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301 Rome Rome Rome is a British-American-Italian historical drama television series created by John Milius, William J.
302 Rob & Big
303 Mighty Med Mighty Med Mighty Med is an American Disney XD original series created by Jim Bernstein and Andy Schwartz and produced by It's a Laugh Productions for Disney XD. It stars Jake Short, Bradley Steven Perry, Paris Berelc, Devan Leos, and Augie Isaac. The series aired for two seasons, premiering on October 7, 2013, more.

Oh come on, 279? That's depressing.

Funny and mighty awesome

First Kaz and Oliver are "Normos" then there superheroes? ���' (Kaz and Oliver are people who discover a superhero hospital

304 Too Cute V 1 Comment
305 Doc Martin
306 Frasier

This right here is the GREATEST SHOW OF ALL TIME! It's writing is unbelievably brilliant and clever, as is its acting and plot structure. To think that horrible shows such as Family Guy make it to the top ten while this true masterpiece of television sits at near the bottom of this list. This is a disgrace to this website and to the internet as a whole. And do you know why? Cause baby I hear the boys a calling for tossed salad and scrambled eggs. And baby I might seem a bit confused, yes baby but I got your back. Haha. But I don't know what to do with those tossed salad and scrambled eggs, hey, they're calling again, Frasier has left the building

Well, I don't exactly agree, but I do agree it is ONE of the greatest shows of all time! Thank God it's on a lot so we get to watch and enjoy it.

How the fk is Hannah Montana agoe Frasier?!?! Frasier has some of the best writing ever and some of the best characters I've ever played eyes on. Needs to be in the top 10.

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307 Gilligan's Island

It is so good, why is it at 126 should at least be in the top ten! What is better that do castaways do silly things on an island and Gilligan messing it all up! In my list top two should be Gilligan's Island and Get Smart

Are you kidding me? This should be in the top twenty at least, probably the top five. This show is fantastic!

Gilligan's Island has NEVER been off the air. It should certainly be in the TOP 10! - TheBigBubba

This deserves a better spot

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308 Sportscenter

This isn't even a legit show.

It's a channel, people! A channel!

309 El Tigre: The Adventures of Manny Rivera El Tigre: The Adventures of Manny Rivera El Tigre: The Adventures of Manny Rivera is Nickelodeon's first ever flash animation series produced for Nickelodeon and Nicktoons.
310 Oggy and the Cockroaches Oggy and the Cockroaches Oggy and the Cockroaches is a French animated comedy series produced by Xilam and Gaumont Film Company.

Yeah! This is a ripoff of tom and jerry! Tom and jerry is way better

This show sucks, it should be number 1 on the worst list

I can't tell if I like this show more or Tom and Jerry

Nelsonerico is right, this IS a rip-off of Tom and Jerry, and it's also just like Rabbids Invasion. It even has the same writers! This deserves its spot of 58 on the Worst T.V. Shows, it does not belong on the BEST T.V. Shows at all. Should be in the Bottom 100!

311 Everwood
312 Warehouse 13 V 1 Comment
313 H2O: Just Add Water V 1 Comment
314 The Leftovers
315 James May's Man Lab
316 Hell On Wheels Hell On Wheels

Very good series needs to be among top 50

317 Louie

Lawahy Lawahy Lawahy Lawahy. This show is comedy gold, and has some great insights on everyday life. A 40-year old yet liberated man who lives in New York who is also divorced. A show brilliantly written, directed, and acted by Louis ck. You have to be either stupid or ill not to find this show funny.

318 Ben 10: Omniverse
319 The Carbonaro Effect

I love this show. Way underrated.

I hate this show. Way overrated.

320 American Idol

Most addicting show out there today!!!! It's one that sucks me in every season. I am a big music lover and know it might go against everything I believe in about music, but I still love it!

Randy, Paula and Simon are the backbone to the series, the singers are just there for the show. - danalana

This show has the potential to live forever, you never run out of people that want to be singers and lets face it anyone can be a judge! - ALD5033

About to break the record for most years ever at number 1, and that's for a reason - ilovekelly75

I love someday I will try out

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