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Game of Thrones is an American fantasy drama television series created by David Benioff and D. B. Weiss. It is an adaptation of A Song of Ice and Fire, George R. R. Martin's series of fantasy novels, the first of which is titled A Game of Thrones.


Game of Thrones is what happens when you choose a book that regular people would say "This isn't doable with T.V." Reasons? Cruelty, sex, morality + wit, fantasy, and drama?

And boy did HBO's gamble pay off. Game of Thrones is the most clever, atmospheric, and epic show out there. The cruelty, sex, and bad morals of some characters that you may find yourself rooting for actually works because of how quality everything is on the show! The acting is too real, I mean too real. I don't remember questioning one thing. The world of GoT, for lack of non-repetition, is too real as well for its fantasy elements. Ice zombies, dragons, real. Damn.

And since when did fantasy become for non-fantasy fans if its name isn't Lord of the Rings? Good work to every working person on the show who contributed.

There are just so many words I'd try to write to describe this show but all I can say is amazing. Never in my life have I seen a show like Game of Thrones. It has that exiting vibe to it. You can't help but watch the next episode. It's so different from all the shows and that's what makes it so interesting. I will say that when I finally decided to watch this show, I wasn't that exiting but as soon as I got into it I couldn't stop. You just have to watch this show, simple as that.

I was initially v.reluctant to watch this show despite being recommended by a few fellows. Once I had started however, I found myself absorbing more and more with every season.

Gradually, I realized the diversity in human nature, the frailty of life, the weakness in each and every character, the subtle good in the bad characters, the suffering of proud, the mourning of failed and more importantly the courage in the underdogs.

Breathtakingly Amazing! you'll find the characters you root for dying before your eyes until you will lose the hope in the restoration of Righteousness only to find it again, in someone, in something : )

How the walking dead is above this I will never know. Game of Thrones is everything the walking dead tries to be, but better, plus it has lots of sex. The walking dead is losing more viewers than ever because of its lack of non cliche "shock value scenes" while game of thrones is gaining more than ever due to its epic battles, blink and you'll miss it character deaths, and its ability to make even politics extremely intriguing.

Surrounded with High Quality action scenes, beautiful scenery and sets, Ned Stark's fate may be surprising. And Game of Thrones may become your favourite series in a matter of second. Watch season 1, than tell me.

"For the night is dark and full of terrors"

Seriously, how is this so low? GOT is like, the best show of all time in my opinion.. The only show that comes anywhere close to it is Breaking Bad.. Another thing, How I met your mother is way better than Friends.. Can't believe it is lower than even The Big Bang Theory

Just think how good this show would have been if they has 100% stuck to the books. Seriously read the books (and "A knight of the seven kingdoms"), the detail and the characters are just 1000% better than the show, each episode needed to be 90 minutes and 20+ episodes a season with 20 seasons to do it but it would have been worth it. Th show is great till season 4, season 5 is good and 6/7 were awful, 8 will be just as bad.

I don't understand how shows like The Walking Dead are above this masterpiece. The best show ever created, absolutely outstanding. There's a big gap between the quality shows normally have and the quality Game of Thrones provides. Smart show with smart acting, lots of small details and fluent dialogue. Just do yourself a favor and watch it.

Game of Thrones has a lot of sense especially for most in the video to view. It is cool suppose then as such but there is something possible too dark with it. Maybe the right direction is not always the smartest but then again there is some charm in the thrilling that might be inexplicable. Voting for this one than most other on the top 10 any time however. - iliescu

Incredibly written scenario) You never know what will happen. It broke all the rules, that is what makes it incredible and outstanding... It is desperately close to real life problems, due to the fact that No Rule like the real can't die, good is always a winner... Psychology is a real part of this film

A show on par with Lord of the Rings if not better, is only number 7... Guys, this is A Song Of Ice And Fire, for crying out loud! They have their hobbits, we have Tyrion Lannister. Game Of Thrones is fantasy for intellectuals. What fantasy series actually has politics? Game Of Thrones. Game Of Thrones is what happens when you mix fantasy with history, the best way possible. Good job, George R R R R Martin!

Anyone not rating this as #1 must have not had the opportunity to watch this masterpiece. This show changed my life. No other show or movie has made me as emotional as GoT.

Jesus christ, how come such a masterpiece in regards to plotting, cinematography, character development and drama is placed after THE SIMPSONS! the animation is rusty and surpassed, the humor is crude and unfunny, it had its glory days, but those are long gone and don't pay the debts of the modern series, And even, THE WALKING DEAD! The show isn't bad, it also doesn't deserve third spot. Cliche, mediocre character development... The only one I see here deserving of the top three spot with GoT, is sherlock, the wire and of course, breaking bad. *Best fictional universe ever created is ASOIAF, how not to get involved...*

This should clearly be at the top of the list because it is such a interesting show. This is what happened with the colors. Blue and purple are supposed to be at the top being rated... Every other website says and states that purple and blue are the most like colors but you guys put red before purple?! Ah confusing

If you are a strategy lover this will be the best show ever... Not only strategy it has got everything. If you start watching GOT I bet you won't stop loving it... This must be on top. It feels bad to look this at 7th place.

Well other people who have voted for other shows either have not watched Game of thrones or dumb enough to think shows like walking dead would beat GOT... And I say this as I have already watched each and every show on this list!

Best show of all time in my opinion. Just the action, drama, special effects, betrayal, the many different point of views that make sure that everyone who watches it has at least 1 character that they like. It's just a masterpiece in my opinion.

Deserves first place. I've seen all the shows placed higher on this list, and no one holds a candle to game of thrones in my opinion.

Only 4th? Really? Goosebumps during EVERY episode. The story, the locations, the characters, the cast, the plot twists, the production, the soundtrack... Best show ever.

Overrated in my opinion. Not a particular fan of the people I've met who like it either. One bloke told me that life wasn't worth living with GOT. He also thought Snoop Dogg was the best musician ever though, what did you expect?

What a useless list. When SpongeBob SquarePants ranks higher than GOT there is a serious problem! I'll never return to this site for suggestions... Come on people!

Best show ever, this should be on top of any list.

I LOVE THIS SHOW! The storyline is amazing and how all the cities and characters and everything came out of one guys mind is amazing

The best characters ever, in any series or film. It manages to both be a political drama, and a fantasy story

This show has gotten far better reactions out of me than any other EVER. I have never been so shocked and sad and happy and just everything. Brilliant show.