Best Twenty One Pilots Albums and EPs

The Top Ten

1 Blurryface
2 Trench

The best.Chlorine Nico and Niners and jumpsuit all awesome tracks - wriddhak

3 Twenty One Pilots

I'm sure this is so low because not as many people heard it. It's not as popular as Blurryface and Vessel. But it's a lot better. I highly recommend this album. The songs are great and the lyrics are way more meaningful. Same with Regional at Best. Those are their two best albums. Please try giving them a listen and 90% of those who do will turn into a fan.

Best TOP album

1. twenty one pilots
2. regional at best
3. no phun intended
4. vessel
5. blurryface

4 Vessel

This album has amazing vocals, songs and drums. ‘Ode to sleep’ is so underrated, ‘guns for hands’ has the best drumming by josh dun and the powerful lyrics of ‘car radio’ and ‘holding onto you’. Not saying their other albums are bad, vessel is just amazing!

5 Regional at Best

so good - PleseDont

6 Migraine
7 Holding on to You
8 Quiet is Viølent
9 Spotify Sessions
10 Three Songs

The Contenders

11 The LC LP
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