Best Twice Members

The Top Ten Best Twice Members

1 Momo

I like momo because she's the best dance for me and I also want to be her most cute.

For one of she's talented LOL

2 Tzuyu

Because she is beautiful good at singing and dancing

3 Dahyun

Dahyun... I adore her so much that my phone is filled of her pics and videos. She's really unique and adorable too. My dubu Dahyun your'e such a good model. You inspire me with those smiles and those tiny cheering little eyes. I love you TWICE Dahyun!

4 Nayeon

I love Nayeon because she is beautiful and cute

5 ChaeYong

Most talented and most adorable member

6 Jungyeon

I love Jeongyeon so much! She s just such a nice, outgoing and sweet member eveyone likes to be around. Her personality just seems really natural and very comfortable to be around and she s extremely talented! In my opinion the best vocal in twice! I also love her dorkiness, craziness and her lack of jams AND I almost forgot she s 1 2 of 2YEON! ...So yeah that s why she s my bias... - squishy_unnie

7 Sana

I love sana because she is so very cute

Amazing and Awesome

8 Jihyo
9 Mina

Simply beautiful

10 Jyp
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