Top 10 TV Tropes that Describe Gir from Invader Zim

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1 Cloudcuckoolander Cloudcuckoolander

"Sometimes, I'm afraid to find out what's going on in that insane head of yours." -Zim

2 Hanlon's Razor

Trope definition: "Never attribute to malice that which can be adequately explained by stupidity." Or in Gir's case, outright insanity.

3 Makes Just as Much Sense in Context

Well, technically the first episode sets up the context: he's a defective robot. But really…pretty much everything he does demonstrates this trope.

4 And I Must Scream And I Must Scream

Rikki Simons once said in an interview that "there is a perfectly competent "inner-Gir" desperately wanting to fix the outer "broken Gir" in order to get out and/or gain control of himself."

5 Extreme Omnivore

He's constantly eating and he'll eat pretty much anything (tacos, acne cream, human sweat…). And I guess that's why he's constantly throwing up, because it has nowhere else to go?

6 Cute and Psycho Cute and Psycho
7 The Millstone

To Zim. If Zim isn't screwing up his own plans, it's most often Gir who ruins them.

8 Punch Clock Villain Punch Clock Villain

Duty Mode. He only does what Zim tells him to do because he's his servant. When not being ordered around, he's watching T.V., eating, or hanging out with his pig buddy. Also, Minion With an F in Evil.

9 The Glomp

Full body hug. He likes doing this to Zim, usually at the most annoying and inconvenient time possible.

10 Red Eyes, Take Warning Red Eyes, Take Warning

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11 Attention Deficit…Ooh, Shiny!
12 Annoying
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