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121 Dawson's Creek
122 Courage the Cowardly Dog Courage the Cowardly Dog Courage the Cowardly Dog is an American animated horror comedy television series created by John R. Dilworth for Cartoon Network as part of the network's Cartoon Cartoons block.

This cartoon really deserves a higher placement on this list.

It's at least the best cartoon on this list but I don't know about a regular type of show...

One of my favorite cartoons ever!

Good show

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123 Cheers Cheers Cheers is an American sitcom that ran for eleven seasons between 1982 and 1993. The show was produced by Charles/Burrows/Charles Productions in association with Paramount Network Television for NBC and created by the team of James Burrows, Glen Charles, and Les Charles.

Cheers is one of the greatest television shows of all time. It is upsetting that it is number 155. This show sent a precedent and had 111 Emmy nominations with 28 wins. It never jumped the shark and was good its entire run. Highly recommend.

Cheers is one of the best ever! I agree it should be in top 10.

Why aren't you at least on the first page?

My favourite 80's T.V. show

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124 Hey Arnold! Hey Arnold! Hey Arnold! is an American animated television series created by Craig Bartlett that aired on Nickelodeon from October 7, 1996 to June 8, 2004. The show centers on a fourth grader named Arnold, who lives with his grandparents in an inner-city boarding house.

It's probably the best T.V. show I've ever seen. It's funny, dramatic, romantic, smart, and memorable. - gothictomboy66

Oh, come on! How is this not higher?! This show is classic, romantic, funny, and awesome. It's just as good as The Simpsons. - Powerfulgirl10

125 Torchwood

Children of Earth is one of the best sci-fi series of anything ever. Torchwood deserves to be higher.

126 Ridiculousness

This is the funnest show ever made

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127 Criminal Minds Criminal Minds Criminal Minds is an American police procedural crime drama television series created by Jeff Davis, and is the original show in the Criminal Minds franchise.

Criminal Minds should so be higher on this list, I mean really? In this place?
Criminal minds is an amazing show. watching the season from the beginning right now. On season seven at the moment. So far I am totally hooked. Also watching season nine too while its playing. Can't wait for the next seasons!
Again, this should be farther up on this list.

Great show simple and plain... like some of the others on the list but this should at the least be somewhat higher than 47 - ahaleysr

This is the best show ever! In my opinion Criminal Minds should be number 1... But its not which is stupid. I mean why wouldn't you wanna watch Criminal Minds?! You gotta watch it! You will not regret it! I'm not lying! WATCH CRIMINAL MINDS NOW!

Why. Just why is this at 97? It should be in the top ten... I mean IN THE #1 SPOT!

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128 Naruto Naruto Naruto is an anime and manga franchise Naruto, created by Masashi Kishimoto. The manga was later adapted into a television anime, which was produced by Studio Pierrot and Aniplex. It premiered across Japan on the terrestrial TV Tokyo and other TX Network stations on October 3, 2002. The first series more.

Is everyone out of your minds, Naruto is by far the greatest show of all time.

Its the only show to have me emotional into it and trust me I've seen a lot of shows including the walking dead and dbz-

You people don't realize what are you missing if you don't watch Naruto. It is broadcasting all over the world. You can't go to a country without knowing about Naruto.

Naruto Shippuden is easily better - AceDragneel7

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129 Six Feet Under

Best show ever made. Great writing, perfect acting, truly moving drama, and surprisingly funny too.

Originality and off-beat humor. Unique and quirky drama.

This should be at #1. Greatest series ever made!

This show speaks to me. - matt_sbd

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130 Stranger Things Stranger Things Stranger Things is an American science fiction-horror web television series created, written, directed and co-executive produced by the Duffer Brothers, as well as co-executive-produced by Shawn Levy and Dan Cohen.

This is one of the only T.V. shows that I couldn't just get enough of. I finished the entire season 1 in about a week, and now I am just patiently waiting for season 2... The horror-vibe, characters, and story line were simply amazing. There were actual plot twists, and I felt sympathy for the characters. Even for Steve, for some odd reason. The characters were made perfectly and still having mysteries tied to them. What is Eleven's backstory? What's going to happen to Will now? How about Hopper? Hopefully, these questions will be answered in the next season. There were plenty of funny moments, like when Eleven was about to change in front of the boys or when Lucas spit into Dustin's hand to demonstrate a spit shake, and Dustin just looked at his hand confused and possibly disgusted. Definitely one of my favorite shows, and I hope season 2 will be just as wonderful as the first.

Mark my words, when this show is older it will be at the top of the list. And we were the first to vote for it. Absolutely amazing television. Netflix has reached new highs. Only 8 episodes so far, but already clearly one of the best things ever made.

This show is just incredible. I was obsessed with this show and couldn't stop watching. In my opinion, such innovative and original shows are finding themselves rare nowadays but this series is definitely one of the few great ones on today.

How is this number 174 again?

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131 The Wonder Years The Wonder Years The Wonder Years is an American television comedy-drama created by Neal Marlens and Carol Black. It ran on ABC from 1988 until 1993. The pilot aired on January 31, 1988, following ABC's coverage of Super Bowl XXII.

Are you kidding me?! 1000 ways to die is 100+ spots higher than the Wonder Years?! Displays the greatest time of change and relating to the average Joe suburban family. Love the music, characters, and the whole story! - mr_crossover27

So heart-felt and good. If you are ever down this is the best show to make you feel good again :) It's a great show for the whole family and any every age.

