When Harry Met Sally...: A Rob Reiner classic from the 80's that highlights what would be Billy Crystal's rise to fame going even bigger in popularity as well as the talent of Meg Ryan, and late great Carrie Fisher.

#28 It Happened One Night: Happened? What did score accidentally or what.

#27 The Apartment: hmmm... it's got Jack Lemmon it must to checkout someday.

#26 Mon Oncle: Ladies and Gentlemen I'm getting to point if have nothing then I'll jokes of my own.

#25 The Gold Rush: Mr. Chaplin once again, forever how much BBC loves Charlie Chaplin.

#24 Withnail and I: Oh hey its the best indie film, and also the best buddy buddy comedy over that street film, but I have heard this one is the definitive of that comedic style.

#23 The Party: I can definitely see this one in the 20's to 30's mark it is pretty good for a comedy in the 60's decade.

#22 Young Frankenstein: A great spoof of guess who Franksenstein... it totally works, and it is a gut wrencher of laughs coming from the audience with an intentional parody.

#21 City Lights: Mr. Chaplin in a classic role many loved in the 30's, today's generation may know be well known of his greatness.

#20 Blazing Saddles: Yes a Gene Wilder film... maybe not his most known work, but a very entertaining one at best in a good way for a western setting.

#19 The Lady Eve: Pretty much a story of somebody wanting somebody's loot is all it is for that It may people funny for some, but not to imagine somebody I hardly knew, and they keep going near, and they take things from eventually I would be bankrupt so there's analysis on that as for this film it should be much lower based on the story itself.

#18 Sherlock Jr.: Silent film that I cannot have an argue against since most off those back then were done well, and fit the mold at that time.

#17 Bringing Up: Gary Grant is a legendary actor, however this one probably deserves to be up here more than the one 2 spots apart of it.

#16 The Great Dictator: The whole gag of the film is well Dictator from WWII making fun of everyone's recognize chancellor Adolf Hitler, and that was pretty much it.

#15 Monty Python and the Holy Grail: Disclaimer advised because I still feel the way I do about this film, vastly overrated in every sense, and why outlaws do you hate Holy Grail so much? Well let me tell you something. I watched this thinking to myself ''okay I get it, but come on really its just I do not know a bit dull for my taste...'' maybe I don't see it like others but seriously.

#14 His Girl Friday: Never seen it, and while it maybe memorable... not sold on it being top 15 or even 20.

#13 To Be Or Not To Be: What is this Shakespeare's hamlet or a comedy film that's originality lacks in its name?

#12 Modern Times: A great example of the fine work of one Charlie Chaplin in the 30's best considered the best of that decade.

#11 The Big Lebowski: Big Lebowski I originally fought was overrated, but you know what thought I eventually gave it a shot, and said screw it this film is awesome. If not the best film based on the sport of Bowling as well, and come on the dude Jeff Bridges as well as John Goodman being a supporting actor in this was absolutely brilliant.

#10 The General: The General was pretty much making fun of historical settings in which people caught right onto those jokes real fast, and knew how genius it was back in the 20's.

#9 This Is Spinal Tap: The film is pretty much poking fun of what a metal/glam band that would do pretty much I find very hysterical.

#8 Playtime: Pretty satire, and being lost in a maze is what the formula is with this film, and while it is funny for its time I would not have it this high let alone top 10.

#7 Airplane!: A film with well told satire done perfectly for that it deserves to be where its among the greatest of the comedy ones in the top 10 you could also say top 5.

#6 Life of Brian: I'm assuming this is rightfully better than the more known overrated one of the franchise if so then fine I won't go as far as if I want to check it out by any means.

#5 Duck Soup: Very similar to Great Dictator, but way better, and the humor improves a lot in fact surpasses it 5 times more than you would not have fought it would reach of newer heights deserves the high spot.

#4 Groundhog Day: Wow this is really high up the list, great comedy film, but to be honest the film that should of took this spot would be CaddyShack for sure. while this is in no way a 60's placed film I would put in near top 30 perhaps, but a bit too high on the list.

#3 Annie Hall: Woody Allen's shining work with all of its odd humor that ends up being a classic for that type of style that the audience applied greatly to.

#2 Dr Strangelove: Probably the funniest title of the bunch, and while I have not seen this one.. I probably would give a better shot than I did with Holy Grail I said all I did about that moving on from duos to uno.

#1 Some Like It Hot: Incredibly debatable choice considering I never grew up in the 50's (in which majority of us were not born), and could possibly say how great it was for its time with that said its hard to judge, but in terms of star power it would be top 10 number 1 can be anyone's personal preference if anything 10 to 6 would be perfect for this one particularly

That is the list there are a lot of famous comedy films missing on this list that I thought should of made it since 25% of those that made it I have not heard of, and that makes it harder for me to give a good judgement. nevertheless here are the 15 biggest snubs that missed this list.

Superbad - I mean the pairing of Johan Hill, and Michael Cera was genius, and it launched their career into bigger heights.
American Pie - I watched it recently on IFC... and its very relatable to those that just wanna ''score in life pretty much with a ton of innuendos thrown in there.
Happy Gilmore - If I had to throw in at least one Adam Sandler comedy film... it would have to be Happy Gilmore.
Austin Powers: Man of Mystery - How does a brilliant spoof of James Bond basically miss the list?
The 40-Year-Old Virgin - The cast is remarkable, and Steve Carell was the man in this.
Coming To America - Again another great Eddie Murphy classic from the 80's.
Ted - Family Guy had died down quite a bit at the time, and Seth MacFarlane gave me a little life in me to see this, and I did not regret it one bit.
Napoleon Dynamite - I can't believe Jon Heder did not do more than this film honestly he was great as Napoleon in this classic from the 2000's.
Wayne's World - Again this comes pretty close to Blues Brothers in terms of SNL skit turned into film done right.
Wedding Crashers - To me the best thing Owen Wilson has done, and by far the best performance by Vince Vaughn as well.
Friday - A classic from the 90's that is almost considered slightly underrated perhaps its slightly forgotten compared to the other 90's films that were on the list. Plus the mashing of Ice Cube and Chris Tucker was great.
National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation - Of the three this one should of made it its also one of my favorite Christmas films I would watch annually so it is a treaty for all ages honestly, and gives a great memes to it.
Space Balls - Excellent Star Wars Parody even if your totally not a fan of the franchise everyone know loves this comedy film.
Kindergarten Cop - This might be a surprise too many, but I find this a gem in terms of Arnold's other films his more know for, and here he is at his most funniest I find for something that's got memorable quotes to me makes my mark.
And the biggest one of the bunch is by far Dumb and Dumber, I mean how do you miss a classic like this from the 90's?

that is all for now, and see ya next time.