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This haunting series follows the thrilling yet terrifying journeys of Sam and Dean Winchester, two brothers who face an increasingly sinister landscape as they hunt monsters. After losing their mother to a supernatural force, the brothers were raised by their father as soldiers who track mysterious more.


This show is amazing! You have a wonderful storyline with outstanding actors portraying brothers that will get you hooked and draw you into their lives and make you feel as if you are a part of their family - as if you are living their lives with them. Classic good vs evil and how they get through the days fighting monsters, evil and trying to save the world. I have been watching Supernatural from the first day it began back in September 2005. Amazing show that continues to grab you and wrap you into their lives week after week. Good, bad, ugly, sadness and sometimes joy and happiness. Just life with the Winchesters. Fighting to save the world from monsters and evil. The character's are played by very talented and amazing actors who bring their characters to life and made the audience believe they are real and they go through some dramatic situations. Sometimes they come out on top and other times not so well. Just like real life situations but with a twist. With the amazing on and ...more

It's one of those shows where you never get bored with the story line and you feel such a connection with the characters wither it's on a large or small scale. It's made me cry and laugh all in one episode. This show doesn't get as much attention as it should and it's actors are the best I have ever seen. They are totally in sync with their characters and can relate with them and they can connect with the audience. This show in my opinion is the BEST SHOW EVER! And I don't want it to end.

I love this show! I have never been so hooked up to a show, this show got all my attention. I can actually say this show is addicting to me. The characters are amazing & well portrayed, non stop action, many shocking a surprising events, legends & myths included in the show are accurate, the storyline is awesome! So many twists to it. Its just fascinating.

Supernatural is the best T.V. show.. The imagination to create such a show with 2amazing beautiful actors who can portray the messages very well is phenomenal. It contains love, suspension, horror, emotional not to mention humor! It deserves to be number one! The first watch will have you glued to your T.V. for future episodes!

My keyboard battery would run out if I tried to explain why Supernatural is the BEST SHOW EVER! A part of what makes the show amazing is the stunning acting by Jensen and Jared. You will grow attached every character, especially Sam and Dean. This show will make you laugh. This show will make you cry. This show will make you bite your nails in fear. Supernatural has made my life so much better. Oh and it has a great soundtrack

Have watched since saw first episode. Had to get all on dvds, waiting for season 8 to come out. Am having a Supernatural marathon at moment, nearly through season 2. Amazing, Wow. You get so involved with the characters, you feel like you are practically there with them. Fingers crossed hoping good triumphs over evil. And it does :) The greatest show ever.

The Simpsons is a legacy. Family Guy and The Office had its time. Breaking Bad was short-lived, yet amazing. The Walking Dead is the hit series of today. In my opinion, Supernatural is the best. A somewhat recurring storyline, but clever enough to make filler episodes that the fans love, and pop culture references that aren't out of place in a drama. People complain about it not ending after Season 5 (which it could have), but I think these later seasons only add to its glory.

My favorite show forever... I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE IT! It is has the best characters of all and every episode keeps you on your toes. I would recommend this show to anybody because once you watched the 1st and maybe then 2nd your HOKED! PLEASE WATCH... SEASON 8 JUST PREMIERED ON OCT 3RD 2012 SO ITS STILL GOING. Its was also rated tvs #1 thriller and suspenseful show of all the other show out there and it deserved it because it actually brings YOU INTO THE T.V. sHOW ITS EPIC! #1 FAN ASH

The cast is amazing, the story line has kept us guessing, there is humor, sorrow, friendship, suspense etc. The real life friendship that they have truly carries over into the show. Having been fortunate enough to have met some of them, I can say that they are genuinely kind people, that appreciate their fans as well. They got just the right combination of everyone involved!

BEST. SHOW. EVER. Amazing show, amazing cast, amazing crew, amazing writing... Just all around completely and totally amazing. I didn't start watching this show until this season and am kicking myself for not having discovered it before. It quickly rose to my all-time-favorite-ever T.V. show. - spncastiellover

Not only are the actors attractive, but they make whatever they are doing on screen come alive. They make you forget that you are watching a television show. They are incredible actors with an incredible storyline. This is an addicting show. I was hooked from the first episode! Just an absolutely spectacular show and storyline.

Best show ever amazing storyline every season has different problem so even when you think the solution has been found they have a new problems and I know okay why don't they just kill themselves well if the do an angel well rescue them from temptation and they easily combine genres such as umm horror, action, drama and comfy which flows toghther perfect and the visual effects and even mixing all the genres it still flows smoothly and stays amazingly original.

The acting is absolutely superb, the writing is perfect, and even the filming style claims this show unique and addicting. Many times I've found my self laughing out loud or crying while watching supernatural. Better yet, the fandom is absolutely a family.

Amazing show! Sam and Dean have such chemistry. My personal favourite season is Season 4, that's when the fun starts. Plus it's got some good villains, demons, Lucifer, vampires... Did I mention Lucifer? By the way if you love Angels vs Demons... This is the show to watch!

Amazing show, I love how small bits even from the first season plays a big role in the later season and it's so well planned and well written. A lot of tension and the show is a little bit scary at some parts. The characters are original and the actors are amazing! Best show ever

This show is the best show I have ever watched. The acting is amazing, the stories are well thought-out and each episode is like a wonderful mini-movie. More than anything though, it's the warmth and the chemistry between Sam and Dean that makes this show pure magic.

Yes! This show should be ranked the best show ever. It has everything. Character development, great comedy, great action, moments where it can make you cry, and just everything. I watched 10 seasons of it in under two months. Even the actors themselves are active and great with the fans even though the fan base is huge. I really love this so much and the characters to the point of tears.

Unfortunately, I haven't watched all the seasons yet but I can say that this show has a great storyline. You never quite watch a show like Supernatural. You'd think it's like some other ghosts related shows but it's so different, You never know what gonna hit you. I can honestly say it's not for everyone but it's a great show indeed.

This show is about saving people hunting thing and the emotions that come with such a noble yet dangerous job. This show is better then epic it is a phenomenon better then any show out there because it deals with real human emotions and all the terrible stuff out their we choose to ignore. I love this show it runs my life

Supernatural is amazingly addictive, exciting, and alluring. The characters are amazingly developed and relatable. Never a boring moment or bad season. The brotherhood aspect is touching and beautiful, along with the romance and passion the main characters Dean and Sam live through. I love this show. 5/5 stars.

This is my favorite show you relate to the actors and have fun with them. I also love how the show goes into every urban legend and the Bible but the end of season 9 made me cry and I can't wait for season 10 I buy all the seasons as soon as I can and have to say this show beats any other show I have ever liked before.

Its a show that's just gonna grab you and wrap itself right around
I mean seriously its got everything abit of horror romance, comedy and everything you might as well ever want in a T.V. show, I especially love the sound tracks (they really come together with the story) and the car (67 impala) just got me like "! "
One of the best shows EVER.

Most amazing T.V. show EVER! ALL best actors, writing, music culminate into a show that will still be talked in generations to come! Greatest fandom as well!

! Supernatural is the best thing I've ever watched in my life I love the winchester brothers very much and everyone should have a bro like dean

One of the most Amazing shows ever created. Really great acting along with great story and Directing definitely one of the best shows ever created! Worth a Watch!