The greatest show of all time, period. - Cactus_Brody

THIS is the only T.V. program or movie that really shows what it was like to grow up in the 1960's.
Everything else you may see about that period is stylized to over-emphasize the music, politics, war, or whatever.
This phenomenal show really tells it like it was, and is wonderful entertainment no matter what your age.

132 Impractical Jokers

The bbc three one is much better than the copy cats USA one

This show should be in the top ten. It is so funny. Love it.

This show is too funny you must watch it.

Happy Birthday Murr.

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133 Star Trek: The Next Generation Star Trek: The Next Generation more.

People seem to have a problem nowadays: Whenever a good show comes out they automatically think it is the best show ever. While I won't be one to deny that shows like Breaking Bad and The Walking Dead are better than this one, this show is without a doubt one of the best there ever was and deserves to be in the top ten. This show may even be better than the original series...

Engaging stories, fascinating concepts, charming and rich characters, funny and insightful show. The relatively old style, and acting might seem odd at first, but you will get used to it after a couple of episodes. Definitely in my Top 10. Hooray, Data saves the day!

This show is too sophisticated for most people. I'm not surprised that it's not higher up. But it should be.


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134 The Originals

This is outrageous. The Originals should be ranked way higher. Its very interesting and its doing great for a spinoff.

Doing very well for a spin-off, and rightfully so.

The Originals are fantastic... Klaus the best

Best show ever

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135 Person of Interest

This is the best show which deals with artificial intelligence Nolan has shown his class and after lost abrams just show his brilliance most Underrated serial it should be in top 20

One of the best serial right has some best episode in the list of top 10 episodes ever made must watch show it should be in top 10

Well written serial need a lot of hard work to present this serial

One of the best show ever watched, highly addicting.

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136 King of the Hill King of the Hill King of the Hill is an American animated sitcom created by Mike Judge and Greg Daniels that ran from January 12, 1997 to May 6, 2010 on Fox.

Very underrated and consistent, dale gribble always makes me laugh I swear everything he says is gold

Great show.I have seen almost all of the episodes it is awesome.

Unlike most cartoons king of the hill is based on stuff that can really happen.

I voted for it and it went down in rank? But honestly one of the best shows of all time. Should be in the top ten easily but I guess its fallen out of people's memories.

How is this number 121!?

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137 Fullmetal Alchemist Fullmetal Alchemist Fullmetal Alchemist is an anime series adapted from the manga of the same name by Hiromu Arakawa. It is about two brothers, Edward Elric and Alphonse Elric, trying to restore their bodies after failing at bringing their mother back to life. It aired in 2003 and was remade as Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood more.

This anime is amazing! It is funny, dramatic and the ending made me cry :'( The ending is very different and it is so sad but it's really good at the same time!

People who think anime is the worst... Those people need brain surgery.

If you're a fan of the manga try brotherhood it's more based around that, I've only finished this and I can say that it's one of the best anime I've ever seen its character development is on par with LOST and it's story is super interesting. If you're into sci-fi-ish kinds of shows you'll absolutely adore this.

This show sucks just like all the other animes. There is nothing good about animes. they are overrated.

138 King of Queens

I'm obsessed with this show and think it is the greatest sitcom to have ever been made.

Doug is jus awesome as you can tell from mall cop

1.Game of Thrones (best show ever made Hollywood feeling)

2.The Walking Dead (the most exciting show to watch)

3.The big bang theory (can't escape the hilarious cringe)

4.Dexter/Lost (both insanely good shows ruined by the endings :()

5.King Of Queens (I just love this show so much great show great characters great feeling)

Breaking Bad is overrated get over it fanboys.

139 Fringe

Best show possible... Decades ahead in terms of concept and all things possible in sci-fi... The love angles whether father and son or man and a woman is shown so delicately, realistically, romantically that you can't help fall in love with the characters... An awesome show where just when you think you have it all figured out; a new twist screws up all your previous notions and sends you right back to the edge of your seat! A definite must-watch!

It's the new X Files, with better plot, and detailed explanation of things that happened. It's so unlike X files where they leave you with question "what happened back there".

The awesomest. I care about these characters so much. Olivia is one of the best female characters of all time. I love Peter and Walter Bishop. The plot is so complex. I kept having that "Oh my gosh I get it" moments which is the best feeling in the world. The observers are so cool. You never know if massive dynamic is good or bad or what. Mixes funny with creepy. Just awesome.

Best show ever but so underrated!

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140 Twin Peaks

Does the number before Twin Peaks equal how much times this show is better than Breaking Bad? Otherwise, I do not and will never get this list. Guess the voting generation has not even seen this show yet.

This show is surreal, nightmare-inducing, hilarious, captivating, interesting, addictive, and is LEAGUES above The X Files. In my opinion The X Files was an unforgiving rip-off of this show, except incredibly boring and uninteresting. I wish this show had more than 2 seasons, but sadly it wore quickly.

The original breaking bad, this should be top 10. The fact it is 347th reflects on the general ignorance of the voting masses

This list clearly has some issues, but this is clearly one that I simply cannot ignore. Twin Peaks is not good, it is absolutely remarkable. It has excelent acting, a good storyline and a chilling atmosphere. It should reach at least the top 20, if not the top 10. And maybe (I say maybe because I haven't most shows on this list) it might even reach the top spot.

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