Twilight Characters Who Should Have Books Written from Their Point of View

Who else in the Twilight saga should get their own point of view?

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1 Charlie Swan

I always wanted to have Charlie's point of view in a book. Why? Because I think it would be interesting to see his reaction to what happens around him. - Dappledheart

I though was list of Warrior cats from the book Twilight...

2 Seth Clearwater

According to Edward, Seth has a pure mind. But, how does Seth feel about the death of his father, or life in gereral. - Dappledheart

3 Emmet Cullen

Emmet is just likeable and funny. - Dappledheart

4 Rosalie Hale

Her point of view of things would be so fun to read. Anger and aggravation right through the book. Would buy it instantly if was released

5 Sam Uley

I would like to understand his thoughts and actions a little more clearly so it would've helped to have had a prequel or extra info book to help us understand sam

I always thought Sam wasn't so harsh. Now, with Breaking Dawn out, we see that Sam almost has a military perspective. - Dappledheart

6 Jacob Black

I don't even like Twilight but I read them all in 6th grade and Jacob always seemed like the most realistic/relate-able character to me. - starlightsong

7 Leah Clearwater

Because She's one of the character who intrigued me the most. Mostly because her hatred for vampires comes from a different place. It would also be very interesting to hear how she deals with Sam and Emily and how eventually she could get a love on her own..Hopefully.

She already has a hell of a lot more plot and character development than any of the main characters why not have an entire book with her

8 Edward

Who wouldn't want a book from Edward Cullens point of view?

9 Embry Call

He was one of the wolf pack member that you really want to hear about. He was forced to abandon his friends when he phased before them so it would be interesting hearing the story from someone like him.

10 Alice Cullen

This, vs. Bella Swan's pitiful narration, wins.

The Contenders

11 Jane Volturi
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