South Park

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South Park is an American adult animated sitcom created by Trey Parker and Matt Stone for the Comedy Central television network. The show is about four boys, who are Stan Marsh, Kyle Broflovski, Eric Cartman, and Kenny McCormick, and their adventures in South Park, Colorado.


I will say that nothing beats the first seasons and like the simpsons it isn't as funny as it used to be. I will also say that out of my generation matt and trey are without a doubt the most clever and creative writers in television. This show is brilliant and beautiful. Even though the show isn't as good as it used to be I truly hope that this show never goes off the air like the simpsons. I still do love the new episodes, but you can't compete with the earlier seasons and in my opinion no show ever will.

South park is the best T.V. show ever they have different material every episode unlike family guy I like family guy but it can not top south park and my favorite character is either kenny or cartman south park is sick they even cartman stuff food up his butt and crap out his mouth who has thought of that before and also they way they make fun of celebrities is too funny I laugh so hard I could cry

I like how all the stuff that happens on this show are based on current events and trey and matts childhood. And I love the animation its unique and cute! And that jokes are funny and political and that's why smarter people like this show. plus without south park is the first show to get a MA rating so that's kinda cool!

South Park is one of the shows that haven't died out over their long seasons, unlike Family Guy and SpongeBob. It still has creative essence, and I admire Matt and Trey for taking any topic and turning it into a bucket of laughs. Keep doing what you're doing, Matt and Trey! Keep up the good work!

HOw is this not in the top five?! It's funny, clever, and sometimes spreads good messages! (In a hilariously comedic way though) This is better then Family Guy, Futurama, King Of The Hill, Aqua Teen Hunger Force and all of that! (Except for the Simpsons and Futurama is a runner up to south park. )

South park is way better than any other show listed, the episodes always make you laugh until you cry and the story is captivating, it is also hard to find any better character development than what you find in south park.

This is the only show on comedy channel that doesn't get worst from old to new, it actually gets better. The old episodes were bad and it got better as it kept going, I have heart attacks laughing at the humorous jokes, and Cartman so funny nobody hates this show

Worst Show Ever! I'm sorry to all the people that love this show. But I hate it. I've watched like 10 minutes of it in my entire life because my cousins watch it and I'm at their house all the time. It's so inappropriate. I heard so much swearing and other unGodly things. I'm a devoted Christian teenager and I get very annoyed when people want to watch this show. Tip for you: Never watch this show, especially if you are just a kid who doesn't know where babies come from. You do not want to learn it by this show.

There's no way this is 11th... I mean, it's like the most successful animated series of ALL TIME. Plus, unlike Family Guy or the Simpsons, South Park actually has a plot. This belongs in at least the top three.

South Park Rulz. Its original unlike Family Guy. don't forget the classic south park moments like, mr garrison and cartmen, somalian pirates, ginger kids, youtube epsiode etc. - Razor79

Honestly I Can't Find A Single That Can Be Funnier Than This Show, It's So Funny, Seriously It's Even Funnier Than Family Guy And American Dad Combined.

It may be offensive and rude and disgusting at time. My it's hilarious. Who could honestly hate South Park? It's a masterpiece sent down from Heaven!

Are you kidding me? Why isn't South Park at least in the top ten? Kenny and Cartman have got to be in the list some of the most iconic and prominent animated characters of all time. - KyleBroflovski

South Park is awesome & funny. who cares if South Park isn't child appropriate, South Park is for people who have taste in comedy. South Park is funny.

What is so funny about this show, honestly? It's nasty and immature as hell. I've tried watching it before (more than once) and it didn't take long at all to get old.

Behind all the inappropriate jokes: there's the script the detail (which is pin point when re creating a real life event) and when the season is going made EVERY 6 DAYS try and other show doing that

I personally prefer Breaking Bad over South Park. But this really need to be higher on the list. This is probably the best cartoon show ever made. Trey Parker and Matt Stone make a great job writing the script. They somehow manage to place Easter eggs to real life and the show, political questions and issues and at the same time make it funny. - Grouse

Best show of all time. I've watched the Simpsons and family guy. The Simpsons is good but I used to watch family guy and the reason I don't anymore is because of South Park. Can't wait for the new game

Hilarious! Cartman is the best character ever and I never stop watching it. I get so caught up in it I look at the clock and two hours have passed best show ever

South Park successes where Family Guy and other shows failed: doing dark humor right. Of course the 12th and 20th season were terrible but I personally loved all other seasons. It has great characters, incredibly hilarious and insane plots but also der deep and heartfelt moments. I especially loved how they made fun of SJWs

How Is Family Guy Higher Than This?

A work of art! That as of present day NO show has came close to its greatness. Other shows can't even stand in the shadow of South Park.

Once you go crude you can never go back! Just like once you go black you can never go back - that was an awesome joke, you all know that.

best show ever... I love how little house on the prairie sucks but its still #10 what did a bunch of senior citizens vote?
- dissthisnoob

Dude how in the eff is family guy higher this is the only show I enjoy listening to the theme song too in the words of cartman

It's just the show with the director that have bigger balls ever. It's just genius and a masterpiece.