Types of Aircraft Alaska Airlines Needs

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1 Boeing 777-9X

This is a brand new Boeing 777 that will be release in 2017 and Alaska Airlines needs it. - Linnea

Yeah that's true,I heard the new 777 has a wider and more comfortable cabin space. - Toucan

2 Boeing 787-9

This plane is very cool that Alaska Airlines needs this powerful aircraft. - Linnea

3 Boeing 767-400ER

Best of all for the 767 series and Alaska Airlines needs this plane for the Hawaiian trips. - Linnea

4 Boeing 757-300

Alaska Airlines needs a plane a little larger than the 737. - Linnea

5 Bombardier Canadair Regional Jet CRJ-900

This plane is just like the CRJ 700 but longer. It's what Alaska Airlines needs. - Linnea

6 McDonnell Douglas MD-11

Alaska Airlines livery will look so cool having a engine on the tail. - Linnea

7 McDonnell Douglas MD-90

Just like the MD-80 but longer and better. Alaska Airlines needs this type of aircraft. - Linnea

8 Airbus - 321
9 Airbus - 320neo

It's similar to the a320 but has more efficient engines - Toucan

10 Airbus A380
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