Type Combinations We Need In the Sixth Generation of Pokemon

The Top Ten

1 Water/Fire

They already announced Volcanion.

2 Flying/Fighting

We have Hawlucha.

3 Dark/Bug

Awesome! but still hasn't happened for some reason...

4 Bug/Dargon
5 Ice/Bug
6 Ice/Poison
7 Dragon/Poison

We have Nagnadel. - IceFoxPlayz

8 Dragon/Grass

Now we have Mega Sceptile.

We got it! Mega Sceptil!

9 Steel/Ghost
10 Fighting/Dragon

The Contenders

11 Fire/Electric

Just picture a Fire/Electric Pokemon
It would look amazing!

12 Dragon/Psychic


13 Poison/Fairy

This would be an awesome combination. - IceFoxPlayz

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