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The Walking Dead is an American horror drama television series developed by Frank Darabont, based on the comic book series of the same name by Robert Kirkman, Tony Moore, and Charlie Adlard . Andrew Lincoln plays the show's lead character, sheriff's deputy Rick Grimes, who awakens from a coma discovering more.


What got me ingot he show? The characters are just real people fighting for survival in all the ways you've seen before, and yet NONE of them are completely safe. One minute, they can be smiling over finding a can of food, the next they get bit or they get kidnapped or they get into a shoot out with bandits or anything else that could go wrong. Add awesome zombies, great acting, great effects, great writing, one of the best scores in all of history, likable actors portraying lovable characters you find yourself learning from, favoring, and even identifying with, and you have the greatest T.V. show ever made, based off a comic book or not.

It's not just a show about zombies. It's a show about the people. The viewers truly become connected to the lives of the characters and root for them to do their best and survive in this new, dangerous world. The moral issues the characters are out through raises questions viewers often ask themselves "What would I do in that situation" and the answers to some of those questions may be shocking. The zombies are well created, and the scenarios that make them unique are great, but the relationships between this group of strangling survivors is what makes the show different.

I don't care how much dislikes I get, I'm going to say my opinion. This show is good, but it doesn't deserve to be anywhere near the top ten. First off, it's predictable. All they really do is have non-important characters killed off every once and a while, and have several zombie attacks. Not to mention, that they normally center an episode off the character they kill right before his/her death. Second off, season 5 was horrible. It had much more talking than actually zombies, which the show is supposed to be about. Season 6 redeemed the show, but still. So to conclude my thoughts, I like this show, but it isn't that good. - RalphBob

Seriously, I love The Walking Dead more than I love my mother. My room is filled with posters and stuff for this show (course it clashes with the pink, but still, not coming down anytime soon). Its perfect in ever way and the series just keeps getting better as it goes on. Its very emotional as you watch characters die and characters getting stronger. Its an amazing work of art. You never know whats coming and there's almost always a shock in every episode. I also love it how it shows their life dealing with the zombies and how they go about it. Love this show sooo much. The best

The walking dead is one of the best shows ever. The acting is surreal and the intense death scenes and amazing graphics make this show constantly keep you on the edge of your seat, and sometimes shouting and yelling about a lovable character dying, but that is what keeps this show fresh and new. It is like nothing else out there and I recommend it to mature 13 year olds or higher. GREAT SHOW!

Excellent! This show makes ordinary humans much more scarier than any horror movie (and I don't mean the zombies). The walkers are just the background to the primary characters' relationships. Sure, there is plenty of gore (more entertaining for the effects than anything), but it is the awful events that occur as a result of the survivor conflicts which is truly terrifying.

Everybody I know that watched the first season is still watching it and that's about 35 people. People throw parties for this show like it's the Superbowl. It's so good and attracts so many viewers that they made a 1 hour show right after it to exclusively talk about what happened in the last episode. It deserves to be #1

The Walking Dead used to be really good. But nowadays, its been rather underwhelming with an average story and (occasionally) idiotic characters and decisions compared to the first few seasons. And from what I see, its also kind of overstayed its welcome. My best recommendation is that The Walking Dead should be wrapped up by the next two years before the show gets any worse. - CrimsonShark

This show should be number one. The show is so unpredictable. It keeps you on the edge of your seat and leaves you wanting more. The survival aspect of it is just wonderful. The way they let you get to know the characters is amazing. AMC really knows how to surprise us and give us the feels with a main character death. Perfect show.

LOVE THIS SHOW! No other words to describe it but I've been a fan since day one it only gets better. Each season has great plots and story lines to keep you tuning in for the next episode. The actors are really humble people who interact with their fans and show they appreciate your support. Please keep the seasons coming!

The Walking Dead is a show I have been watching for 4 years now. This show to me now because of the constantly surprising plot and tragic deaths has led this to be the greatest show I have ever seen on cable television. It constitantly surprises and always finds a way to keep the audience intune to the show so that first thing they watch it, their hooked. The actors do an astounding job as well as the writers. This show has proven it self to be the #1 show that television has ever seen, and if you're with me, thumbs this up and vote for this show.

Simply that's a masterpiece. You can never predict what happens in the story. Best show ever. Especially season 6 is truly full of unexpected happenings that gives you a horror and shock. Highly recommended for those who is willing to see the fight for the living.

The Walking Dead deserves spot number one! I get why Breaking Bad is high up there, but why the Simpsons and Family Guy? If you ask me, those shows are immature pieces of crap! The Walking Dead is intense, epic, and you can't get as good entertainment anywhere except if you find a show actually as awesome as this one.

Great story. Great everything. The only reason I chose this over Breaking Bad is because I can really see this lasting over 10 seasons. It's gonna keep getting more and more popular every season. Also awesome that they filmed a lot of the episodes basically in my back yard. Georgia is a perfect place for this.

This show must be in the top 10. I love it because it isn't solely based around the zombies, it is more focussed on a challenge of survival for the interesting characters, and a fight against each other rather than the zombies. The show has a twist almost every episode and it nearly has my heart escaping my chest in some seriously intense scenes.

What an amazing show. No apocalypse/zombie show can now match what TWD has done, let alone top it. Absolutely amazing makeup, great character development, acting and storyline. Great action sequences and zombie kills. Masterful suspense and thrills. I will be truly sad when this show is no longer made (sad enough after the end of season 3)

Even though I'm voting for it I think that it is fair that it isn't number one. I have watched decently equal shows...I mean, How I met Your Mother, seriously! It does get really gory and overly intense at times though. I love how the creators are daring enough to kill-off main characters though, that's pretty out there.

I am a huge fan of the walking dead and I've watched every episode. But to be honest, Season 7 sucks. There's way too much dialogue and not enough action. The war with the Saviors is the part in the comic series where things get really good, and I can't help but feel the show ruined it. The comics are way better now! - Kfox101

Great show, though I would have liked to have seen them stick to the comic book series that started it all, AMCs adaptation is still very gripping. I find myself captivated by the setting of the world in a zombie apocalypse. It's tragic, yet even though humanity must pull together to survive, the walking dead really makes a point to show that people never change. The world never goes to hell in a hand basket, it's always been the same. Good show

The Walking Dead is better than every single T.V. show combined. The actors, effects and story are all amazing! Can't wait for Season 4!

This show is simply great. The development of each character is great, it isn't like any other cliche show.

This by far the best show I've ever watched besides Lost. Ever since the beginning, I've become addicted so every time someone says something about the show I'm like "huh, what did you say?! " And I've fallen in love with some of the characters as well...

A show about a zombie apocalypse. How cool is that. Now if it ever happens for real I know how to survive for as long as possible. Overall, it's just a great show. My dad and I watch the new episodes together every sunday at 9:00.

How come this isn't higher up? It is crazy suspenseful and you just gotta love the characters! The deaths will haunt you and you will never know when they're coming. Anyone can die, even Rick! This makes the show 20x more suspenseful and great

This the No1 show. Breaking Bad isn't even on the air anymore except maybe reruns and it wasn't even on that long in the first place. You can't go wrong with this series as it always keeps you both on the edge of your seat and guessing what's going to happen next. I do predict that current bad boy Negan will die before seasons end. How can all these people not realize life would not be better with him gone. Question is who will be the hero. Daryl. Rick, Michonne or maybe even Carl or Dwight or a stand up citizen. Time will tell. 11-15-16