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F•R•I•E•N•D•S is an American television sitcom, created by David Crane and Marta Kauffman, which originally aired on NBC from September 22, 1994, to May 6, 2004, lasting ten seasons. It now airs on Nick at Nite. more.


Friends is by far the best show ever, it's up with the classics like I Love Lucy & Bewitched as well as modern shows like The Big Bang Theory - all of those are great, but FRIENDS BEATS THEM ALL! The wonderful acting, excellent humour, well constructed storylines and feel-good nature of the show makes people watching it. As far as I know it's one of only 4 shows never to fall from the Nielsen Top 10 & the others (I Love Lucy, The Andy Griffith Show & The Lucy Show) are all from the 50's & 60's when there wasn't so many channels to compete with. Well done Friends!

Also, how can animated crap like The Simpsons & Family Guy surpass this> I love how the person above says some people don't like Family Guy because they prefer more structured humour like South Park? - you NEED to watch more LIVE ACTION and stay away from animated shows. Grow up.

Friends was the greatest T.V. show of our time it changed all T.V. shows it thrived for 10 years with an outstanding cast who made history by standing up and demanding equal pay of 1mil for all six of them has had an enormous amount of celebrities on the show as is still hilariously funny to watch this deserves to beat Family Guy while sometimes being funny can be very rude and offensive plus it is classic and never goes out of style the way Family Guy will. FRIENDS WAS AND STILL IS IN MY OPINION THE GREATEST T.V. sHOW OF ALL TIME!

Friends should be on the top... The first best television show... It's been 8 years now since it has got over and still, it is missed and watched and re-watched by everyone. Because everyone remembers those six friends, Rachel Greene, Monica Geller, Phoebe Buffay, Joey Tribbiani, Chandler Bing and Ross Geller. These six are the only six. Their comedy, fun, silliness, stupidity, friendship, will always be remembered. HATS OFF GUYS, HATS OFF! - archiesweirdmysteries

This show is magical. It's been a while since it ended, but it kinda melts your heart every single time you watch it. It's got the best cast. More importantly, you learn a lot from this show. It's absolutely not inappropriate, if taken in the right sense. It's easily the greatest show ever. Ross and Rachel totally spice it up. To sum it up, this show has the capability to change the way you go about life in a very unconventional, emotional and of course in a funny, entertaining way.

This show's cast was an amazing ensemble, and had such great chemistry while on screen. The show doesn't fail to make you laugh and the characters all have personalities or issues that you can relate to. Six friends hanging in an apartment, or having coffee, impacted our culture and our generation in many ways. This show provide us top-notch entertainment for ten years and is still giving joy through reruns.

Friends relies on predictable plot twists, flat characters, and safe situations to create a sense of utter atrophy. There's no creativeness, no cutting edge humor, no surprises whatsoever, and no development of plot or character. The characters have no personality to begin with; they are just mindless regurgitations of archetypes that rely on already being present in the watcher's mind to work.

Definitely THE best comedy sitcom I have ever watched. My very first episode I watched was the one when they played football to win a trophy (back in the 90's at childhood) and I was hooked and I'm still watching the show.

The point is this show literally doesn't get old and there's no false laughter like most sitcoms it's all real and it's just that good and it will still be funny for years and years to come.

I only recently got into Friends because I was only a baby when it first came out which is a perfect example of how it's stood the test of time if it can appeal to someone of my age. Great show, never fails to bore me, Phoebe and Chandler are two of the best fictional characters in any show.

Seriously #5? I started watching this show 5 years since it had stopped and I still wish another they had never stopped! This is one show that will survive all times. The timing of the ironies, the witty jokes, the actors - each and every one the actors! You wouldn't find another show where all of the characters are so well balanced - each one a protagonist! This should be right on the top!

Should be number one. Friends is truly the best program on T.V., all the characters are fantastic and have a special bond that makes the program more realistic, it never gets old and should be number one. I have never even heard of the 'queer as folk' or 'the x files' but friends? Yes! Everybody has, and I don't know a single person who doesn't like it

Even though I've watched each episode like a zillion times but each time I match it I feel like I am watching it for the first time! Watching it is one of the things that make me really happy! They're amazing, Phoebe, Rachael, monica, chandler, joey, Ross, well I could say one thing, You are my favorite people in the WORLD!

Friends is a legend! Nothing beats this! It's realistic and also very funny. Anyone can watch. The characters are amazing and the plot lines are amazing. The writers are incredible. They make the show stay in our hearts forever. Friends actually have a story, it has heartbreaks and still makes the show wonderful. I Love it

Who can't relate to Friends? This long running show stole everyone's hearts, including my impossible to please parents. Wonderful storyline, talented and witty cast, and incredibly hilarious. I felt like they were "friends" of mine, and a lot of people feel that way.

There are a lot of great tv-shows but nothing can ever beat Friends. It had everything. To bad that it ended. I don't think that anyone would ever get tired of it. Everyone was so funny in different kinds of ways and they never fail to make me laugh. I smile thrugh the entire episodes!

Im a black guy from the hood... so this show shouldn't spark any interest to me but when I saw an episode of friend I loved it. I lost a lot of street cred... lol but its the only show that I got all 10 seasons to... best show ever... them some funny ass white ppl... - RED_EYEZ

Come on! Is this a joke? The impact on culture is immense? Maybe in the United States where people are brainwashed by the media but I can tell you for sure that in Europe this show was one like many others shows.It didn't change anything. There was no cultural revolution going on that changed everything what was before. As a matter of fact people are already forgetting about that show and realising how stupid and too American this series were.

I never got into the hype of Friends until one night there wasn't anything else to watch. I could've kicked myself for not watching it before! It is really a great show with a SUPER cast! Pheobe and Joey are my favs, but they are all really great! - steph

How is boring animations: The Simpsons and Family Guy above Friends. My friends and I were 4 or 5 when this show ended and we all love it now. It will be passed on from generation to generation because it's pure genius.

Friends is the best show ever! I love Joey, Chandler, Monica, Ross, Rachel and Phoebe... But mostly Joey. Every episode is hilarious and yet teaches you something. We laughed with the 6 of them and cried with the 6 of them for 10 years and even now they continue to impact us.

Whenever I'm sad or just need a laugh, I watch friend. All of my friends watch it and we're just teens. Friends is still relevant to the younger generation in a way that Seinfeld is not. It's still magical, it still feels young. My mom introduced it to me and thank god it's on Netflix.
Even my dad, who claims he "hates" friends laughs while we watch it.
It's timeless and it's beautiful and that's why I love friends so much.

My favourite show ever. It makes you laugh all the time which most shows can't do. The characters are HILARIOUS, and real. It will never get old and I will never stop laughing.

Friends is awesome and one of the best shows. How I Met Your Mother is a good show but it shouldn't be compared to Friends they should make crossover episode it would be LEGENDARY. I could never get into Seinfeld it kinda bored me to death.

Maybe I shouldn't admit this, but I know every single episode by heart. And even though at this point I always know what's coming, I still watch it over and over again because it never stops being hilarious.

Well, seeing as Torchwood isn't on the list, I just had to vote for Friends! I own the box-set and I'm constantly watching this show. The whole cast is brilliant and I still miss the fact that they don't make new episodes to this day!

No one can compare friends to anything else. Teenagers like it, Adults like it, even gradparents think this show is a quality show. Every character has something to do with each episode. No one is ever left out. All the characters have a purpose in the jokes. I've watched the series 5 times, memorized the lines and still find it hilarious