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George Lewis Jr. (March 30, 1983, Dominican Republic) best known by his stage name, Twin Shadow is a musician and occasionally Dominican-American rock and electronic actor and model originally born in the Dominican Republic, and currently based in Bushwick, Brooklyn, New York. With a solid and constant career, the musician has gained success thanks to singles such as: "Shooting Holes", "Five Seconds", "Old Love / New Love", "I'm Ready" and "Changes". A cult musician. His greatest appearance is in the video game Grand Theft Auto V, in the station "Radio Mirror Park" being an announcer and also appearing with the simple "Shooting Holes" and "Old Love / New Love". Genres: New Wave,Indie Pop,Chill Wave,Rock/Pop

The Top Ten

1 Five Seconds

I love diss song.

one of the best songs by Twin Shadow

Ok Number 1

2 Run My Heart
3 Golden Light

I met you first, I heard your voice
On the telephone
And then again this empty street
Where you walked alone
And when you came out of the dark
I was waiting there
But since I could take you now if
You can take me anywhere
Don't be scared
Some people say there's a golden light
You're the golden light
And if I chase after you
Doesn't mean that it's true
Some people say there's a golden light
If I'm the golden light
If you chase after me
Doesn't mean you can see

Best of his songs

4 Shooting Holes

Awesome bass

Grand Theft Auto V

Did any one here see the ''Your Truly's Session'' (version) of this song.
This is pure awesomeness

┬┐What the Hall is doing this song in the Number five possition? Shooting Holes is my favorite song by Twin Shadow, how in the hell is not the No. #1? - CedreticFomento

5 When We're Dancing
6 Old Love / New Love
7 Tyrant Destroyed
8 Slow
9 Forget
10 Castles in the Snow
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