Best Types of Anime Fans

The Top Ten

1 Youtubers

They really help people to answer some of the more complicated questions in anime. Like Swagkage, Truegreen7 etc. - WeebsRule

2 Otakus

These guys believe that anime is life, and they sacrifice their friendships for fan service. - WeebsRule

3 Fanfic writers

They are basically the anchor of fan service for every anime under the sun. - WeebsRule

4 People who don’t skip entire episodes

These are the people who give the answers to the questions you don’t have the answers to becuase you didn’t watch that arc or something. - WeebsRule

5 ROM Hackers

These people hack roms to make a better playing experience for OTHER anime lovers. - WeebsRule

6 Fan Art Makers

Fan art is so awesome. - WeebsRule

7 Real Fans

If there is something you don’t understand about anime, these guys will help you understand it - WeebsRule

8 Non-Nerds

These people show that anime isn’t for just nerds - WeebsRule

9 Shippers

These are the people who make most of the fanfics. - WeebsRule

10 The People Who Bash Fake Fans

I am so happy these people exist. They really strengthen the anime community - WeebsRule

The Contenders

11 Hybrids

Basically an Anime Fan that watches any genre without hate or discrimination simply neutral to all matters.

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