Bobsicles Reviews Best Friends Zaibatsu S1E1 - Two Best Friends Play Donkey Kong Country Returns

bobbythebrony Hello, Bobsicles is here with the pilot of my favorite YouTubers review. Two Best Friends Play Donkey Kong Country Returns is the first Machinima episode in which Matt and Pat kill innocent wildlife, jump the shark and fail at the minecart levels.

The episode begins with Matt saying the game is the best game ever, which Pat is unsure of. Then the tiki mask is punched which confuses Pat. They then begin chasing the bananas to which Pat discovered he had a jetpack. He then dies retrieving a letter item for which Matt insults him. Later, they go to a bonus game in which Matt keeps screwing up, causing Pat to yell at him. Matt then falls out, to which Pat laughs at. Pat wonders while they're killing all the wildlife to which they beat the level.

In the next part, they're on a beach still killing wildlife. They encounter the first "Fire F*****" which causes Pat to curse in disbelief, which is one of the funniest lines of the video. Pat wonders if Diddy was told that he was adopted. They then literally "jump the shark". They die immediately afterwards. After some trial and error, they beat the stage and then stock up on lives which excites Pat.

After dying more times, they get to the minecart level. They mostly die from not ducking and jumping at the wrong time. After losing nearly all of their lives, they make it to the end. Matt then searches for a hidden token and accidentally kills himself, which fails the mission. Pat gets upset and Matt stays silent in embarrassment, which confuses Pat. The video then concludes.

So this is the first Machinima episode as I've said. It's not as hardcore as the later episodes but I still give it a nine out of ten. To avoid confusion, I'd just like to note that they edit their videos. Well that's about it. Bobsicles out!

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