Kitchen Sink


Why isn't this number one rather than way down at 25? Like this song has utterly changed/saved my life...
"i'm a kitchen sink. you don't know what that means. because a kitchen sink to you is not a kitchen sink to me."
"no one else is dealing with your demons maybe meaning defeating them can be the beginning of your meaning, friend"
"leave me alone... don't leave me alone"

I really love this song, it has very meaningful lyrics for me and most other people too. Kitchen Sink also has a brilliant rhythm to it and all the background music has a great part in this song. Sometimes I would just lay down and listen to this and totally get sunk into the whole song and really pay attention to the lyrics. The lyrics are of course a major part in Twenty One Pilots, and this song really puts a statement to that.

I just love this song so much I can't even put it into words. This song has saved my life more than once and thanks to this song along with some others by TOP I am now much more happy, have stopped self harming and my depression is getting better. This song shows that you just need to find a purpose or a thing that in your darkest hour you can think about how if you leave this world then nobody in this world will be able to explain it. Along with that, its just got a great beat and rhythm, Tylers skills as a songwriter and singer really show in this song.

Kitchen sink is definitely top ten material! My favourite song by far, such beautiful and meaningful lyrics + I love Tyler's brothers part. It's unfortunate that this song was pulled along with the rest of regional at best, but definitely one of their best!

Kitchen Sink has been a huge part of my own inspiration to do basically anything for the past year. I love the theme of finding something to inspire you and represent your a purpose for yourself, living by that purpose, and keeping it a mystery. Plus, I basically got the lyrics DOWN. Hard not to sing along when it comes on

Kitchen Sink is one of those songs which sends shivers up your spine. It's one of those songs with a catchy, happy-sounding melody where the beat hides a deeper meaning; the lyrics tell a story, and the lack of autotune adds in so much more emotion than anything from Blurryface or Vessel (not that I dislike them). Less people have heard of it since it's from Regional At Best, but it's deserving of number one. No words can describe it, it's just that amazingly beautiful.

The only sane reason this song is all the way down here must be because not that many people have taken to time to listen to it. That's what I'm going to go with if I want to keep any of my faith in humans. I have never in my life had a song make me feel feels like this song has. It's amazing. Best song in the world, hands down

This song makes me cry every time I hear it. It is my favourite song I have ever heard in my life and I don't thing anything will change that. When I was younger this was the song I needed to listen to as it would've helped me through those times when I felt like giving up. This song needs more appreciation

This is my favorite Twenty One Pilots song, and I feel that it doesn't get the recognition it deserves. The meaning in these lyrics are deep, and show how depression can lead to a feeling of pointlessness and uselessness. It is an absolutely beautiful masterpiece, and the best song I have ever heard.

This song should at least be in the top 10 and I'm so glad it's almost there (at the time I'm commenting, it's at #11) and honestly it should be in the top 5, or maybe even #1. Sorry about my rant. Anyway, this song is amazing and it saved my life. It is definitely the most beautiful song I've ever heard.

Perfect mix of deep and meaningful lyrics, and great instrumental. I swear I always tear up when the music changes after the second chorus where Tyler says "Leave me alone... Don't leave me alone! " the music is great and the lyrics are amazing. This song is just a work of art.

True TøP fans know that the older stuff should be ranked just as high if not higher than the newer music.

Vessel is a masterpiece but Regional at Best is right there with it; Kitchen Sink being one of the most influential songs Tyler has written. I feel a piece of his soul has been put into this track. Tyler doesn't explain what the Kitchen Sink metaphor means exactly because he wants you to align yourself with the song and make it your own which is truly amazing.

Tyler even got his brother to do a verse on the song which fans have spent hours trying to memorize and recite the whole thing cause it's so dang fast! Please please please listen to Kitchen Sink and the rest of Regional at Best if you haven't already!

"Kitchen Sink" is such a beautiful song with delicate yet powerful lyrics. Every time Tyler says "friend" makes my heart flutter. He is such a talented singer, and I love when he says "here's my brother and his head's screwed up but that's alright."

The song has a true meaning behind it tyler joseph and his brothers lyrics can make someone really think about their life and male them rethink about cutting themselves or killing themselves everyone needs to hear it

This song will always be my favourite of all time. Nothing could change that. The deep and meaningful lyrics and music just blend together perfectly, it helped me through some really tough times and deserves to be number one on this list

This song actually is relatable. Those people who think they understand you, but they don't. They don't have to deal with your demons. I absolutely love it. The beat and just all Twenty One Pilot songs speak to me like no other.

Hearing this for the first time has never left me felt so uplifted listening to a song. It made me smile, my heart ache and left my face staring into space full of new feeling that could only be expressed through this song.

My absolute favourite song by twenty one pilots. Amazing lyrics, vocals, instrumentals, and talent bring are what bring this beautiful piece of music to life. Kitchen Sink gives me hope when I feel all hope is lost.

This song is just... wow so amazing. its been my favorite ever since I heard it the first time. I'm completely stunned that its number 11, this song should definitely be in the top 5. the lyrics are outstanding, I love it!

This song is amazing. The beat makes it sound very much like a pop song, but also somewhat rock. There is just no way to put it in words. I love it. It has a meaning we can all relate to and is catchy. Amazing.

This song is rated WAY too low. This is my all time favorite song by TOP. It makes me feel something I just can't explain. It's just beautiful. This song should definitely be in the top 5.

Tyler knows his fans are suicidal so he's saying that he can't be at rest until he knows they're safe and okay and in the rap bit he talks about sacrificing himself for his fans

Such a beautiful and meaningful song! There is so much emotion in his voice and overall. If you listen to the lyrics, they mean so much more than what you hear on the outside.

Their best song by far. Great sound, and some of the best lyrics I've ever heard. The words Tyler uses to talk about finding a purpose in life are spot on. Flawless song. - mess

Maybe the recording quality sucks. Maybe Tyler's voice is a bit weird. Maybe the instrumental part is super long. But this is one of the best songs I've ever heard.